Must Read 6 Person Tent Buying Guide + Our Top Picks

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A 6 person tent will usually comfortably fit up to 6 people. Although 7 people may fit on it, it is not comfortable with an exact number as designed. Another thing is, you could use this kind of tent on the lowest (say, 3 to 5 persons) possible number and it is most comfortable for the sleepers.

Who needs a 6 person tent?

Tents with this large capacity are logical for larger family members who want to stay together or friends on a group mountain tour or recreational camping and other companions who want to enjoy the fun. A 6-person capacity tent usually has a floor area between 150-180 square feet. This is a lot of space for a comfortable shelter for 10 people especially for sleeping.

While you may enjoy bigger tents for bigger fun with lots of friends, this 6-person tent could be an enormous relief.

When is a 6 person the right choice?

When you expect to explore outdoors and sleep in the wild in a tent with the whole family, you may wonder if a 6-person tent is enough. A 4-person tent may be small while an 8-person tent is just wonderful space for extra movements and other activities, such as guitar jamming inside before you sleep, different capacity tents all differ in price.

A 10-person capacity tent may still be feasible if you have really a large family member, say 8 to 10 members, including mom and dad or if some relatives or friends want to join the camp. A 6-member family without expecting some relatives or friends to join them on the vacation may settle for this capacity if you don’t want the extra cost of purchasing a tent.

Average families across North America have about 3 to 5 members, buying a tent with capacity above the actual intended use, or roughly 70-80 percent, is advised by experts to compensate for unforeseen events of additional companions and gears.

6 person tents vs other sizes

The average floor area for a 6-person tent on our 5-product review is approximately 80-160 sq. ft. and varies in center height from 4 ft. to almost 7 ft. depending on brand and model. From these variations, you can select the best size that fits your needs.

In our product reviews for 6-person tents, the construction type is mostly dome-shaped compared to larger capacities which are mostly vertically constructed. However, 6-person tents could easily be assembled or disassembled due to their simple construction.

They are also durable against high-velocity wind because the contour deflects incoming air away from the tent’s interior. While the larger capacities are constructed with higher center height and vertical walls which are more vulnerable to high wind. The materials barely differ though. They have almost the same materials.

Pros and cons of a 6 person tent

Comparing the 6-person tent to smaller capacities, the practicality of use makes the 6-person tent more economical than its smaller competitor. The smaller ones also have a smaller surface area and low center height definitely giving users limited space horizontally and vertically.

We have these reasons why a 6-person tent is better than smaller and larger capacities:


  • More affordable compared to larger tents.
  • The cost of two 6-person tents is almost the same as larger ones
  • You could buy two 6-person tents instead of one larger one for almost the same cost, enabling more people to enjoy the comfort.
  • Privacy is more assured.
  • Better during short trips.
  • More comfortable than smaller tents.
  • Best for use than smaller units when unexpected companions show up.
  • Best for couples with a lot of gear.
  • Could withstand high-velocity wind better than the smaller and larger tents.


  • Not advisable for heavy snowfall.
  • Costs are slightly higher than smaller units.

Our Top Picks – 6 Person Tents

Coleman Sundome Tent 6 Person

This tent is made from polyester with a center height of 72” (6 ft.) which is high enough to give users the freedom to walk and move freely inside its dome-shaped design. Its 8.5 mm diameter fiberglass poles are so tough it could handle high-velocity wind. It could not be easily toppled by incoming wind, especially on high-altitude campsites.

The tent is basically for 6-man hunting, mountain-climbing groups, or whatever your purpose for outdoor sports. The windows have screen mesh to add ventilation and keep insects away. The tent has built-in electrical ports that you could utilize if you have a power source.

The Coleman Sundome tent is highly recommended for extreme adventure fanatics who want to spend outdoor fun longer and not only for an overnight stay.

Coleman Evanston 6 Person Tent Weatherproof with Screened Porch – Our Pick!

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The Coleman Evanston Screened Camping Tent, 6/8 Person Weatherproof Tent with Roomy Interior includes a Rain fly, Carry Bag, Easy Setup and Screened-In Porch. This is our personal favorite and our go-to tent for 1-2 night stays with our family of 4.

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The Evanston tent is an affordable, hard-working staple anyone would enjoy. The screened porch is a really nice inclusion for the price and helps to keep your gear dry, and your kids secure and shaded or you could give your pet a cozy place to stay too. We personally dump all our bags and gear on the porch to keep the sleeping area clear. We also put our shoes on the porch overnight to keep out crawling critters, scorpions anyone?!

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Coleman Montana – The Big Family Solution

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Durable, spacious, affordable. With included rain-fly for extra weather protection, the Montana is the big boy choice for families who like a little more space, or maybe need more gear with them. It would be perfect for camping with babies or toddlers who might need a bit of extra indoor space to play or keep comfy.

With enough space for 3 queen-sized air beds (yes 3) and a 6ft 2in center height, Montana provides the roomy tent you’re looking for your big family.

Extended door awning creates extra dry space, angled windows keep the rain out with windows open (bonus!)

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Expandable carry bag, storage pockets to keep gear organized, hinged door, and more. Coleman has thought of everything your family could possibly want. You can check it out here.

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Best 6 Person Tent: Conclusion

Choosing between tents with smaller or larger capacities against 6-person tents is made easily by our worthwhile analysis of different models from different manufacturers. You could surely rely on this article as we have reliable sources ranging from honest reviews and information from various users who have made the purchase online.

A 6-person tent is a lucky number for most of the average families and not only that; it sure is the average size that will fit your camping needs.

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