Northwest Territory Tents Review: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

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My family loves camping. We do a lot of camping in the parks near our home in Central Florida. And when we can, we love to travel and see the sights in other areas. Some of our favorite places to visit are in Georgia, Arkansas, and Colorado. We enjoy getting out and enjoying the solitude of nature using Northwest Territory tents.

Our three children love the experiences they have had camping, and over the years I think it has brought us closer together as a family. The magic of sitting around a crackling campfire, listening for nocturnal animals, and gazing at the sparkling blanket of stars above never gets old. Time in nature gives us a chance to reconnect with each other, as we spend quality time camping, hiking, fishing, exploring, and learning.

Why We Use Tents?

As for tents, we’ve gone through a few. For a long time, we used small two-man tents. One for my husband and I and another for the kids. Now that the kids are getting bigger; we thought it was a good time to upgrade our camping situation. And decided to splurge on one large tent that would be enough room for all of us.

Our family opted for the Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent. We had never purchased any Northwest Territory tents before. But some friends have a couple of the Sierra dome tent models, and they seemed very happy with them.

So, we thought we’d give this one a try. We also did plenty of research online to find the model we wanted. We chose the Front Porch due to several factors, including the layout and the ease of set-up. Plus, Northwest Territory tents are very economical. 

Northwest Territory Tents Review

Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent


  • Unique front porch
  • Seam with silicone sealant
  • Zip down windows


  • Sometimes found holes in tent

What Is the Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent?

This model is a 10-person cabin tent that is great for family camping activities. It features a mesh-enclosed front porch area. And the living space inside is divided into two rooms.

There is plenty of room to stand up and move around. So it’s great for long camping trips when you want to have a home-away-from-home feel. We use a full-size mattress in one room for the adults and sleeping bags for the kids in the other room. However, there’s enough room that you could surely fit a queen size mattress in each room.

Zip-Down Windows

The tent has zip-down windows all the way around it so that you can get plenty of fresh air inside. There are entrances in the front and the back, meaning each room has its own entrance.

A middle divider separates the interior space into the two rooms. There are also handy storage shelves in the corners.

The front porch area is as wide as the tent, and the floor connects to the sides with clips. It’s a great place for taking off shoes and storing coolers. It’s even big enough to set up a small card table that you can eat or play games at.

Unique Front Porch

The front porch is what makes this tent unique. It’s just such a nice feature to have that versatile area. It makes it easier to keep the interior of the tent clean since you can either kick your shoes off right there or at least throw down a mat. You don’t have to use the floor for the porch, but it’s nice to have.

The nicest thing about it, of course, is being able to enjoy the outdoors without being constantly pestered by mosquitoes.

Easy To Set Up

We took this tent on one of our family’s trips to Edward Medard Park in Plant City, Florida, and it worked wonderfully. It was easy to set up, so we were able to have more fun without the stress of struggling with a tent we can’t figure out. The color-coded poles made a big difference.

We got a little bit of rain on that trip, and the tent withstood the weather well. Plus, it’s so spacious that there was plenty of room for the kids to play cards inside during the rain, while my husband and I enjoyed the shower on the front porch. The tent was just perfect for what we wanted.

What Makes Northwest Territory Tents Unique

One of the things we love about this tent is how easy it is to set up. My husband and I were able to get it up in about half an hour. The rain shield that goes over the top was a little tricky due to the height of the tent, but we got it on there.

The tent poles are metal and color-coded, so it’s super easy to figure out what goes where. The initial purchase also includes stakes to anchor the tent. We’ll probably get some sturdier stakes for it at some point, but the included ones have worked well for us so far.

Seams With Silicone Sealant

As of yet, we haven’t had to contend with any hurricane-force winds. But we’ve been out in the rain a little bit, and so far, so good. To be fair, we did spray the seams with silicone sealant before the first use. When you’re camping in Florida, you just never know when a thunderstorm might spring up. The floor has remained nice and dry, and we haven’t had any leaks from above.

Reviews of Northwest Territory Tents from YouTube

General Reviews of Northwest Territory Tents

While researching what tent to buy, we found that the Front Porch tent by Northwest Territory had mostly very good reviews. Ease of set-up, spaciousness, and durability during inclement weather were mentioned many times.

We did see some people complain about leaks, but we always use sealant on our tents anyway, and that really seemed to help prevent leaks.

Several Complaints

One thing that did concern us about the reviews we read was the fact that several people complained about finding holes in their tents before they had used them. We made sure to inspect our tent carefully for holes, and fortunately, did not find any. It came with all the necessary parts, and nothing was damaged.

