There’s a reason Eureka is a trusted brand that campers everywhere turn to for an outstanding camping experience. Eureka tents offer versatility and variety, integrating the latest in tent technology to provide the utmost in protection, portability, comfort, and ease of setup – as well as a company with nearly 100 years of experience perfecting the art of camping.

The tent you choose may differ depending on your camping needs, and whether you’re camping solo, in a communal tent, or setting up a tent village of single and double tent sleepers. Let’s take a look at the top three rated Eureka tents in small, mid-size, and large for the best selections for your needs.

a wide shot of a small Eureka tent with four campers standing nearby

Small Eureka Tents (Sleeps 1-2)

Small tents are great for solo trips, or for people who like a little privacy on group trips. While in the past small tents have been synonymous with a cramped, uncomfortable night, new advancements in design and materials have ensured even the smallest tents can provide comfort, protection, adequate storage, and plenty of room to stretch out while still collapsing to a pocket-sized package.

While small tents may not have the permanence of larger tents, the benefit is that they can be set up almost anywhere and can thrive on nearly any terrain. Check out these choices for our top three small Eureka tents.

1. Eureka Midori

The word “midori” is Japanese for “green,” and the Eureka Midori doesn’t disappoint with a fun, playful shade of green exterior mixed with translucent netting. The light design makes it great for portability, and can accommodate one person.

[amazon_link asins=’B00GV0AC56|B00GV0AC56|B00GV0AC56′ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

Top Features:

  • Room for one
  • Less than six pounds carrying weight due to trapezoidal floor
  • Quick assembly
  • Maximum air circulation with V3 air system with mesh panels
  • Two-pole aluminum frame for easy setup
  • Vertical frontal strut offering storage
  • Fully covered rainfly for better weather protection

The only downside is that the Midori isn’t known for durability. Too much pressure and you’ll find your tent pegs bending, and your tent on the verge of collapsing.

2. Eureka Taron 2

The Taron 2 is a great, enclosed dome tent that offers durability and protection against the elements. As a two-person tent, it’s a great place to cozy up after a long day in rugged terrain.

[amazon_link asins=’B01KH4QQ7Y|B01KH4QQ7Y|B01KH4QQ7Y’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

Top Features:

  • Room for two
  • Simple to set up and take down
  • Mesh walls offer great circulation despite full enclosure
  • Sturdy tie-downs prevent flyaways and other issues with the elements
  • Extensive storage both for personal space and gear
  • Extra loft for additional internal storage space
  • Fairly portable for its size

The one black mark against it? The Eureka Taron 2 doesn’t come with stakes or tie downs. You’ll have to buy your own.

3. Eureka Apex Solo

The bright orange Apex Solo has a fun, streamlined design that makes it look modern and sleek without losing out on function. On the cheaper end of one-person tents, it offers a snug, cozy fit for a single camper.

[amazon_link asins=’B00ALYN44E|B00ALYN44E|B00ALYN44E’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

Top Features:

  • Room for one
  • Quick to set up and tear down
  • Lightweight design at under 6 pounds, including shock-corded fiberglass poles
  • UV resistant
  • All clip freestanding design
  • Stretch-resistant, resilient material
  • Rainfly for weather protection
  • Full flanking storage vestibules
  • Excellent ventilation

On testing, the materials for the Apex Solo doesn’t seem to have quite the same quality and durability as one would expect, but it’s still a fairly sturdy camping staple.

A mid-size tent

Mid-Size Eureka Tents (Sleeps 3-5)

Mid-sized tents marry the best of both worlds between large and small tents. They’re large enough to be spacious and comfortable with room for extra features, but small enough for easier setup and portability. Your average mid-sized tent sleeps 3-5 people, but can easily be repurposed to make it into a suite for a smaller group.

Mid-size tents offer better permanence and are less likely to collapse under the elements, but aren’t so heavy that they’ll fall in on themselves under pressure. Here are our top three picks for Eureka’s mid-sized tents.

1. Eureka Tetragon 5

Designed for group camping and long-term setup, the Eureka Tetragon 5 is a powerhouse of a mid-sized tent that provides both comfort and convenience in a single sturdy package.

[amazon_link asins=’B00U8BBQCW|B00U8BBQCW|B00U8BBQCW’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

Top Features:

  • Room for five
  • Freestanding
  • Stormshield polyester
  • Water resistant
  • Gear loft for extra storage
  • Simple pin and ring setup with shock-corded fiberglass frame
  • Standing center height of six feet
  • Durable against wind and elements

Unfortunately, this isn’t really a backpacking tent. It’s too heavy for easy carry by a single person, but it’s great for a Jeep or off-roading camping trip. You’ll want to bring a tarp, however, for the best possible setup.

2. Eureka Mountain Pass

The Eureka Mountain Pass may look like a flashy tent designed more for style than substance, but for a group of three, it’s a comfortable camping experience focused on reliability and protection against the elements.

[amazon_link asins=’B078JJRMPN|B078JJRMPN|B078JJRMPN’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

Top Features:

  • Room for three
  • Weather-resistant dome design
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Two poles with clip attachments
  • Tough, tear-resistant flooring
  • Aluminum poles

Getting in and out may be an issue due to the unconventional entryway, and it may be a bit of a tight fit as far as storage for your gear and other items. The protective coating on the floor has also been known to peel up with minimal use.

3. Eureka Timberline (4-Person Version)

The Eureka Timberline comes in both two-person and four-person designs, and its classic A-frame style is a blast from the past with a little nostalgic traditionalism in tent structure. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has never been truer with the Eureka Timberline.

