On a general note, for a layman camping is only about an outdoor activity carried out with friends and family. The difference is it is open environment rather than between the luxurious four walls preoccupied with many events, facilities and activities for relaxing.

How can we make your camping more fun? What will add the spices to the activity and make it one memorable trip which will always cherish your mind? Through this article, we will try to let you know about camping from head to toe.

The Concept of Camping

family of five people camping and having fun cooking over fire

Camping is one of the recreational activities generally done in the group or sometimes alone. Yes, definitely camping alone exploring the nature and environment around you is one of the most peaceful activity one can do. The time spent in outdoors with the loved ones not only relax you from the busy monotonous life but also creates love for nature, which is lacking in the present and upcoming generation.

The best thing about camping is that it is not restrained to summer or winters, but it can be done in all the four seasons including the monsoon, winter or summers. Every season has its own fun and specialty of coming.

This factor depends strongly on your mood i.e. which whether you want to camp in. If you are more interested in camping during the winters, then you can select the months of November-December and if you are a person who loves to go out in heat than you can select the summer vacation durations. But the real fun of camping is in monsoon season where you can get an amazing experience of camping.

As it is basically about accommodating in the open air, the things involved in camping are the tent, caravans, motor home or primitive structure. Camping can also be made the luxurious by adding some elements like advanced and luxurious tents. The camping in safaris is also fun if equipped with the proper elements.

The History of Camping

The word camping has caught the eyes of the public at the beginning of 20th century. With the growing democracy and time, the camping has also grown to a great extent. From the natural forest camping to artificially created natural surroundings for camping.

The wild, natural and forest areas that give the effect of natural habitats were developed as commercial camping grounds. Camping teaches us the lesson of self-independence. And also, the teamwork has been observed in the activity. The Scouting organization was very famous for this thing.

Tips for Making Your Camping Safer

The heart and soul of the camping lie in the arrangement of tents done by us. Just like your trips and vacations are more memorable if proper accommodation is provided to you. For the beginner, there are many things to take care of.

  • You should make sure that you can pitch your tent well before you bounce towards your camping site. Doing it quickly and efficiently will really save your time and energy.
  • After reaching the campsite, avoid selecting hilly roads or valley. That may discomfort you in your camping. Try to opt for the natural soft bed with flat soil.
  • You should really care about water lodging. Take care before it gets damaged. Precaution is always better than the care.

The next things every camper should take care about are: at what time of year they are selecting for camping. The time plays a major role. The body temperature can be controlled if the climate is soothing to your body.

Also from this, there will be a reduction of your baggage. The number of clothes you get in winter is less than in summers or springs.

Make sure you are well versed with GPS or Maps and also Compass. The natural surrounding is so architecture by the holy God, that even if you well know to the area. There are chances to get lost.

The last but not the least, there are certain skills which should be learned by every camper. Things like building a fire, using the sharp and dangerous objects like a knife, etc. can make things different.

Things Essential to Carry on a Camping Site

For every camper, each and every camping proves to be a different experience and different learning. There are some wonderful things and some experiences from which they learn and carry the things to next trip.

Below there are some shortlisted items that are very vital for every camper to carry during their trip. If you are a camping beginner, it is a good chance to learn from the different experiences of the veterans.

  • First one and very essential, tent and sleeping bag without which camping is not even possible. You must select what type of tent you want to live in before going for camping. It largely depends on your budget. If you have a lavish camping budget, then you will select a high-quality tent for yourself, which is easy to install, and also safe to camp in.
  • You will consider the number of travellers who are joining you for camping. More the travellers more the tents you will need. Certain times you need small individual tents for individual campers, which is an expensive mode of camping. Certain tents can withstand bad weather condition while some cannot.
  • Some useful utensils, like plates and glasses, pots and fire relating materials. Make sure things you carry are waterproof.
  • The things like a knife and a rope with the good length.
  • If you are a gourmet than carrying sufficient food(things like oatmeal, chicken, peanuts and instant food can work) and plenty of water is essential for you(water is required in plenty for cleaning, drinking, cooking,)
  • A number of clothes: Clothing really depends on the type of climate you choose for camping.
  • Hygiene is maintaining items like soaps and sanitizer.
  • An air tight cooler for storing food.
  • Outdoor food obtainers like fishing rods if the location selected it complementing it and also the hiking equipment like binoculars.

