Car Camping In USA

Camping is fun! It is exactly opposite to our daily life. Our daily routine is almost planned while camping is totally unplanned. You almost get disconnected from the world and get to be with yourself, known yourself and the partner coming along.

You will need to be ready to face every situation, and while you are on car camping, the most important thing is keeping your car auto parts in perfect working condition. Because without a car, no camping!

On camping, you visit new places, face hurdles, get to be amongst nature, gaze stars at night and many more surprising events that cannot be just put into words. It is full of experiences and unforgettable memories. But there are things that you need to prepare yourself for before starting your journey.

Top 10 Tips That You Must Know For Car Camping

1. Remain Hydrated

Take as much water as you take with yourself. It is very important to remain hydrated while traveling as it will give you the energy to climb the mountains, walk a long trek and water are life, drink it!

The other reason is that you may not find a reliable source of water everywhere and would have to drink whatever liquid you get which may get you sick. So carry ample amount of water with you.

2. First Aid is a Must!

No camper should forget packing the first-aid box with your backpacks. Take one cloth less but pack your first-aid even if there is no space. Check whether all the medicines are there in it or not and if they are expired buy the new one.

Get bandages, alcohol wipe, gauze, tape, tweezers and painkillers in the kit along with other required medicines. You may never know when you get hurt. Also, don’t forget bug repellents and sunscreen lotions because, in the woods, you know what the circumstances are.

3. Be Aware of the Fuel

Whenever you see a gas station, don’t forget to fill your tank. You may never know when you would run out of fuel and wouldn’t have a gas station around. Also, don’t try to fire your campfire with the fuel that is in your car.

It is too risky, and the chances are that you would burn the whole place along with you and your car. If the circumstances are such that you need fuel to light the fire, then you should immediately pack and go home, but don’t take the risk.

4. Packing Plenty of Proper Food


The second rule of camping is keeping your tummy happy. Good food leads to more energy, good health, and excitation to move forward with your plan.

Pack food that can act as a strong meal like, rice, cereal, pasta, burger and ready-to-go meals and carry small stoves along with you. Try to cook your food; it would be fun.

5. Healthy Sleep

While on camping, it is important to complete your sleep and look fresh as the next day you would have to travel a lot. Take small naps in between the day and don’t stress yourself with continuous long drives.

It would be okay in the starting, but later it would freak you out. So it better to take rest at intervals. And don’t forget to take a sleeping bag along with you.

6. Divide your Luggage Properly

Take everything that is necessary along with you, but it is advisable to divide the luggage in between small and big bags. Pack handy things and the clothes that you would require at night and while traveling in a small bag.

Take only the small bag in the tent because animals at night get attracted towards the food and other smells and may hunt you down. So leave them in the car only.

7. Maintaining Auto Parts

Before you hit the road, it is very important to check the auto parts. If necessary, carry small parts along with you in your toolbox. Change oil if it wasn’t changed recently. It is recommended to change before going for a long trip.

Check whether air conditioning is working or not and get is serviced. Check air pressure in the tires and also keep tools in the toolbox to change the tier in case it gets flat.

8. Plan According to the Weather


Check for the weather reports before you plan your trip. When the weather is not nice, it can spoil your mood and the trip. Carry jackets, umbrella, raincoat, cap and sunglasses as per the weather.

If the weather is mild, then don’t cancel the trip. Though you would have to leave in the tent for few hours, I would be fun to be with your partner for the night trapped and exchange memories. You can even carry playing cards for such times.

9. Forget Showers

There might be very few places where you would get an opportunity to take a bath. But if you get the chance to have a shower, you wouldn’t have privacy. What to do in such circumstances?

Carry shower gels and few towels to cover yourself so that you can take your shower anywhere you want. So for the rest of the time, enjoy and use your deodorant.

10. Blocking Your Place

If you are going to spend your night at a place where common campgrounds are there, then you there would be a heavy rush of the campers to get their place and set-up their tent.

Therefore, if plan to spend the night at such place, get there early before sunsets and pull the ropes, dig your nails and get your tent up as fast as possible else someone else would take your place. It is fine if you even decide to spend one night in the hotel only one day on your trip.

To-Do List for Campers

  • Torchlights and batteries
  • Portable stove
  • Plastic sheets
  • Cutting board
  • Folding chairs
  • Bowl, spoons, and lots of food
  • Cash
  • Towels, shower gels and loose clothes for trekking
  • Map
  • First-aid kit

Don’t forget to pack anything from the above list. Prepare yourself for everything. Keep cash on hand so that you can buy things even in the remote place. Don’t stress yourself a lot of long drives and heavy work. Keep your auto car parts in track because one small problem will ruin your whole trip. Stay away from animals and find good shelter.

Follow all the regulations for camping and stay safe. Don’t forget to leave your valuable feedbacks, experiences, and doubts in the comment section below. Happy camping!


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