Are you planning to spend your upcoming holiday with your family through tent camping but still has no tent to use? Well, there maybe two reasons for that. One is probably because you consider those tents in the market as very expensive and cannot see yourself buying any of them. Maybe you want some cheaper ones that’s affordable. Or perhaps, you feel like making your own home made camping tent. Don’t worry! With simple instructions and proper application of this guide you will be making your own camping tent with those materials you have previously used!

For a person who wants to go tent camping but has no large amount of money to spend on buying them it would be a good day to save up money by coming up with your own camping tent. Sure, there are lots of great ones in several shops with really good quality and all but who would want to get money out of their pockets when you yourself can make a tent on your won with creativity and resourcefulness. Below are the steps in making a home made camping tents.

Think of a Design

Select Tent Disign for your Family
First of all, you have to for yourself what you want in a tent. Things that you have to be mindful are its features that you would like to have. Thinking of those will help you achieve what the picture is in your mind before making one. Also, consider the purpose of your camping tent. Besides visualizing how it would look like, you must identify what you will use it for. Have them listed on a paper so you can always check it when you think you’re missing something.

Hunt for the Materials

Of course your tent will never be completed without the needed materials. If you already have used numerous tent in the past, you might want to take a look at your storage room to see if there are parts of them that might still be of use.

As for the tarpaulin material, it is up to you to choose one which is available. Take note that the heavier the fabric, the stronger and more resistant it is. However, if your objective is to be able to bring it somewhere then, you might want to reconsider buying one that is easy to be brought or is lightweight. Fabric that is a cotton reinforced with nylon could be the best among the choices. Nevertheless, you always have to pay attention to its water-repellent treatment by doing it from time to time.

Prepare the Materials

During the years of your camping tent materials’ stay in your storage, it could be dirty and dusty so you have to get it out from the place and clean them immediately! Cleaning each of the materials depends on their condition. You might also want to use washing detergents in the process. Choose what’s best and safe for people who are going to use them.

Locate the Best Spot

Camping happy woman in tent on beach during sunny day

Camping happy woman in tent on beach during sunny day

After preparing the materials you will need in making your own tent, then you have to find for the best location possible in building it. Check if the surroundings will favor your tent camping experience. For this, you must have the knowledge of what’s good and and what’s not.

From time to time, there may be instances where you and your family decide to spend holidays with tent camping. Therefore, a camping tent that’s comfortable, safe and most especially inexpensive is what you should look for. But no, you don’t have to find for them in stores that offer ones that are totally expensive and out of your budget! Making your own can be very beneficial to you and your family as it will help you save up money and at the same time give the ability to choose a specific design suitable for each and everyone.

Despite this, don’t be very ambitious in making a home made camping tent. There is nothing called as perfect tent. For sure, you might have a result that’s not absolutely what you have expected. I suggest you take a look at some camping tents in the market that you really like and make it as a model of what you want to make before doing one. You must take note about the details of it for your inspiration. That way, you can always make sure you obtain the best possible camping tent that you want to have.

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