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Making sure that you are prepared is an important step to take in life. Whether you’re simply walking to the corner store or you’re heading into the wilderness for a camping trip, it can be beneficial to consider if you have everything you’ll need. You can’t do much at the corner store if you forget your wallet. Similarly, your camping experience will be a lot more annoying should you neglect to bring along the right essentials. The tent, above all else, needs to be a focal point of prepping for your adventure.

The REI Kingdom 4 could very well be the tent you need. All you have to do is take a look at the information provided in our review and see if this option fits your particular criteria in regards to preparedness.

What Is the REI Kingdom 4?

REI kingdom 4 tent

The REI Kingdom 4 is a freestanding tent able to fit four adult-sized individuals. REI has been around since 1938, when it was established by Lloyd and Mary Anderson in Seattle, Washington. The couple enjoyed climbing the nearby mountains, eventually teaming with other climbers to create a co-op centered around selling quality gear for traversing the dangerous terrain. It maintained the co-op structure for many decades, with an emphasis on selling specifically to serious climbers.

By the 1980s, REI had expanded its reach and launched a series of products aimed at family camping adventures. Now, it is considered a leading brand for gear related to camping, climbing and many other outdoor activities. In the 80 years since it first was established, REI has become a respected name amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Since it is a reputable company, you can expect the REI Kingdom 4 to both meet and exceed the standards of the industry.

Unique Features of the REI Kingdom 4

The REI Kingdom 4 boasts a number of unique features that allow it to stand out from similar products on the market. Some of the more impressive features include the following:

  • Design

This tent is considered a freestanding tent, meaning you do not need to stake it into the ground in order to maintain its integrity. As long as there is enough open space to house the tent, it is going to stand its ground, which can be a huge benefit to campers who do not like to spend ridiculous amounts of time assembling their tents.

The REI Kingdom 4 also has a very simplistic design. Though there are several large poles and an expansive footprint, you can pitch the tent in roughly 30 minutes. Whether you have been camping since you were a child or you are planning on taking your first excursion into the wilderness with your family, you will definitely appreciate how easy it is to get this tent in up and ready.

  • Room to Stand

Roominess is always an advantage during a camping trip. Depending on how many people are sleeping in the same tent, you might run the risk of some pretty close quarters, so opt for a model that provides enough space for everyone in your party. The REI Kingdom 4 is built to fit four adults comfortably. Now, when some brands promise this, they mean four adults can fit into the tent while lying down for bed. With the REI Kingdom 4, the meaning is a bit more exciting.

The tent measures at about 6 ft. 3 in., meaning most adults can easily stand inside the tent without pushing against the ceiling of the structure. Being able to stand and move about freely without bumping into one another is a great way to prevent tensions from getting too high. When you’re camping, you’re kind of stuck with the other members of your group whether you like it or not. Keeping the mood friendly is important, and the space provided by the REI Kingdom 4 makes the entire atmosphere more amiable.

  • Storage Space

No matter how large the tent might be, you are always working with limited space while camping, which means you can’t bring too many non-essential items. Crowding a tent with bags and backpacks can easily eat up all the available room. REI took this into consideration in the design of the Kingdom 4, including a number of mesh pockets throughout the tent for storage space.

While you are not going to be able to store your entire backpack in the mesh netting, you can definitely lighten the load in your bag. Campers can use these pockets to hold bug spray, decks of playing cards, granola bars, flashlights, or any other small items that need to be stored somewhere in the tent.

  • Lifetime Warranty

Even though the REI Kingdom 4 is built to withstand a wide range of outdoor conditions, you never know when a specific model might be defective. To protect customers, REI offers a lifetime warranty on this product. This warranty basically covers any defects with the product that result from a manufacturer’s error or poor craftsmanship. Whether this defect becomes apparent in two years or twenty, you will still be able to return the tent to the company and acquire a functional one.

In addition to the lifetime warranty, REI also provides a one-year policy on returns. You are able to return your tent to REI without giving a reason for a year after the initial purchase. This can be a great help if you bought the tent for a specific trip in the future only to have the trip canceled. The comfort of knowing you can receive a full refund without any questions asked for one year after the purchase can be a huge selling point for many.

A More Expensive Investment

While the REI Kingdom 4 definitely boasts some enticing features, there are still a few cons to take into consideration. The biggest thing working against this option is the price. The average cost of the tent comes in at about $389, posssibly far more than you would like to spend for your next camping trip. There are a wealth of more affordable options available to fit four people, but you will be losing out on certain key advantages the REI Kingdom 4 can provide.

