Over the course of years, technology continues to level up. It has helped increase the standards of living as well as the productivity of people around the globe. In addition, technology also plays a great role in camping adventures. New tent technology and high-tech camping equipment have now been a thing for a lot of camp-goers. It has made camping adventures much more fun and easy.

While you can still use your centuries-old tents and camping equipment, taking a crack at the new ones for your next camping destinations isn’t a bad idea at all. Here are some of the latest tents and tent technology you’d want to give a shot.

Roof vents for ventilation control

One of the most effective tips for a good-night sleep in a tent is having a tent with roof vents. Tents like Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent is designed with cool-air port and adjustable venting system. It has internal access that allows you to easily adjust the airflow from the inside. When rain comes, you won’t have to close the roof vents. You simply put the rain fly and enjoy the comfortable vibe inside.

Color-coded assembly system

Setting up a tent can be a little confusing. Good thing technology gave us a smart way of making things much easier and faster. Most of the tents have color-coded poles in which each pole has a particular color that matcheseach eyeletwhere itinserts into. Color coding of the tent poles, pole ends and webbing is a smart way of easily eliminating confusions of which pole goes next to which pole.

Factory-sealed seams

When it comes to reliability, waterproof tents come to mind. Most of the tents in the market nowadays promise waterproof protection, but only a few can really guarantee what they promised. Tents such as Mountain Trails Twin Peaks 3-Person Tent and Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent are designed with taped seams, sealing every seam of the tent at its best. They’re also made out of Polyester fabric, a kind of insulating fabric material popularly known for waterproofing.

Your camping checklist isn’t just all about tents. It’s not like all you do throughout your camping experience is sleep all night and day without even having dinner in front of a bonfire or something. Camp-goers must have all the camping gears ready inside their backpacks. Check out the following must-bring camping essentials with the latest technology for unforgettable camping adventures.

Kraku camp stove

Kraku is recently known as lightest stove in the world, weighing no more than 45 grams. Aside from it being remarkably handy, many users love this portable camp stove because of its affordable price as the world’s smallest and lightest stove.

The Coolest cooler

By the name itself, this cooler is the Coolest. It does more than any average cooler in the market. Its coolness is almost beyond anyone’s imagination. This cooler is designed with a built-in bottle opener, utensil storage, ice divider andcutting board. It can also work wonders in your high-tech needs, may it be aUSB charger or a custom-made Bluetooth speaker. Lastly, it’s got an 18-volt ice-crushing blender. Now that’s the coolest!

Cobb portable grill

Cobb portable grill is a portable, charcoal-fired grill for outdoor cooking. You simply put the charcoal on the fire grid chamber in the base part of the gear, set up the grill cooking surface, and then put the food you’re about to cook! Cover with the dome lid and wait for your delicious meal.

The LifeStraw

When you’re out of water and the town is far away for you to buy some, all you need is the LifeStraw. LifeStraw gives you the safest way to drink water from any unfiltered water. This little straw is said to have one of the safest water filtration system, filtering 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and protozoa.

KLAX multi-purpose axe

KLAX is a multi-purpose stainless steel tool. This 5/16 inches thick steel plate features an ax blade, Ulu Knife, hammer head, knife blade, gut hook, drive socket, hex wrench, carabiner, bottle opener, ruler, lanyard hole, and even a clamping system.

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