Whenever you go camping of course you always bring with you your best friend named camping tent that will provide you shelter for your next adventure. It is always good to have it beside you during times when it rains or you need sleep. You might also have used it several times in the past. You might not notice but your tent screams cleaning already! But how do we do it? No problem we’ll help you on this one!

Due to the environmental factors when you’re camping outside, you cannot avoid your tent getting dirt and mud. Now, you don’t want yourself or others that will be using it to get them inside of a tent which already needs some cleaning. Thus, you must proceed to get it a new look with the help of some good tips that will be discussed here.

Steps in Cleaning Your Tent

Step 1: Remove loose dirt in your tent. That includes pine needles, cones, leaves etc. You have to make sure that it is empty before cleaning.

Step 2: Proceed to put it in a tub filled with hot water. If you own a small tent, it will not be a problem as it will fit inside. Hose it down with water. You can use damp cloth or a brush that you usually use to wash your car as it is soft.

Step 3: Wash it while it is in the tub. You have to remember that using laundry detergents or detergent soaps in cleaning it is a no-no. You can also clean your tent which has mud or mildew by using a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Otherwise, you can resort to water with vinegar formula. It is also recommended to use Revive X Pro Cleaner which is known to clean tents without affecting its water repellency, together with hot water.

Step 4: After cleaning it with advised cleaners, rinse it off thoroughly with water. This can be a bit tricky as some parts of your tent will be difficult to do it. Make sure it is free from soapy water during this step.

Step 5: Put your camping tent outside in a shady area or building. Avoid placing it directly into sun rays. Let it air dry. This can take up long hours so make sure it is completely dried out before removing it from the place.

Step 6: Apply waterproofing on the coated fabric floor, lower side walls of the tent and the rain fly. Take note that this must be done while the tent is wet.

Important Points to Remember

  1. Do not use washing machine when deciding to clean your camping tent.
  2. Be careful not to scrub the underside of your tent as it will cause damage or elimination of polyurethane waterproof coating.
  3. Apply a specialized cleaner and then rinse it with water until the soapy water is gone.
  4. Never put it under the rays of the sun. It must undergo air dry before storing it again.
  5. When putting it inside your storage, you must let it breathe to avoid getting bad odors. Do not put it in your attic or any other place that will cause inhibition for ventilation.

It is important for us to keep everything clean. It does not only give a brand new look but also provide safety and comfort. This includes your camping tents. Your tents might already have endured a lot of years doing the service for you.  For several times of using it, we must keep it spotless in return. And that comes with different strategies and techniques.

While cleaning our tents, we must follow the do’s and don’ts as it will keep our tent being damaged from harmful substances. Consider the cleaners you are going to use. Be aware if it is bad for your tent. Also, doing the steps just right will help it to have a better condition for future use. So get that tent out of your storage now and start doing the magic!

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