How To Wear Buff While Camping Outdoors?

Nations follow fashion. Fashion’s craze has changed the world and improved the living style of every human being. Many outfits have come to adore your appearance. Fashion focuses on all events including camping outdoors. Likewise to enhance your outfit more fashioned kits are available.

For each and every event we use a unique outfit and also an enhancement for that outfit. Similarly, for the adventures, our choice of dress goes very casually and free. However, the dress goes casual or of any choice, but for an active and stylish participant of adventure, the original buff is the only companion.

Buff has become a part for the explorers. It acts as a safeguard as well as a stylish garnish for the dress.

How To Wear Buff While Camping Outdoors?

How to Wear a Buff while Camping Outdoors?

We are going to see the various usage of buff and how to wear it while camping.

But, what is a buff? A buff is nothing but a cloth made of velvet. This buff is a stretchable cloth, which easily absorbs water molecules from your body. Yes, this will give you a stylish look and makes others to have a glance at you.

How to Wear a Buff? What are the Different Uses of a Buff?

There are a countless number of methods in wearing a buff. They are certainly a hygiene add ups for your camping. The various ways to wear a Buff include head scarf; neck warmer; hairband; dog rag; face mask; hair tie; pirate; balaclava; hood; foulard; cap; full cover; neck scarf; and wristband.

1. Neck Warmer

When you are feeling cold around your neck, you can wear the buff around your neck. Then hold the top end and pull it to your chin to warm your neck. We do face a cold climate while camping.

2. Head Scarf

The body covered with clothes except for your head and neck. So, the original buff can cover your head. First, wear the buff around your neck. Then pull the top end of the back straight towards your head.

3. Hair Band

In a camping, we have lots of fun in the running here and there. Of course, our head will sweat. To avoid those sweating on your eyes, Just put the buff around your head. And that’s all, your sweating on your eyes. This hair band will give you a sporty look.

4. Face Mask

A pollution can affect your health. In case, there is a dust storm in camping, put on the buff around your neck. Then pull the top end above your nose. This buff secures you from all the dust and acts as a face mask.

5. Dog Rag

Take the buff then put one end of the buff covering your forehead. Leave the remaining at the back of your neck.

6. Hair Tie

If you have a long hair, then you can tie the buff on your hand. Take the buff and twist it to make it three layers. Then tie it around your hair just like to tie your hair band.

7. Pirate Style

Turn the buff to its other side. Then hold the top of one end and the bottom of the other end. Pull the both sides to the opposite ways which make a knot. Hold one end of the buff and put it on top of your head. This is the pirate style which has a tail at the back.

8. Hood Style

On a warm sunny day, you can use this buff to cover your head and your neck while walking. Put the buff around your neck. Then pull the back top end of the buff towards your head tp cover your head and neck from the sun.

With this style, you are ready to set your voyage.

9. Balaclava Style

This style gives you a complete protection while camping and for skiing. It covers your face, neck, and head with a free air to pass through your nose. Wear the buff around your neck, then pull the back top of the buff to cover your head. Then pull the remaining under your chin to cover your face till your nose.

10. Foulard Style

This style is suited for long hair people; especially this will make girls look cuter. Wear the buff on top of your head and tightened up. Leave a small portion to hang behind and let out your hair. This looks like a ponytail with a covered band.

This style of wearing a buff is called the foulard style and gives a stylish, cute appearance.

11. Cap Style

This style acts as a cap on your head. Take the buff in your hand. Then turn it to the other side of the cloth. Hold it with your palm at the both ends. Later twist it to the opposite sides. Join either end to the other and put it on top of your head.

You are ready to go for the adventure. If you are going to travel in a hot place, then you can wet the buff with cold water and wear it. Nowadays, the dancers use this cap style for a stylish performance.

12. Full Cover

When are out for camping, we are disturbed by some insects. Especially mosquitos. They obviously disturb our sleep, and it will bite us. If we cover our face with a blanket, then we feel very tough to breathe. To solve this problem, here comes the buff.

You can just put this buff one your face. Without any interruption, you can breathe freely.

13. Wrist Band

Many joggers and athletes have started using this buff. First of all, the buff is made of two layers by folding. Then the buff is tied on your wrist. You can wipe your sweat while running.

Skateboarders, dancers, and gymnastics do wear this buff as a wristband on their wrist. Buff is used as a style wrist band and also as a kerchief.

14. Neck Scarf

This is similar to the neck warmer. However, this is worn bit different. You can wear them around your neck and then pull the top back of the buff towards your head’s back. Then pull the front top above your chin.

This gives you a warmness around your neck and a very soft touch around your neck.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing a Buff

Let us go through the various pros and cons that are associated with having a scarf or a buff when camping outdoors.


  • Ultimately this buff covers you and acts like a stain proof
  • Protects from the dust when covered on face
  • Saves you from mosquito, the disease agents when you are in a camp
  • A stylish look
  • Easy to carry
  • Could act like a handkerchief
  • Protects from sunlight and cold
  • Can be used while driving
  • For explorers a multi-specialty kit
  • Cost efficient
  • Less space required to keep with
  • Anyone can easily use it


  • There nothing that may go against when you are carrying a buff when camping outdoors

The above-described statements are to convey on how to wear a buff while camping outdoors or anywhere. Buff is the updated enhancement in fashion. This is used for style and also for a healthy practice.

Contemporary trending fashion is a buff. You can use it for any purpose while camping outdoors. Kids may use it for summer camping to keep away from heat strokes. On the whole, a buff gives us a security from the environment.

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