Camping during winter hiking in Carpathian mountains.

Winter camping is indeed a lot of fun, which is why so many people across the globe love to go on such trips. However, in order to have a safe camping experience, you need to take care of all the safety measures, know all about winter camping so that you do not face any inconvenience. Amongst all the adventurous trips, winter camping gathers, more people because it is on destinations and locations that are extremely beautiful.

If you are aware of how to manage yourself and your group members during such trips, then you are bound to have a fun filled experience.

Who Opt for Winter Camping and When

Woman Inside Tent Set In Winter Forest

It is often noticed that all those who are adventure freaks, they choose winter camping and one of the common reasons is that it forms a memory for a lifetime. As you know, only few spots that can cater to safe winter camping, usually in snowy areas, not all of them are feasible for camping. Therefore, keeping in mind the restrictions, you get such an opportunity; you should grab it. This activity is not just for youngsters, many families also choose winter camping, especially those who come from hot regions; they look forward to having such an experience through their holiday time.

What Happens When you Go Winter Camping

Winter camping is not exactly the same as regular camping, surely, a few aspects differ and of which you must be aware. In case you do not know the basics of winter camping, you are on the right page because everything you need to know about winter camping is right here.

Everything Takes Longer in winters

Though it is hard to believe, the fact remains that wintry weather makes you take longer than the usual time to do just about anything. Be it walking up the hill, setting up the best tent or any activity, which requires your body’s energy, you may not be as active as you used to be. Given that it is a general trait, it may or may not exist within everyone, but knowing about it is only going to make things easier for you as it keeps you mentally prepared.

Stay as Dry as You Can

Not many know that staying dry is definitely the key to enjoying winter camping is by staying dry. When you get involved in too much snow, the body temperature starts shooting up and such activities might over heat your body. Some people are not aware of this and they get too involved in such activities, now that you are aware, you can be watchful. This does not mean that you cannot play in the snow, but be careful of the time you spend in the snow.

Weather Conditions

You must note that weather conditions may play a spoilsport sometimes. Even though you checked the forecast before getting on the trip but at times, the weather conditions can differ, hence you need to be prepared for it. This means you have to be prepared with clothing, thermal wear, thermal bags, catalytic heaters and fire for the wood. Therefore, have the necessary items always in your backpack and you will not have to worry about anything.

Tips for Winter Camping

1. Dress Appropriately

When you go for winter camping, you must dress appropriately. Proper clothing makes it easier to generate the right amount of heat within the body. Without proper clothing, it can get a bit tough especially when the temperature drops way below than what you expected. You can easily find the appropriate thermal wear in the stores in different areas, therefore finding a suitable type, design and match is not going to be an issue.

2. Fire

Whenever you think of camping, fire is one of the first things that come to mind. Be it winter camping or regular camping, you ought to set up the fire using the right amount of wood so that the surrounding gets warm and this could very well enter your respective tents as well. If your tent permits, you can use a heated rock in it, ensuring it keeps the inside of the tent warm. All you need to do is place a heavy rock in the fire, remove it after an hour or two and once its moderately hot, you can place in the tent so the it can generate enough heat inside the tent as well.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Many are of the impression that you need to hydrate yourself only during hot season but you ought to keep a check so that you are consuming enough water to keep you going. You need much needed fuel to keep your body going so that you enjoy your outdoor activities.

4. Moisturize your Skin

If you have heard of sunburn, you should also know that there is something called the windburn as well. When you visit places where the wintry wind cuts through your face, it can cause damage to your skin. Therefore, use moisturizing products like Vaseline to keep your skin healthy.

5. Carry the Necessary Gears

Winter camping requires you to carry the right set of gears, be it in terms of clothing, ones that are necessary and optional like extra pair of gloves and socks. Besides this you need torch light, hot water bottle, sleeping bag, etc. if you are prepared in advance, you are bound to have a fun filled camping experience.


Winter camping is a fun filled adventurous ride, while you are preparing yourself to have a good time, ensure that you have a suitable tent as well. While you have all the gears ready, you ought to find yourself in a suitable set up to sleep warm and cozy.


Winter camping is all about being aware of what to expect during the camping session. It is wise to have all the knowledge and prepare for the worst, as it is going to help you cater to different situations. Above mentioned is a general overview on all that you need to know about winter camping.

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