Have you just been itching to get out into nature and soak up the solitude?

Is your child asking to go camping this year and you need to find free campsites so that you can plan the ideal trip?

Well, rest assured, there are many great places to explore.

Children have a keen sense of exploration and going camping is a great way to engage and challenge that part of them. It teaches them to appreciate the environment and become responsible adults that protect the environment.

You can see this fun-loving side of them when they are doing their favorite outdoor activities.

They love being outdoor and frolicking in nature without a care in the world.

Boys and girls will share different interests like tree houses – some girls are inclined to having one as well.

Camping is Fun

Camping is Fun

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As a parent, you remember what it was like to go camping.

What child hasn’t done so, even if it was in your living room or bedroom floor while playing make-believe?

Do you remember when you were growing up, and you wanted desperately to go fishing by the river? Or perhaps explore some distant mountain trek?

All these activities are fun things to do while you go hiking at many free campsites.

Do you remember the feeling of pure joy in the night, at camp and it was time to sit down around the campfire and tell scary stories? When you finished, and you and your friends would try to stay up all night? In addition, do you remember how fun it was camping out on your lawn on long, hot summer nights?

Camping has a symbolic meaning to a child, and it is one of the best ways to make them happy.

It would be great fun for your kid if they get to help and choose the locations with you.

Remember, if you are going camping, make sure that you have all the gears you need for a fun and safe adventure.


Where to Find Free Campsites

Where to Find Free Campsites

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It does not matter whether you are budget camping or taking an extensive road trip. Knowing the best free campsites is essential to having a great experience.

When you are taking long road trips, paying campgrounds fees can get very expensive. This is why it makes sense to learn about the free campsites in the area.

Then, you can save your money to purchase items that are more essential.

So, if you are looking up places to camp, the internet is a great resource – and you have come to the right place.

National Forest & Grasslands

National Forest & Grasslands

Photo credit to USDA Forest Service

In general, you can camp out at the US National Forest & Grasslands, free of cost, except when there is a sign that says you cannot.

Every national forest has somewhat dissimilar regulations.

To prevent any unpleasant experiences, please call or check before you arrive.

Regardless, in most cases, staying at a national forest or grassland is permissible without paying.

You can legally stay outside at reputable activity areas and developed campgrounds in your RVs, trailers, and camping tents.

These locations usually have several activities that you can do, including hiking, fishing, and roasting marshmallows by a campfire.

There are rules for lighting open fires and fluid, so check with the management team in the area.

Use your Google maps on your Smartphone to find these parks, or collect roadmaps as you pass through gas stations and convenience stores.

Canadian Crown Land


Canadian Crown Land

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There are tons of crown lands in Canada. Over three-quarters of Canada is selected as “Crown Land.” That means Canadian residents can use it free of cost.

If you are a non-resident, chances are that you have to get a permit. Usually, you can stay for upwards of 21 days.

While it is free to stay there, you cannot camp in all locations. The areas are subdivided into those managed by provincial bodies and federal bodies. As such, they have varying stipulations and restrictions.

The finer details can be ambiguous and difficult to go through. But because of the magnitude of locations, you are sure to find a location near you that is with minimum hassle.

For every province, there are static or dynamic online maps that you can check. So get ready for your backcountry camping experience at these free campsites in Canada.

Did You Know That You Could Camp at Rest Stops and Truck Stops?

There are dozens of rest stops and truck stops along freeways and highways all across the country.

Even though mostly trailer drivers and other long-haul drivers might use them, they provide amenities, which are beneficial to campers as well.

You can get gas, food and other travel amenities with no hassle. A number of these locations will allow you to stay in their parking lot for one night.

Look out for Pilot Travel Centers, Flying J, and Travel centers America.

As it relates to the rest stops, they are a fundamental way of preventing accidents due to tiredness and drivers falling asleep around the wheel. So if you are making a long trek, feel free to pull over and grab the rest you need before hitting the road again.

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