Cooking Your Own Bread

Cooking is the most amazing part of camping; well-prepared meals can boost your energy. After getting tired when you crave for food and get the delicious meal on your plate. Nothing can be better than this. This is entirely a different experience one can take. The hard work will play its role. You can use the pointers given below for outdoor cooking and make your camping a real rejoice.

Cooking Tips for Camping

Young Couple Cooking Breakfast On Camping

Young Couple Cooking Breakfast On Camping

Irrespective of the cooking quality you possess, cooking in the camp is really a big task. There are few staple products one can cook on cooking. The things you will require for camping are a box of matches and also lighter.

Cooking on an open campfire is a very good one to start. The real requirements comprise few utensils like an airtight pot, a normal pot, and some foil paper to keep the food warm and healthy. The food can be placed on the fire. The food cooked on camping includes:

  • Eggs
  • Sandwiches
  • Bacon
  • Chicken
  • Beans
  • Pasta

Last but not the least thing, don’t leave the fire to keep blowing after cooking. Put it off and make sure you use the proper equipment for the same.

About Additional Things Required for Camping

Travel Vehicle

This is a very important piece of decision every camper should take. Travel vehicle is an eminent mode of transportation. If you are a person who loves travelling, then you can prefer a road trip along with camping where you pack all your stuff in a car, and you hit the road heading towards your destination.

If you get tired while travelling on a road, then you can select a rail or air travel where the time taken to reach your destination is less even though the destination is a far off place. Also for people having a high budget and want an exotic camping can prefer this way.


Now this is a very tough part as what will you carry while camping? You need all sorts of equipment for your camping trip. You need different stuff to set up your camp as well as you need the stuff to set up other things like Kitchen, Washroom, Camp-Fire, etc.

Budgeting Your Camp Trip

Like you budget your vacation and outgoing trips. Budget your camp trip is the easiest of all. Start with the heavy expenses and narrow it down. Decide the things you can afford on your camp and then start doing your budget maintenance. It makes sure that you are not exceeding your budget.

  • As stated begin with the heavy expenses like tent, food, camp fees if applicable.
  • After you are clear with heavy items, list all small items. And make sure about the pre-decided limit.
  • If your limit is exceeding than you can cut down the unnecessary things like luxury equipment, or also you can sort the type and amount of food. These little decisions will maintain your pocket.
  • If there is ample amount of budget, you can add up special things like adventures, sports, many adventures can be performed in the woods. It can really spice up your trip.
  • If you are really interested in adventures, you can browse the things and can know every minute detail of the activities that can be performed while camping.

Camping is really fun if the things are well prepared it can double your fun and help you avoid the major difficulties. Hope the above things will help you to prepare the budget and camping.

Below there are some great and popular things that can be done on camping:

Campfire on Camping

Camping In The Mountains, Camp Fire and Tent at Sunset

How can one plan camping and not the campfire? Camping is incomplete without the campfire. Campfire includes many elements and brings a lot of joy and enjoyment to your camping trip. The dancing mates, the happy or horror stories narrated, the sound of the insects, the warmth of the fire in the winter, the coziness of your partner and the happy faces around you, isn’t it sound so amazing.

Camping really is a wonderful experience; it provides a link from your heart to the loving nature. It gives a memory to make and story to remember. So, I hope after reading the steps of preparing the campfire, you enjoy your next camping campfire amazingly awesome. Smokey website or fire starters can also help you through this.

You must follow the below steps for the campfire:

  • Firstly, you should clean the place where you are going to place your campfire.
  • After then, construct one circle for your campfire. And fence them by small rocks.
  • For safety purpose, you can keep some sand and shovel, water and fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Now for firing up, you should collect wood and stack from the nearby places. And make sure you collect those dry and not fresh woods.
  • The type of woods essential for campfire:
    • Tinder: This includes the dry things like bark, needles, leaves, grass, etc
    • Kindling: Small sticks for campfire
    • As a fuel: This includes the heavy woods which maintain the fire.
  • Now after wood, there are also other elements that are vital for your camp fire. These elements will keep your fire burning. Things like Fuel, Heat, and Air. These elements are very important for the campfire as they are materials to burn and it provides oxygen to the process and supply necessary heat to your campfire.
  • After collecting all the necessary items, it is time for the application. First, take the collected tinder and make a small heap in the center of your campfire.
  • Now light fire from the matchstick and light fire in that tender. You can use your hands to protect your light blew away from the winds. Dispose the used stick into the ring. Keep adding tinder slowly as the fire burns.
  • Once the fire has start lighting the flames up, you can start adding the kindles. But make sure you keep enough space for air so that sufficient oxygen is provided to your flame. Similarly like tinder increase the size of the kindle slowly and gradually.
  • Now wait for the flames to rise and after a good fire, you can start adding fuel to it.

