Spending time outdoors, in the lap if nature, is probably the best medicine to keep you healthy and alive. The fresh and pure air of a camping site is bound to make you euphoric as with every breath you take; there is a release of serotonin from the extra oxygen which helps in reducing the body’s strain.

As a result, camping helps you stay fit as the ample amount of serotonin helps in keeping the blood pressure balanced, improves your digestive system and also builds your body’s immunity powers.

In case, you have been thinking of camping, but do not know how to get going, you have come to the right place. As a fresher in this area, it might seem a little confusing to decide on the stuff you should take, and stuff you shouldn’t.

Camping outdoors, especially when without a vehicle, demands your luggage to be light and precise. You must have all the necessary items in your backpack list and Chuck out everything that is a luxury, or would unnecessarily eat up space and make your bag heavy!

To help you start off, here’s a list of things that you might need while camping outdoors; these are smart tips and sometimes also turn out to be great life-hacks.

1. Necessities

Camp, gear, object.

Listing things for outdoor camping is a little tricky because, on one hand, you might need a lot of things while on camp; whereas, on the other hand, it is necessary to keep your luggage as light and small as possible. Even if you are traveling by car or a bike, you might have to walk for long stretches, or climb hilly, graveled roads, where vehicles aren’t the best option. Therefore keeping your luggage slim and smartly is of utmost importance.

However, there are plenty of smart hacks that make your luggage just perfect for such camps outdoors. If you go by the basic parameters, here is a bunch of ways that will give you the trip you want.

2. Sleeping Bag

Something that you absolutely must carry with you while camping (in case you are planning to spend the night outside) is a sleeping bag. No matter what, it is necessary for you to take rest and sleep peacefully for a substantial amount of time in order to re-energize. All the walking, climbing and carrying your backpack everywhere is going to make you tired, your limbs sore. Therefore, a good sleep is necessary to keep yourself fit and healthy for the rest of the trip.

A sleeping bag keeps you warm within its soft walls. They prevent bugs from disturbing you at night, as you might have to sleep on the ground. These insulated bags keep you safe and warm even when the temperature goes down at an incredible rate. Sleeping bags for singles, as well as couples, are available.

3. The Living Space – Tents

Keep sun exposure in mind

The most important thing to carry while camping outside is a tent, most obviously. It is rather difficult a tonnage when in an outdoor camp; rather, an outdoor camp remains incomplete without a tent.

It is wiser to buy or hire a tent of top quality and not buy the cheapest one because your safety and security depend on the durability of the tent. Harsh weather conditions, regular rough usage, proximity to irregular and sharp objects can easily damage or spoil a tent. Breaking down of a tent during a storm or heavy rainfall might turn out to be dangerous. Adverse weather conditions easily wear out the ropes, the cover and sometimes the iron holders get rusted if the tent is not of a very good quality.

Since buying a tent needs you to consider a number of basic parameters, here is a list of things to keep in mind.

Expedition Tent

These tents are specially made for activities like mountain climbing for these have the capacity to withstand extreme weather conditions. Extreme rainfall, powerful wind, heavy snowfall and/or dropping temperatures, these tents can handle it all.

Summer Tent

This is a kind of tent specially made for one season, particularly summer. These lightweight tents had mesh panels and ventilated air fly, which allows plenty of airflows, making it perfect for hot summer nights. However, these tents cannot withstand any weather conditions that are more severe than a gentle rain.

Two/Three-Season Tent

This tent works best for summer, spring, and fall; however, it might not be suitable for the too cold weather. Though it works just fine during summers and can even withstand summer storms, summer rainfall or a little snowfall, it is a wrong choice for heavy snowfall.

Four-Season Tent

This tent can handle all weather conditions such as wind, rain, cold, and snow. These tents are usually armed with 4 poles, skylight, zipped mesh windows and sometimes an optional vestibule.

Tent Space

Before you run to the shop to grab a tent, you have to decide how much space you want inside it. If you have a large group, you are going to need a huge family tent which can hold up to six people inside.

Other than that, small double bedded or single bedded are also available for couples or a solo traveler. Along with that, keep in mind the size of the people who will be living inside it. Sometimes the labeled three-person or four-person tents fail their capacity if more than one or two campers are taller or broader than the average size taken into consideration.

Including the people, the tent should also be able to make space for other important and complementary stuff like mattresses, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, luggage, etc. In the case of a longer stay plan, be careful about space because it would be difficult for a large group to stay in a stuffy and cramped tent.

Weather Compatibility

Camping outside would mean going through adverse weather changes, and therefore, it is necessary to buy one that has the ability to resist all of it. In fact, tents can be divided into several weather-related categories; single-season tents or summer tents, multiple-season or all-season tents, and five-season or expedition tents. However, it is advisable to presume that the weather conditions are going to be more extreme in reality than they are supposed to be.

4. Mobility

In the case of campers who plan to reach their destination by car or bike, mobility is not much of a problem. However, in case you are traveling without vehicles, see to the fact that the tent is not too large or too heavy for you to carry all the way.

It is not just enough to buy a tent; you need to have a tent that can be easily set up in any kind of area. For hiking, small backpacking tents are the best as they are concise and durable. Make sure your tent is user-friendly and not too complex to set up or fix in case of an emergency.

While a sleeping bag and a tent count as two of the most important items to be carried, for camping outside, there is other important stuff as well which are an absolute ‘must’ for such occasions.

 A sleeping bag takes care of the bedding, and a tent suffices for shelter during camping, there are other necessary items that you would need in order to survive, which includes:

  • Food
  • Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Other miscellaneous things

It is advisable to have extra stakes, shade tarps or poles for an emergency. It is also good to have some extra rope.

Along with a sleeping bag, you might need bed sheets or blankets to keep yourself warm. In the case of a long stay, you would need air-pillows, sleeping pad and an air-pump. Keep a bunch of utility bags for you to store or dispose of materials.

You would need to change clothes but try to take the minimum. Plenty of underwear with a bunch of comfortable clothes should keep you going for quite some time. Remember to take a pair of extra flip flops (water resistant) in the case of heavy rain.

5. First-Aid Kit


A first-aid kit is very important, especially if you have kids camping with you. It should include:

  • Tablets for fever, immunity, and dysentery
  • Painkillers
  • Bandages
  • Band-Aids
  • Antiseptic lotions and liquids
  • Medicated cotton


6. Add-On Accessories

It is always safe to carry useful items like a penknife, scissors, headlight and some extra batteries to keep you going without trouble.

For more guidelines on camping in the United States, you may go through our various existing posts.

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