The best way to think about this model is as a “luxury” version of a standard four-person tent. Sure, it costs a bit more, but you are getting ample space and a durable product. If you are someone who prefers your camping gear to make your trip easier on you, then paying a little more for the luxury option makes a lot of sense.

When taking price into consideration, it ultimately is going to come down to what you feel comfortable spending. The cost of the Kingdom 4 might be off-putting to some while others will see it as an excellent investment. Campers who use their gear frequently know that tents take on a lot of wear and tear. Spending a little bit more on your tent can help you to avoid needing to replace the item within a short window of time. Though a cheaper price tag seems appealing, think about how a luxury option saves you money on replacement costs over time.

How Consumers Feel About the REI Kingdom 4

There are a number of testimonials and reviews available online that help to paint a better picture of what it is like to use this tent while on a trip. Some reviewers have pointed out that this tent’s size is both a wonderful feature and a slight problem. Though campers usually appreciate having extra room to move, campsites are not always as generous with space. Several reviewers suggest checking the exact dimensions of a campsite before assuming the tent will fit on the grounds.

REi kingdom fares

Many reviews also praise how easy it is to pitch this tent. The freestanding design makes assembly much less complicated than tents requiring stakes and other tethering devices. Of course, it also is advisable to consider stakes when you are looking to add extra protection against the elements to the tent. A rain covering needs to be secured into the ground with stakes to ensure it won’t blow off into the woods when the wind picks up.

Several testimonials also comment on the weight of the tent. The REI Kingdom 4 comes with a durable bag to house all of its various components. Though the bag is convenient, it also weighs a lot, so you are not going to want to carry this bag across large distances. The overall weight of the bag is ideal for camping excursions where you will be driving a vehicle right up to the actual site. Limiting how far you need to carry the tent before assembly allows you to maximize how much you appreciate the structure.

How the REI Kingdom 4 Fares Against the Competition

When compared to similar options by competitors, the REI Kingdom 4 has both advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, REI products are protected by lifetime warranties against defects. Though other manufacturers will sometimes provide warranties, most limit the coverage period to one year. This can be a big selling point, as most consumers want to feel like there is a safety net in place should a product fall apart for no good reason.

Another advantage the REI Kingdom 4 has over many other brands is the quality of the bag included for transporting the tent. It is common practice for a tent to come with a carrying bag to store the poles and other components of the tent. Still, many other manufacturers will provide bags that barely hold together under pressure. When the bag goes, you need to buy a new one or run the risk of carrying all the parts of the tent to the campsite one at a time. The bag included by REI is incredibly durable and stylish.

On the negative side of things, the price of the REI Kingdom 4 can definitely be an issue when compared to other options. As discussed above, the price makes sense when taking into account the luxury status of the tent. Other models might be more affordable, but REI puts a great deal of effort into designing superior products. Still, people who are looking to purchase for occassional use might not feel comfortable spending so much.

Beyond this, the tent can be difficult to transport. The weight of the materials can be substantial, requiring a great deal of strength to carry the bag for long periods of time. If you are looking to purchase a tent based on how lightweight it is, then you might be better off exploring different models by REI or examining what you can find through other manufacturers. Still, the REI Kingdom 4 can be an ideal fit for campsites you can drive right into.

Our Final Verdict

There are a number of different factors at play when it comes to determining the overall worthiness of this piece of camping gear. Though there are a few issues with the tent, the REI Kingdom 4 is actually an excellent investment for campers of all experience levels. The tent itself is easy to assemble, which makes the entire camping experience more convenient from the start. Beyond this, the model offers ample room for adults, storage pockets to maximize floor space, and a durability many consumers have come to expect from the brand.

REI sweetens the deal by offering a lifetime warranty against defects and a one-year return policy with no questions asked. While the biggest drawback is definitely the price, we feel this does not particularly work against the tent. Though the initial cost is significant, you are likely to save more over the years by not having to replace the tent. That said, investing in this tent is most likely not the right move if you do not plan on camping at least a few times each year.

With the REI Kingdom 4, you are getting a quality piece of camping gear at a price that reflects the integrity of the product and the brand. If you’re ready to commit to a tent for your future adventures with family and friends, this is a great option to consider.

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