Northern California is home to many forests, including Klamath National Forest, which sits on the border between the Golden State and Oregon.

This forest boasts nearly 2 million acres and bountiful opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, mountain biking, nature-watching, and more.

Here you’ll find Beaver Creek Campground, an idyllic spot to escape from your busy life and retreat to a peaceful oasis deep in nature.


Beaver Creek Campground: A Peaceful, Secluded Camping Destination

Beaver Creek Campground

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There are plenty of reasons to camp at Beaver Creek Campground, but two of them are its ideal location and the beautiful scenery.

Here’s everything else you need to know about camping here, including what to expect, which camping amenities are available, and things to do while you’re enjoying the great outdoors.


Beaver Creek Campground Facilities, Amenities, and Accommodations

This free campground features 8 campsites available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Each individual campsite includes a fire ring, a picnic table, and vault toilets. Sites are roomy enough to accommodate small trailers or RVs. There is no water provided.

Perhaps the best part about camping at Beaver Creek is the location. Campsites are situated on the banks of the creek and are shaded by tall trees.

Outdoor Activities and Recreation Camping at Beaver Creek

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Outdoor Activities and Recreation

If you’re looking to camp as an excuse to relax in nature, this campground is perfect for you.

Set up your tent, unfold a camp chair, and breathe in the fresh air and serenity of this quiet, secluded spot. Other ideal activities to try while you’re camping include nature-watching and bird-watching. Be on the lookout for deer, especially.

If you’re a hiker, you’ll find plenty of trails nearby as well as some lookout points, like Squaw Peak Lookout Point north of the Oregon state line. Just a few of the trailheads surrounding Beaver Creek Campground include Alex Hole, Wards Fork Gap, and Stateline.

Travel south of the campground and you’ll discover that Beaver Creek connects with the Klamath River. From various river access points, you can engage in fun activities like gold panning, non-motorized boating, fishing, swimming, rock hounding, and nature-watching.

Don’t forget to explore Beaver Creek – wading is possible in some spots.

Beaver Creek Campground Facilities, Amenities, and Accommodations

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What to Bring to Your Campsite

There is no water at this campground, so you’ll need to bring plenty of your own for drinking, cooking, washing, and dousing your campfires.

You should also be sure to bring your own trash bags, as the campground is a pack-in, pack-out site and there are no areas for trash disposal.

Along with these necessities, pack everything you’ll need for the length of your camping trip. This includes food, cookware, utensils, clothing, bedding, tents, personal items, and any sports equipment or fishing gear you plan to use.

Nearby Campgrounds

Beaver Creek is just one of many campgrounds within Klamath National Forest. Other campgrounds in the vicinity include:

  • Fort Goff Campground – A small campground with 5 campsites on the banks of the Klamath River, this campground is near a historic cemetery and river access is about 1 mile away by foot.
  • Curly Jack Campground – This site includes a loop of 16 family and group campsites near the Klamath River.
  • Ashland Campground – A remote mountain campground with 9 sites along the Siskiyou Crest, camp here and you’ll have direct access to the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • Tree of Heaven Campground – This popular campground provides drinking water and access to a nearby town, Yreka. 20 campsites are located near the Klamath River and a historic tree planted by Chinese immigrants in the 1800s.
  • Norcross Campground – This small, renovated campground has 4 sites and is perfect for taking your horse on the trails. There are horse corrals and horse trailer parking, plus water for horses.
Beaver Creek Campground Nearby Campgrounds

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Tips and Notes for Camping at Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Campground is right in the middle of bear country, so make sure all food and scented items you bring with you are safely stowed away when not in use.

It’s recommended that you keep your camp clean and tidy at all times, and promptly store food when you’re not preparing or eating it.

Additionally, you shouldn’t feed any of the wild animals you may see, including squirrels, rodents, raccoons, deer, or bears.

Beaver Creek is open from June through September, and there are no reservations accepted.

Plan your camping trip to this area accordingly.

Get Back to Nature at Beaver Creek Campground

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to soak in nature and enjoy an outdoor retreat, Beaver Creek is an ideal spot.

Bask in the shade of the trees near the banks of the creek, then explore the further reaches of Klamath National Forest. There’s an incredible array of hiking trails, outdoor activities, and exploration opportunities waiting for you.



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