There were a few complaints about the tent being flimsy and unable to stand up to strong winds or snow, but we haven’t had a problem with this. For one thing, we don’t camp in the snow! As for the tent itself being flimsy, sure, it’s lightweight, but it seems to be of a good quality.

We haven’t had any issues with wind yet, so hopefully the stakes will do their job and keep the tent securely anchored should that issue arise.

​​​Comparison of Northwest Territory Tents

The small tents we used before were from Shelter Co. These tents tend to be made out of thick canvas, whereas Northwest Territory tents are lightweight nylon. However, the Front Porch cabin tent has much better ventilation than any two-person tent is going to have, making it immediately more comfortable.

Northwest Territory Tent

Timber Ridge

We looked at several brands of large tents online before deciding on the Front Porch tent. One other option, from Timber Ridge, had a front porch area, which honestly was very appealing. However, the price was a bit higher, and there was no kind of flooring included for the porch area. It was a cute design, with a log cabin look to it. Other large tents just seemed like overkill for our family’s needs.

Tahoe Gear Ozark Tent

There are plenty of nice, large tents on the market that sleep as many as 16 people. I can see how these would be good for festivals, especially if you have costumes or merchandise to store. We just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up and taking down something so large, especially since we don’t really need quite that much space.

A larger family than ours could possibly use something like that Tahoe Gear Ozark tent, but you are sacrificing the porch for more interior room. This tent had enough divided interior room, but it cost more than the Front Porch and had no kind of porch or protected area.

Ozark Trail Tent

There is an Ozark Trail tent that has three rooms and sleeps up to 12, and it has a nice covered area. But it has three enclosed rooms rather than a nice open porch area. It was so comparably priced to the Northwest Territory model.

This would be a good tent for a group of people who just need sleeping and storage space, without the amenity of an enclosed front porch for social activities. The covered area would be a nice place for a table or a cooler. However, it provides no protection from insects, and there is no ground cover there. It’s really just an awning.

Klondike Tent By Wenzel

Another tent that has an appealing front porch area is the 8-person Klondike tent by Wenzel. It has a nice enclosed porch, but the tent itself is not as spacious as the Northwest Territory Front Porch tent.

The Klondike has just one large room, with just one entrance. Not too bad for adults, but if you want a degree of separation from your kids, well, this one won’t really provide that.


Large 10 Person Family Cabin Tent w/Front Porch, Room Divider and Rear...

We must have gotten a lucky break picking this tent up, because most retailers are selling the Front Porch tent for more than we’ve paid. All I can say is, shop around before you buy. 



Our Rating​



The Final Word for Northwest Territory Tents

Overall, my family found that the Northwest Territory Front Porch tent more than adequately met our needs. As a 10-person tent it has plenty enough room for our 5-person family, so we don’t mind when the kids want to invite some friends to go camping with us.

Set up is easy enough for two people to do quickly, and taking it down is a breeze. It comes with all the necessary parts for staking. Although, it certainly couldn’t hurt to invest in the sturdier stakes if you expect to be facing high winds. The rain fly was a bit of a challenge to get on, but it was effective at keeping the rain out of the tent.

Selling Point

The front porch area is really the selling point of this tent. The Front Porch tent gives you the option of going inside the tent rooms or enjoying the outdoors in its mesh-enclosed porch area. It’s wonderful for avoiding bugs and rain while still enjoying the outdoors.

Most tents are either entirely enclosed or entirely open; few give you the versatility of the Front Porch. The options allowed by this model make it well-suited for long camping trips and camping parties. The porch is a wonderful place to play dominoes or eat hot dogs.

Good Mid-Range Tent

Price-wise, this is a good mid-range tent. You can easily find one, especially if you check online retailers. It’s a good value.

There are competing tents online. But, this particular tent is just so versatile that it comes across as the better bargain. Shop around and look for good deals before you buy. But wherever you choose to purchase, you’ll still be pleased with the quality you get for the price.

Two Thumbs Up

All said we give this tent two thumbs up. For the price, you can’t beat it. It has plenty of interior space, is well-ventilated, and is easy to set up. It has everything we were looking for in a tent without breaking our budget.

Two rooms and a porch give this tent an unmatched versatility and flexibility that makes it great for our longer trips. It’s also perfect for more communal uses, such as when friends at a festival might want to come to hang out. We can sit on the porch and have a beer without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

This tent is our home away from home, our sanctuary in the woods. We’re glad that we made this purchase.

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