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Staying the night away from the rush and dash of the city is really cool. Feeling the moist of the earth and the cool breeze of the wind at night as you sleep under your blanket and pillow sounds really fun until rain comes and you suddenly notice water leak from a big hole on your roof tent. Don’t let this awesome camp night be ruined just because of some sort of tent failures.

During camps and other outdoor overnight activities, your tent becomes your life. Tents keep you protected from rain, sun, and even from unfriendly pests such as flies and mosquitoes. It keeps you cozy throughout the night. That’s why it is a real must to take care of it to make it durably reliable. Whether you’ve got a cheap or a pricey one right there, it won’t last long if you won’t take good care of it.  The following tips will help you know some tricks in keeping your tent highly durable.

1. Seal the seams

Almost every tent in the market these days is designed to be waterproof. However, others fail to check the quality carefully and end up investing on a tent built without any waterproof system. Some people have the floor and roof seams of their tent sealed, while others prefer to set up their tent with a Rain Fly. Upon setting up your tent, make sure to check every part of it, especially the seams. If you notice any damages, you might want to look for some tips on how to repair fabric tears for camping tents. For better protection, you can set up a Rain Fly, a piece of thin, limber covering material, strung up with a rope. It will protect your tent from overexposure in the sun which can damage the fabric of the tent over time.

2. Take care of the zippers

One of the parts of the tent that easily gets damaged is the zippers. With dirt and rain, it can easily get rusty. Aside from keeping the zippers dry and dirt-free, you can take care of the zippers by cleaning them the right way. Use a dry rag or an old towel in cleaning them. It will remove micro dirt easily. Also, use sprayers to get rid of rust. This will also help the zippers work smoothly.

3. Set up a perfect pitch

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How you set up your tent can also have an effect on how long it will last. You must set up your tent with the perfect steepness of the slope, especially the roof. Make sure to set up your tent to a smooth, plane surface to avoid anything like sharp stones or to keep stones from ripping or poking your tent’s floor. You can also place a thick ground cloth on the floor. Instead of snapping the poles together, put them in section carefully one by one to avoid any damage.  When taking down the tent, break the pole right down in the middle first. It will stress the poles less.

4. Inspect and clean

After every outing, make sure to inspect and clean your tent carefully before keeping it. You can take a hose, shower water, and check leaks or holes from the inside. Carefully check every part of it, especially the roof, floor, and seams. After inspecting it for any damage, clean your tent thoroughly. Don’t take it out yet. Clean it while it is still on set and spread out. This will help you see the dirt in every part. Simply use a sponge and a non-detergent soap. Avoid using soap cleaners that have too much chemicals as they will damage the fabric of the tent. It’s also advisable to use cold water.

5. Store tent in the right place at the right time

After cleaning your tent, you’ll need to dry it out, of course. If you keep your tent wet out of impatience, you’ll have to deal with smelly and damaging moist and mildew. When it rains, you need to keep the tent inside the storage as soon as possible, but make sure you clean and dry it out the moment you reach home.

These are some of the basic tips on how to make your tent stay durable. If you want a lasting enjoyment, you also have to exert efforts in preserving your tent’s longevity.

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