You are planning your next holiday trip, searching online, asking around and in the end just get confused because every option seems so interesting and tempting? You find that a tour around Europe, a relaxing week by the beach and a mountain-climbing challenge are both neck and neck?

Maybe you are seeking enjoyment in the wrong places. Maybe the answer is right in front of you: a tent camping trip with your family. Here below are the reasons why you definitely will not regret that choice and enjoy that trip to your heart’s content.

1. Family bonding

That is the first and foremost reason for your choice. With a tent camping trip, there are various chances for all family members to be engaged in joint activities and the work will be divided between all of you. You guys can do everything together and enjoy the final result together, a simple and delicious meal or a perfectly pitched tent  for example.

And in a tent, it is likely that there will be no door in between family members, figuratively and literally. You will be having good-night sleeps (Tips for a good night sleep in a tent) side by side. Waking up in the morning, the first thing you see while being half asleep will be those beloved faces.

Doing various activities together, you will see a lot more of each other. Maybe you will find out that your kids have grown a lot since the last time you really look at them. Maybe you will see there are a few more wrinkles and white hairs on dad and mom but those loving eyes looking at you have not changed one bit. If you have not spent much time for your family, now is the chance to do it.

2. A change is needed once in a while

Everybody needs a change of some kind after a while. You have been working hard, spending more time at the office that at home. Your kids have been doing their own things in those closed rooms, maybe glued to the laptop screens and while they are in their room, they hang out with friends in places that you know nothing about. Now is the time to make some changes.

Leave the laptops, the paperwork and the office behind. Go out and see some greenery, some mountains and rivers. A change of place can lead to a change of heart. And everybody needs an escape, a getaway to relax and rethink about what has been going on.

3. Nature

Camping tent with friends

Trees and grasses and flowers and mountains and rivers, they are necessary in lives. Living close to nature or at least go see them once in a while helps reduce stress and improve mental health. You will be amazed at how much you feel at ease when you see less building, more sky and trees.

Also, the nature is a great thing to teach your kid about. Let them explore hidden caves. Show them animals and birds that they rarely see. That is one way to teach them that there are many interesting and exciting things out there waiting for them to discover. And maybe you yourself need to be reminded of that too.

4. Low cost

All the benefits above come at quite a low price. The most important thing you have to buy is a tent. Luckily, tents are not luxury stuffs and there is a wide range in their prices. A good, comfortable and spacious tent can come at reasonable price which you can easily afford.

With a tent, now you can go everywhere they allow you to pitch a tent upon. Campsite fees are not very high. You can pack some simple and easy-to-prepare ingredients and cook the meals yourself. DIY stuffs are always cheaper and more satisfying. And you can drive your own vehicle since you can camp everywhere and there must be some interesting places close to your home.

If you decide to go on some holiday tours, you have to pay for the transportation, the food (likely to be restaurant food), the hotels and all kinds of fee that can be required. Sometimes, simpler is better.

5. Wide variety of choices

A tent camping can be everything you want it to be. The choices are on you. You can choose the tent based on your need and to your liking. The size, the shape will be for you to decide.

You can select the place. You can have your tent pitched near a river or a mountains or a hill, under trees or the wide sea of stars. With food, you can choose between fast sandwiches and a barbecue party.

You can carefully plan out a detailed schedule for each day, fill each day with activities you want. Fishing, ball games, hiking, photographing, exploring, cooking, firework and lying on the grass looking at the stars, everything you can imagine. Be creative and go all out. You will have some unforgettable memories.


Overall, a family tent camping trip is a wonderful choice for a holiday vacation. It is good for both your mental and physical health. It is a chance for love and fun. It will be a great memory that will become kind of like an oasis when you are tired and depressed.

Now, what are you hesitating for instead of starting to plan that dream camp right away. Your family will definitely love the idea. Maybe they will love it so much that a tent camping trip will be come your annual family tradition. Who’ll know, right?

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