Camping outdoors with family is always fun and thrilling. Amidst nature, discovering wildlife and coming in contact with the environment is a beautiful experience one can ever have. Camping teaches many lessons to people.

In addition to the excitement and thrill, camping also brings some risks along with it. Residing in the jungle with wildlife is very dangerous too if proper care is not taken. It might have fatal results in the end. So, when a family goes for camping, then they should take care of every minute thing that should be carried along and should always stay alert to be safe from wild animals.

If precautions are taken properly, then the camping trip can result in an amazing experience that one can cherish for life, and it may even inspire them for planning next trips with their families again.

There are few safety tips, which should be followed in order to protect your family when camping outdoors. If these tips are abided by in an apt manner, then many dangers can be avoided.

1. Carry a First Aid Kit Always

One should always carry a first aid kit while going for camping outdoors. You never know which difficulty might arise when so if you have medications along with you then the difficulties can be handled properly, and treatment can be done on right time.

Basic things that are counted as essentials and must be included in their first aid kit are as follows:

  • Personal medications and other needs
  • Roll and triangular bandages
  • Adhesive tape and First-aid manual
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Cotton swabs
  • Tweezers and thermometer
  • Safety pins and scissors
  • Bee sting and snake bite kit
  • Sinus medications and eye drop
  • Tissues and Poison ivy cream or cleansers
  • Bug repellent and butterfly bandages
  • Sterile compresses and Sunburn lotion
  • Feminine products
  • Razor blades and Heat and cold packs
  • Small bottle of water
  • Anti-acids like Tums or Rolaids
  • Burn ointment and another antibiotic cream

2. Basic Things that You Should Carry

Preparing for summer camping. Things needed for an epic adventur

Preparing for summer camping. Things needed for an epic adventur

Other than the first aid kit one should carry other necessary stuff too. These things include things like:

  • Map of the area
  • Compass or GPS
  • Mobile phones
  • Whistle and sleeping bag
  • Bottled water and food
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Waterproof matches and tent
  • Warm clothing, clean socks, and raincoats

3. Be Aware of the Place

One should never forget to keep a map in the bag while planning for camping. It is important to stay aware and alert always. If the person knows the place, then it becomes easy to camp. Avoid going into the woods alone. It might not be safe to camp alone. Having a group of people is always favorable for camping.

4. Wear Proper Clothes

It is very important to wear proper and comfortable clothes while camping. It is advisable to carry all types of clothes when you go for camping. The temperature may fall or rise anytime, and the weather too can keep on changing. To protect you against this one should carry tank tops, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts and few other clothes, which are made of:

  1. Polyester
  2. Polypropylene
  3. Wool

Light water resistant clothes should also be taken to have a proper protection against wind and rain as well.

Every member of the family who goes for hiking needs a pair of relaxed climbing shoes in order to avoid blistering. At the time of hiking, you should insert pant chains within the shoes to protect your feet from any harm.

Kids should be dressed in bright colors, which can help you to trace back your kids if they lose their way. In order to gain a shield for protection against the sun and other insects; caps and hats are always a good option.

5. Keep Drinking Water

Suppose that all wilderness brooks and creeks are possibly dirty water sources because of the animals residing there that use the water.

Just in case if you forget to carry water along with you or it becomes infected, or the supply of your water runs out then you can use iodine to purify the water of streams and creeks.

You can also use water filters to purify the water. Although boiling water is the best way to purify it but while camping it is difficult and tiresome to boil water as you may have to put extra efforts and use more energy than needed to do the same.

6. Have Food Essentials in Accordance with the Number of Days of Camping

Have Food Essentials in Accordance with the Number of Days of Camping

Have Food Essentials in Accordance with the Number of Days of Camping

You need to be very clear regarding how much food you will require for the number of days you will be going for camping. Do keep some extra food along with the estimated food. Pack abundance of moveable foods like:

  • Breads
  • Packaged trail mix
  • Fruit
  • Granola bars
  • Peanut butter
  • Other camping portable foods

Choose those foods that do not become stale quickly. You can also choose to purchase packed foods, which only require water to be added to them in order to cook it.

7. Create Proper Shield for Protection against Wildlife

Before going for camping always make sure that you teach your children that animals in jungles are very strong and will look after them whenever they feel unsafe and are threatened. You should make your kids aware never of approaching any wild animal or feeding them, not even the young ones.

Make sure you are always there with your children and do not leave them unattended and alone. Teach and tell them to be patient and poise if they bump into an untamed animal and call loudly for help.

Before entering the park always enquire the park rangers regarding the untamed animals in the park. Maintain the campsite clean and devoid of food aroma and also do not carry food inside the tents.

8. Camping Emergency Basics, which You Should Know

Always pass information regarding your camping details to your other family members and close friends before you set out. Do not forget to inform them the destination and the date of return in certain. Also, make sure that you sign in the park registers before entering and after exiting the park Even if an emergency arises or something goes wrong then do not lose your calm. It is very important to stay poised while camping.

Give whistles to your kids who will help you to reach them if they get lost and also tell them a spot to wait if they lose your track and instruct them to wait for you in the tent. Charge your cell phone to 100 percent and you also carry some extra batteries along with you.

The area you choose for family camping should be safe and decent. If you select a campsite which is quite far, then you have to take more care in selecting the tasks and activities you want to perform.

9. Teach Your Child What He or She Must Do in Case if They Get Lost

Family tent

Always try to stick with the entire group when you are walking through the woods. Do not forget to give a whistle and blow to your child to help them if they get separated from the bunch of people. If you carry two cell phones and both are working then give one to your child and tell them to contact you if he/she feels that something is not right.

Give prior instructions to your child regarding what to do if he gets lost. Tell him to wait in a safe and sheltered place until you reach them. Tell them not to panic and try to contact you if possible. Screaming and shouting might alert other animals, which may not be good so instruct them to maintain poise and patience.

Be Alert; Be Aware and Stay Calm

You can protect your family when camping outdoors and you can minimize the risks to a certain extent by following the above-suggested tips. Be alert, be aware and stay calm. This attitude is very important while camping outdoors.

While you plan for camping in the outdoors, you have to safeguard yourself as well as your family. It is not an easy task to protect everyone while camping but you can take necessary precautions. The above-mentioned tips are some of the things about how you can protect your family when you go for camping in the wild parks so that no one is hurt or gets lost.

Our Advice

Safety comes first and then fun, so makes sure you take all the necessary precautions, which may help you to avoid the danger while camping outdoors because fun can come again but if anything happens to your family it will spoil all your camping plans for the rest of your life.

We hope that the provided tips and information regarding the same was quite beneficiary for you and would assist you in having a safe camping outdoors with your family.

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