Camping is one of the most delightful ways of the holiday with your family and friends in the midst of the Mother Nature, mountains or wood and under the amazing blue sky and twinkling stars. This is the best way to relax your mind and body away from the city crowd and daily routine work. Monsoon is a season where you will see greenery all around with drops of water on the leaves and new flora and fauna everywhere.

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If you love rains, then you must try camping during this season in the mountains. As camping in the woods that is in the forest wood is a bit risky as you may not found proper shelter there, more animals are out in this season for hunting, and it gets dark earlier than other seasons. So if you have decided to camp in the rains, then proper planning is the must as camping in this season is much more dangerous than other seasons.

Camping in monsoon needs a lot of pre-preparations and planning otherwise; this joy moment could become a disastrous experience. Here we have pointed some of the planning disasters usually made by people during camping in monsoon season:

Wrong Size of the Tent

The biggest mistake anyone could make while camping is bringing a wrong size of the tent. Tent is the most crucial part of camping as this is the only shelter you have and no other option to change it or replace it, so choose wisely and checking each and everything before going to the camp.

Plan how many people are going and then finalize the size and the number of tents you are taking. If four people are going, then you can take a tent of two or one big tents for four but first, check it and try it that do you all fit into that. Check for waterproofing, is your tent waterproof as you are camping in a monsoon so need to be safe from rains.

Not Taking Essential Things

Yes, this is the biggest problem mostly everyone faces is that forgetting important things on the camp such as lighter or match sticks, bed sheets or body covers to save you from cold, not taking enough food and finally ending up starving. So make a checklist of all the essential things such as:

  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Food
  • Monsoon wear
  • Things for playing
  • Boots
  • Torch
  • Candles
  • Medications
  • First aid box

Check your first aid for all the essentials for in case any emergency, utensils if you are going to cook food and if not then adequate food items to keep you full and many more things you need to carry for camping. People usually forget the important things due to a big list of essentials.

Not Informing Your Family

If you are a group of youngsters planning for camping in monsoon, and you did not inform your family before going, then this could be quite dangerous. It is very important to inform your family because they could help you out if you are in difficulty in the camp.

They should know where you are going and with whom that is with which friends or group you are going with as this will help them to save you from any misfortune. So give your family the complete information about your camp and about the group you are going with.

Not Checking the Equipment

Preparing for summer camping. Things needed for an epic adventur

Preparing for summer camping. Things needed for an epic adventur

This is the most careless mistake anyone could make while going for a camp things such as missing to check your things like bag zips, cooking essential where they are in working conditions or not, torch, not checking the battery of your torch and the torch goes off in some time. These are some common and essential equipment you need to check before camping.

Going Late in the Camp

This is another biggest mistake people make of going late in the evening or in the dark for the camp; this makes it difficult to make an arrangement of the tent and other things. Going early in light would help you to search the dry and clean land for making your tent and campfire; this will also help you in collecting wood for a campfire.

Cooking inside the Tent

Another disaster for the evening could be cooking inside the tent. This is the riskiest and dangerous scenario of cooking and getting your tent on fire. So you need to avoid this situation and always cook outside and away from the camp.

Forgetting Light and Monsoon Clothes

You can’t rely on the campfire for the light you will need some other source of light such as a torch, solar lanterns of battery lanterns and candles. These are a must in the camps, especially in the night. Also, pack extra batteries and other lighting equipment.

Another important thing is monsoon; whereas, you are going for camping you need to carry your raincoats and boot to save you from getting wet in the rain. So check these on your list, if you forget them, then you could be in a big difficulty as you will be wet most of the time.

Wearing Footwear inside the Tent

This would be a horrible site to watch your tent full of muddy and wet. This would not have happened if there was a policy applied to put your footwear outside the tent to keep it clean and away from this miserable muddy appearance in your tent.

Relying on Campfire for Food

This happens in the monsoon season that your campfire won’t work. The wood will be wet and thus making it difficult to burn quickly. So you don’t need to rely fully on cooking in the campfire, bring all the food essentials with you to help you in case your campfire stops working.

Not Checking the Location

Camping During Winter Hiking In Carpathian Mountains

Another big mistake people make while camping is that not having adequate information about the location they are going to camping. This is very important to check where you are going for a camp is safe and suitable for camping.

Not checking the location and just going blindly for camping especially during monsoon could be a really bad idea and can make your camping experience a disastrous one. So always check the location if you are going for the first time and if not the first time then you need to check the changes or upgradations in the place have been taken place.

Check the weather of the location for any natural calamities occur there frequently such as landslides or any other disaster takes place, also check the wildlife what kind of animals are there and try not to attract them.


So these were some common and basic mistakes people make during camping in monsoon. Whichever the season is camping is most enjoyable and wonderful way of spending quality time with your friends and family. This great experience could become a dangerous one if are not pre-prepared with all the essential things. These disasters could be dangerous and can harm your life a number of people die while camping because of insufficient equipment and proper planning.

So for a happy monsoon camping make a proper list of essentials and check them twice if you are confused, to make your camping experience more fun and joyful without any problems from the surroundings and from insufficient materials.

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