Tent Camping isn’t actually hard as many people believe. People tend to think about terrifying campsite in the woods, bugs, poisonous plants and animals, storm and many more when they hear the word camping. In fact, through planning ahead of your camping schedule, you can make your tent camping easier as opposed to what their common perceptions are about it.

Campers don’t have to bring every single thing that they will need when camping. It’s not like you’re abandoning your home and finally deciding to live somewhere else! You only have to choose what necessary things that will be useful during your adventure. Pick out the most important things you’ll need. Leave the rest that will just make it hard for you to bring. Also, there are things you must consider as alternatives to things which cannot be taken outside your home. Thus, we listed some of the important things to pack along to make your tent camping easier.

Reading Lamp

Went camping to find for a place with a different environment to read books? No, problem. Bringing your lamp in your bedroom at home to the campsite sounds very inconvenient. If you have a jug filled with water or milk, just point your head lamp into it to create an instant lamp! Now, enjoy reading your favorite books with the use of your improvised lamp!

Foam Floor Tiles

Find yourself sleepy after some activities but you don’t want yourself stepping or sleeping on hard surfaces of the ground? Bringing with you your foam floor tiles can make it softer and more comfortable for you. Examples are those that you can find in nurseries.

Kitchen Organizer

Got a belt and hooks with you? Then you can easily make your own kitchen tools organizer. Just put your belt around a tree near your tent and place the hooks on it. There you have it! You can now hang up your pans or pots etc. with your self-made tool. This also very beneficial when you think your kitchen inside your tent is messy. You can always clean the area and then organize your kitchen tools with the help of it.

First Aid Kit

Your safety while camping is one of your top concerns. While you want everyone to enjoy their moments, you also have to ensure that they are safe in whatever they are doing. That means you always need to have a mini-first aid kit beside you when something calls for it. To make a portable first aid kit, you’ll need an old prescription bottle to put them inside. And that’s how you make it handy!

Scavenger Hunt

There are times when your kids can be a bit disturbing for you so sending them to a scavenger hunt will save your day. Prepare a list of the things you’ll want them to find for the meantime while you’re busy doing something important. It is better if it comes with pictures so that they can easily comprehend what they will look for by just looking at them. In addition, it does not only keep your kids away for a while. If you feel they are feeling bored, it may be a good idea to do it.

Fishing Rod

Do you love fishing? Are you already hungry! Then, go fishing! If you think you want to eat a different food, fish from the waters can be a good option. Just make sure that fishing rod will truly help you not frustrate you.

Bucket and Toilet Sink

Your bucket and toilet sink can act as your emergency toilet. No hassle running to campground bathrooms just to use one. That pair can get you smiling of relief while doing the magic thingy!

Now, we have just told you these wonderful tips to make your tent camping easier! These things can offer more than what you just see. I suggest you take a look at your things at home and see if anything can be of use. Then, don’t hesitate to bring them with you. Packing along so many things will not benefit you on your journey. It is a rule campers must keep in their mind.

Life is easier if we are able to find benefits even in small things. With this, you have to get your brain working for you to be able to come up with the best alternatives. Then, use them wisely so that it will definitely make your tent camping effortless!

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