[amazon_link asins=’B074CRHK91|B074CRHK91|B074CRHK91′ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

Top Features:

  • Room for four
  • Mesh gear pockets and loops for storage and hanging items
  • Lightweight 5 pound design for easy carry
  • Polyester fly and floor for weather resistance
  • Breathable mesh walls
  • Benefits of A-frame design in sheeting away water and other elements

The one detriment is the cost – cheap tents shouldn’t mean cheap materials, or designs, but the Eureka Timberline is on the lower end, and it shows in some of the materials, including the zippers, which are prone to breaking on light use.

Large Eureka Tents

Large Eureka Tents (Sleeps 6-8)

The best large tent can feel like a portable house – complete with entryways, storage areas, standing-height ceilings, and room to either fit a large number of people or subdivide the tent’s interior into living, sleeping, and recreational areas. Large tents can feel like a home away from home, but they also come with their own complications such as portability, the difficulty of setup, and the sheer amount of space they take up both for setup and for storage. Let’s take a look at our top three rated large tents from Eureka.

1. Eureka Northern Breeze

The Eureka Northern Breeze is the type of tent you think of when you think of luxury camping. With a total 144 square feet of space, it’s a palatial tent that’s great if you want to share it with the family or turn it into a getaway camping palace just for yourself.

[amazon_link asins=’B000EQAUDW|B000EQAUDW|B000EQAUDW’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

Top Features:

  • Room for eight (or possibly more)
  • Built-in rain curtains in lieu of a rainfly
  • Front awning and drying area
  • Standing-height doors and ceiling
  • Highly durable with shock-corded, pre-bent poles
  • Extremely light for an extra large tent with aluminum framing
  • Rapid setup

While you would expect a tent of this size to weigh a great deal, the drawback comes when you see just how much. The Eureka Northern Breeze weighs in at a whopping 34 pounds when collapsed for storage, making it a tent you don’t want to haul around on a long-term hike.

2. Eureka Tetragon 8

Like the aforementioned Eureka Tetragon 5, the Eureka Tetragon 8 is a lightweight, easy-setup dome tent with a few unique features that earned it a special place on this list.

[amazon_link asins=’B00U8BBSYS|B00U8BBSYS|B00U8BBSYS’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

Top Features:

  • Room for six (don’t let the name deceive you)
  • Divided into two rooms by a zippered wall that can be removed for a single room
  • Stormshield double coating for UV and rain protection
  • Shock-corded fiberglass frame
  • Six feet of standing room
  • Wrap-up floors offer additional rain protection
  • Excellent air flow and visibility with four mesh windows
  • Extremely roomy for both personal comforts and gear
  • Stands up well to wind and other elements

Just like the Tetragon 5, the Tetragon 8 has flooring issues and may require a tarp. The materials themselves suffer as well, with slightly cheaper designs bringing the cost down but also affecting durability in the face of wear and tear.

3. Eureka Jade Canyon

The Jade Canyon is another of those “home away from home” tents with a sporty square design that makes it extremely versatile when it comes to customizing it for a long-term or short-term stay.

[amazon_link asins=’B079FKVK5X|B079FKVK5X|B079FKVK5X’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

Top Features:

  • Room for six
  • Accessibility for electronics ports
  • Extremely spacious
  • Unique design
  • Stormshield rainfly
  • Extremely weather resistant walls and flooring
  • Eureka Eluminuate system of reflective paneling for improved interior lighting
  • Outstanding ventilation
  • Simple setup

Like other large tents on this list, portability can be an issue. While it’s not the heaviest, at 24 pounds the Jade Canyon is a tent you don’t want to be carrying on your back for more than a few minutes.

Choosing the Right Tent for You

Choosing a tent only begins with finding the right size for your purposes. For example, while you may need a small tent, you might have to choose between one that pops up easily and one made of ventilated material that allows for airflow in hot climates. Sometimes you can’t be sure how a tent will perform until you’ve got it out on open terrain and you’re testing it out in a live environment.

first aid case for medicines and bandages

Safety First

Camping, hiking, and backpacking can all be fun – but always remember safety first. Choose a tent that best complies with your needs and doesn’t try to travel long-term on foot with a tent that’s rated too heavy to be carried. Always select tents based on the needs of your trip and the environment you’ll be in, and be careful in following instructions to the letter when setting up. Sometimes one snapped tent pole can lead to danger, usually where you’re too far out for help to arrive quickly.

Other Factors to Consider

Size matters, but it’s not the only thing that matters. When choosing a Eureka tent, you also need to consider:

  • Seasonal ratings. Some tents are rated for only one to two seasons, and some for all four seasons. If you camp year-round, you want a tent that can provide warmth in the harshest winters, stand up to the wildest spring and autumn storms, and keep you cool during burning summers. If you only camp in one or two seasons, though, you can likely save a little money by buying a tent rated for your favorite times of the year.
  • Setup requirements. Not all tents have the same setup process, and not all can be set up alone. Just be aware of how many people it takes to set up the tent, and be sure that you’ll be able to manage with however many people are in your party. Setup requirements also cover what you need to get the tent fully operational. Some tents are pop-up, while others require tent poles; some come as all-in-one kits, while others require you have your own tent staking supplies.
  • Terrain requirements. Some tents need flat graded terrain and earth soft enough to wedge tent poles in; others can be wedged in just about anywhere and won’t tip over even on the rockiest slopes. Size matters here, as smaller tents can often be tucked into comfortable niches – while larger tents frequently require level ground and anchoring for tent supports.

Be Selective in Your Shopping

Tents aren’t cheap; if you’re buying a cheap tent, you’re getting exactly what you pay for. While Eureka tents generally wander through various price ranges of affordability, they’re designed to be worth the costs. Our selections are meant to help you narrow down your tent requirements and make the best choices for you. Good luck finding the right tent – and happy camping.

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