If winter camping is on your radar, you might be looking at the fact there are no bugs to contend with and people are scarce. You can enjoy amazing views and solitude without having to cope with the same distractions summer campers face. However, you might be concerned with staying toasty warm while camping in the winter and need to review winter camping tents with a stove.

There are plenty of options for winter camping tents with a stove jack to help make your winter adventure comfortable and serene. All you need to do is evaluate your needs to pick the right tent for your camping situation.

Stove Jacks and Winter Camping

Camping out in the cold may not seem like an ideal way to spend some downtime. However, there is only one problem with camping in the winter, and that is staying warm.

Fortunately, you can stay very warm on your winter escape by ensuring your tent is ready for the elements by finding the best tent with a stove jack.

Having a tent with a stove may seem peculiar, but if your tent is of the right material, you absolutely can include a stove for warmth and even cooking.

However, you need a way for the smoke to escape the tent.

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What Is a Stove Jack?

The stove jack is a smoky problem-solver because it creates a safe place at the top of the tent to allow the flue to direct smoke outside.

A stove jack protects your tent from the hot flue pipe of a stove. The stove jack is at the top of the tent and is sewn in to protect the surrounding area from the heat.

Typically, tents with a stove jack mean you may include your own stove. However, if your tent is the right material, such as polycotton or canvas, you can sew in the stove jack yourself.

What Qualifies as the Best Winter Camping Tents with a Stove?

Before picking out a winter tent with a stove jack, there are some points to consider.


The biggest concern about winter camping with a stove is melting the fabric of the tent. Therefore, the choice of materials is vital.

The tent material must not melt in the heat. Also, winter tents need to breathe because moisture builds up and can make a tent uncomfortably steamy. Appropriate airflow helps keep you and your belongings comfortable and dry.

Canvas is an excellent choice for a winter tent, but it is heavy, and the weight may not suit your needs.

Nylon is a lightweight tent material, but it does not handle the heat, and it will melt.

Stove jack location

Some stove jacks are located at the top of the tent, while others are on the side. If your pipe is going straight up, the smoke has an easier time leaving the tent. Also, if you have a side vent, you need an elbow joint for the stove pipe.

You might consider the stove jack location depending on either the stove you have or the configuration of the stove you wish to buy.

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How We Reviewed Winter Camping Tents with a Stove

We compiled these winter camping tents with a stove jack options based on tent-style commonly used as winter camping tents.

Also, we took into consideration the internal structure and size of the tent itself. We included a variety of sizes for consideration because we understand that not everyone has the same needs.

In addition, we evaluated the fire retardant properties and the quality and thoughtfulness of the materials used to make the tent itself.

Winter Camping
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Best Winter Camping Tents with a Stove Jack

The following winter camping tents with a stove jack are fantastic options for consideration for your next winter camping adventure.

1. Preself Tipi Hot Tent

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The Preself Tipi Hot Tent option is lighter in weight, making it a better option for those who backpack and hike while camping.

The tent material is an anti-tear 210T polyester. It is waterproof and resists wind and rain.

The stove jack is fire retardant and fits all caliber of stove pipe. The fabric of the jack is coated in silicone and will handle temperatures up to 572 degrees.

Furthermore, it will not become brittle when exposed to cold climates. The jack is removable, as well.

This tent is a four-season tent and can fit up to three people and the stove. However, the three people include two adults and a child. So plan to consider who needs to be in the tent at once and the storage of gear.

The diameter is just over 10 feet and has a height of just over 5 feet.

There are two air vents and double doors on this tent. You can expand the gap between the bottom of the tent and the floor to help with dew and condensation.

Also, the tent includes a one-person mesh tent.

If you decide this is the tent for you, you will receive the tent, removable jack, pegs, ropes, and a pole. The stove and stovepipe are not included.

2. PlayDo 4-Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

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If you need a lot more space while winter camping, the PlayDo 4-Season Bell Tent is worth considering. The tent is similar to a yurt and can fit four double mattresses with room to spare for gear.

This tent is heavy-duty due to its 300 gsm of waterproof cotton fabric. It can tolerate snow, a reasonable amount of rain, and wind.

The seams’ stitching is taped to help with weatherproofing, and despite how heavy duty it is, the tent is breathable.

There are air vents at the top of the tent, and the windows feature zippers and nets. Furthermore, one of the walls of the tent rolls up to allow maximum airflow.