You can watch out your own fire; some are good cooking flames while some stay for a long time and gives you a bit more time to enjoy your campfire.

Safety Tips for Campfire

  • While enjoying, you should also be prepared enough after all you are dealing with fire.
  • You should maintain a proper distance with a tent or fire catching items.
  • Never let fire enjoy alone. At least one should stay nearby.
  • Things like kerosene or other flammable things shouldn’t be used.
  • Don’t try to make it a big fireball; it may harm you.
  • Make sure you are prepared with safety equipment, like extinguisher.

Camping with Your Loved Ones

2 people camping tent

After reading this blog, we are sure that you might be waiting for your next camping trip as you might have really found this activity fun and exciting. Camping along with your loved ones can include camping with your spouse, friends or your family.

Camping with your children is all along a different experience. It gives you a different feeling and help connecting your children with the beauty of nature. It increases their eagerness to know about nature and also refresh their mind, body and soul.

Maybe they won’t notice, but it will bring positive change into their lives. The experience of something entirely new will teach them to learn something good each and every day of life. It will also strengthen your relations with your child by spending quality time together.

Nature can teach many things, and so it will do to your child. Exploring new things: be it the flora or fauna, the wild ones and the cute ones, the rocks, the rivers, the sound of birds and insects. This all will also strengthen their instincts of geography which will fill their minds with excitement.

So plan a well prepared and enjoyable camping with your children. Irrespective of they are young or teens. The path can be shown and learned at any age. You are the only person who can make some exciting trips and make your child love the outdoor travels. Facts and figures have shown that the people with wanderlust or those who travel often are happier than others who practice this seldom.

Avoid the Wildlife Habitat when Finding Camp Sites

Selecting the campsite is one of the focal points on which every camper should take care of. Selecting the location near wildlife habitat can be a disturbance for the wild animals and also it can be dangerous for your camp.

One obviously doesn’t want to disturb the wild creatures in their outings or camping. Therefore, there are some points mentioned below which gives you sign that every camper should take care of and not entering the natural wildlife habitat.

The following are the points mentioned below:

  1. There is a difference between the paths created by animals and the paths created by humans. If it looks like this has been created by animals and if you sense some wildlife outside, then move to the next preferred campsite.
  2. The signs of a path made by animals include footprintsof wild ones, the chewed materials, and the residue left behind. This may help you to identify the tracks or path you should clearly avoid.
  3. The Proper location for placing your tents: A Wildlife habitat which includes mammals like deer and racoons and even foxes sometimes prefers the areas which are filled with branches and low-lying trees. This kind of areas protect the animals from the chilled weather and also gives them kind of shelter to them.
  4. Before setting up the location, you should scan the areas well like under trees and also nearby areas. Before setting up the camps or tents in those areas.
  5. Dig-outs: Animals that lives in burrows like rabbit and rats and also snakes can also affect your camping sites. The dig outs can be anywhere from tree trunks to the open grounds. If the set up of your camps is somewhere nearby trees or dead logs, then you need to be careful with those animals.
  6. Check the entry and exit of the dig outs. Make sure you are not disturbing the mammals, even if you are setting up the camps in that area that will be at your own risk. Animals like fox and racoons may hinder your camping. They may take all your food while you are sleeping or tear of your tents or other valuables. And you will be left with no clue what things has happened to you.
  7. Water Holes: This point is stated for people who are planning to camp nearby riverside or bank side. You should keep an eye for the animals residing near the river side.
  8. You must also be careful from that you don’t log or block the water holes. The campers are enthusiast enough to camp on the river side but at the same time they should be careful enough which can be healthy for them and the inhabitants dwelling nearby.

Campers are the people who are environment-friendly people. And damaging the natural habitats or wildlife is against their rules. Taking care of our natural surroundings is very vital. So I believe that you will take care of the given signs and hints and enjoy your camping without disturbing other living beings and avoid ruining their habitats.

Final Verdict

You might be clear enough for camping. From preparation to enjoying it, almost everything has been covered. You should take care of every possible thing to make your camping with your friends and family a memorable one.

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