It is awesome being outdoors, experiencing nature and allowing the stresses of life to seep away through my pores.

There is nothing more relaxing than journeying on a trail and allowing nature to guide you to its hidden secrets.

Oaks, birches, and other variety of trees loom large overhead.

Nothing concerns you when you are in the great open lands of America.

Even local parks, wooded and filled with ducks, geese, and fish can function as an oasis.

That is why they are so popular in major cities because man naturally urges to be in a natural environment.

It is life-giving.

It is stress reducing.

In addition, it is a way to make memories that will sustain you for a lifetime.

Dispersed Camping and Being One with Nature

Dispersed Camping and Being One with Nature

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Many people engage with nature through camping.

It is a great way to just be in one place for a while and not worry about what tomorrow will bring. Good thing that our land is filled with many designated areas for such activities. National parks, forests, and grasslands are ideal places for camping.

There are some that have rivers, ponds, and lakes. There are some campsites that have great lakes of still waters. Some filled with fishes, sumptuous natural meat, with no preservatives or additives.

It is the way God intended it.

Being out in nature forces you to fend for yourself and do not rely on modern amenities.

Yes, sometimes there are designated bathrooms and washrooms. But this is to preserve otherwise the sanctity of the land from man’s folly.

But, you can go in a place, set up your tent and just be.

Be still.

Be free.

Be unhinged, even.

You can allow the land to heal you as well.

There are dozens of people who trek each year, do their dispersed camping and allow nature to heal their wounds.

Wounds that they have carried for a great many years.

Wounds from the death of loved ones.

Wounds caused by unfaithful lovers and husbands.

And wounds all caused by uncaring people.

It is miraculous the way nature just heals you.

I find fishing cathartic. You and the fish, each struggling to stay alive in some way. You need food to survive.

But in the wild, in the open land, it takes patience sometimes to catch these deft creatures. They swim around you with such ease. They do not consider you a threat to their world.

It is all about being one with nature. It is all about allowing yourself to live in a simpler time – a time before industrialization, a time before technology, and a time before pollution. It’s a time before plastic and other non-biodegradable items were invented.

The Love of Dispersed Camping

The Love of Dispersed Camping

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If you are seeking a new way for you and your family to spend time, then try dispersed camping. You will reconnect with nature and you will reconnect with your family.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own problems and daily struggles. Sometimes we are caught up in technology, social media, and gadgets.

Going camping allows you to unplug from them and plug into those you care about. You may even be surprised at what is going on in their lives.

Yes, there are those who think camping is primitive, but you cannot deny the personal benefits.

If you are a first-timer, you can take it in stages. There are hundreds of people, who use RVs and travel across the country, exploring all that a simple life and nature have to offer. Some choose to backpack across the country – taking it one-step at a time.

This is not easy and requires perseverance, but they come out of it a changed person – re-centered, focused, and aware of who they truly are and what they can do.

It is an empowering experience.

Even if you have a limited budget, you can still do dispersed camping. There are many free camping areas across the country. All you need is food, water, gear and fuel in your car to go exploring. Sometimes, you can hunt the food and get the water right on location.

Nature provides all that you need.

Why Should You Go Camping?

Why Should You Go Dispersed Camping

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In today’s society, we get caught up with work and the demands of our lives. More and more people are suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity because they do not take the time or do the things to keep themselves healthy.

Many people opt not to take vacations and let their days accrue.

Some do this for many years.

They become separated from their families and forget about the truly important things in life. Then they grow old and find themselves alone or distant from the people that they love.

They are not able to reconnect.

A great way to escape this horrid cycle is through dispersed camping.


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