Camping tents are good to use when you want something to protect you from weather changes. It is especially helpful when it rains. With the help of its water repellency, you can always have better sleep without worrying about getting wet. However, your reliable tent can experience can have bad times as well. There are instances when it gets some leaks because of rain. You might be anxious at the thought of it therefore; we decided to offer you solutions in applying waterproofing for your camping tent.


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Sleep is one great thing a camper must have during his adventure. Probably after some explorations he gets tired and need to rest. With the absence of it, he might lack the energy for future activities. Then, one day during his sleeping time he finds himself in an unpleasant situation- the tent’s leaking! Worse, you don’t know what to do. That sounds really bad. Fortunately, we’ll share you these useful tips to help you get back on your sleep!

Factors that Cause Your Tent’s Leakage

First things first, before proceeding to solutions we should first identify what the factors are that cause problem. Some of them are listed below.

  1. How Old Your Tent Camping is

This is one thing that needs to be considered. Your camping tent’s age could be a factor of your problem. If you have used it already for several times in the past, then that answers your question in your mind. It is clear that tents are our protectors when we choose to go camping. Because of that it is subject to multiple weather changes that might require you to waterproof it again.

  1. You do not take Proper Care of Your Tent

We know our tents endure a lot of pain outside. Due to that, we must pay attention to them with every use. We must check if all the parts are still functional especially its waterproof feature. If you think it already run out then try doing it once again.

  1. You have done the Wrong Cleaning

This happens when you accidentally scrubbed the underside of your tent fly which damaged or worse removed the polyurethane waterproof applied to it of most tent flies.

How to Solve Your Leakage Problem

  1. Apply a Waterproofer

Nikwax is the most popular one in the market known to waterproof tents. Prior to applying it to your tent, you must place it first in a certain place. Then, use your Nikwax by hosing it down. Afterwards, you can use damp cloth, sponge or brush to allocate it to some missed portions of the tent. The Nikwax will help increase the water repellency of your tent as well as shield the fabric from exposure to UV rays.

  1. Use a Tarp


Tarp for Tent

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You can find for a basic tarp in many stores. It is usually cheap so it will not cost you so much money. Put it above your tent as shelter, serving as the protector for your tent.

Actually, you don’t have to buy a new one just because you realized that your tent’s waterproof is not working anymore. There are ways on how to apply it again on your tent without having to spend money in buying expensive brand new model. Doing so will cost you more money than purchasing cheaper alternatives in waterproofing your tent. Although it will not last for lifetime, still it can be the best option among the choices.

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