Also, the tent is suitable for all four seasons. The stove jack is at the top of the tent rather than the sidewall and it is five inches in diameter. The stove jack has a sturdy flap to cover the area when not in use.

The tent features mesh storage bags for small items, and the door has a frame, making navigating the zipper easier.

The tent poles include a rain cap that pops on to the top where the pole runs from inside the tent to outside. And the vents at the top are screened in to prevent bugs from finding a way inside.

This tent is definitely heavier than the first one listed, but if you have more people and plan to stay put, you have space for everyone. Plus, if you prefer glamping over camping, this tent has a lot to offer.

3. POMOLY HEX Hot Tent with Wood Stove Jack

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If you are looking for an exceptionally waterproof tent, consider the POMOLY Hex Hot Tent.

This tent includes 300D oxford cloth. Also, the inside of the tent has a silver-coated layer, which helps the tent be more waterproof and warmer.

This added layer is very durable and helps in all sorts of weather. In the summer, it is cooling, while in the winter, it reflects the heat from your stove back to you.

The stove jack has a flap to secure the space when not in use. Also, the jack is on the sidewall, but it is far enough up where you do not need an angle for your stove pipe.

This tent has six sides and includes a snow/rain skirt on all sides. The floor dimensions are nearly 70 square feet, and it has a peak height of 95 inches.

Also, the ventilation is located at the top and the bottom of the tent. There are two doors opposite one another.

This tent is large enough for a stove and up to two people. However, if you need to store your gear inside, plan on using this for just one person.

If you are camping in other seasons and do not need a stove, you could fit up to three people depending on gear space.

This tent has a built-in half tent suitable for one person. With both doors open, the other half works as a vestibule.

Also, this area is the location of the stove jack, so you may open or enclose the area and still sleep separately if you wish.

4. WINTENT 4-Season Teepee Tent

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The WINTENT Teepee Tent is lightweight, waterproof, and includes taped seams.

This tent has a center height of nearly 8 feet and a floor diameter of over 11 feet. Also, the tent includes a stove jack just shy of 5 inches in diameter.

The capacity of this tent is up to four people without the stove or a lot of gear. You will need to adjust for the addition of the stove.

The tent weighs almost 19 pounds, so while it is not the lightest of tents, it is reasonable.

Also, this tent has another unique feature. There is an inner mesh tent that you can set up separately from the rest of the tent. This part of the tent has its own floor.

If you decide to use the rainfly part of the tent with the stove jack, it has a tarp floor, as well. This tarp floor is removable, though.

There are two doors on this tent, making it easy to get in and out of without climbing over people. Also, there are vents at the top and bottom.

5. POMOLY HEX Plus Hot Tent with Wood Stove Jack

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The POMOLY Hex Plus tent has many of the same features as the Hex, but with added benefits.

The material is still 300D Oxford Cloth with the inner silver coating. This coating works to keep heat inside when you have a heat source, but it also keeps cooler air inside during warmer months.

The stove jack is flame-retardant and includes a cover when not in use. Also, the ventilation is located at the bottom of the tent or at the top. The tent features a removable cap at the top for maximum airflow and ventilation.

The Hex Plus features two doors opposite one another, and it has a skirt around the outside. By piling rocks or other materials over the skirt, you prevent rain and snow from entering the tent.

The dimensions of the Hex Plus are different than the previous Hex we discussed. The floor dimensions are over 125 square feet, and the peak height is 106 inches.

That means you can fit up to three people with the tent stove. If you do not need the tent stove, you can fit up to six people depending on how much gear needs storing in the tent.

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Have Fun and Stay Warm in Winter Camping Tents with a Stove

Camping is not just for the warmer summer months. There is a lot of fun to have camping in the winter. The biggest issue with winter camping is the struggle to stay warm.

However, there are several winter camping tents with stoves to consider to stay warm when on a camping adventure.

There are options to consider before buying. You must evaluate if you are camping in one spot or backpacking. This consideration is vital because the material that makes a tent flame retardant is heavier than the typical nylon of regular tents.

Also, it would be best if you considered how many people are camping with you and need to fit in the tent. Some tents will barely squeeze two people with a stove and gear while other tents are more generous.

Either way, buying a tent that includes a stove jack means you can tent camp in all kinds of weather.

Which winter tent with a stove did you buy? Answer in the comments.

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