Rain may compel you to zip up your doors and windows, if you are using Coleman Instant Tent. This may cause discomfort due to lack of air circulation. To address this problem Coleman has introduced Tent Rainfly Accessory which can be laid over the roof to prevent rain and dew hitting the roof directly as well providing protective coverage to doors and windows so that you can crack them to let in fresh air even when it pours outside. This accessory can also be used to protect the tent roof from damage due to harsh sunlight. Made of quality polyester fabric with double seams all over, this Rainfly accessory is strong and durable.

Perfect for?

This is one accessory which every camper should have to fight rain as well as scorching sun. If your tent does not have a hooded rainfly, you would need this the most. No one wants hot breaths, condensed water droplets and poor air circulation when it is nice and cool outside. This rainfly accessory helps you to enjoy rains and have fresh air in your tent without getting wet with the rainwater. Also, you can protect your tent and keep the insides cool with the help of this rainfly by just putting it over the tent.


  • An accessory introduced for Coleman’s instant tent line which will enable users have a great camping experience
  • Premium quality Polyester with double-stitched seams makes it perfect to bear the extremes of weather effectively
  • Available for different sizes of Coleman Instant Tent for 4 persons, 6 persons and 8 persons, so you can pick one suitable for your tent.
  • Provides extra coverage over the doors and windows to prevent rainwater coming in from the windows and doors.
  • Comes with pin-style stakes and tie-down lines to ensure proper installation
  • Very easy to put on


Provides extra coverage but not fit for torrential rains

Experience when using Coleman Instant Tent Rainfly Accessory

This Rainfly can be installed easily and does very well to protect your tent from the wear and tear caused due to rain and sun. It works effectively for light to medium rainfall. If it rains too hard even the best rainfly cannot protect your tent from being wet. With this Coleman Instant Tent Rainfly Accessory, you can crack your window now and then and let fresh air come in. In its absence you have to deal with the discomfort which is a clear disadvantage.


Even though you cannot expect a fool proof solution for heavy rainfall, but this will definitely enable you to allow fresh air into your tent and remove uneasiness. It is a very helpful accessory that will enable your expensive tents last longer as it protects the roof from coming in direct contact of rain, dew and scorching heat of sun.

Tips for maintenance and use

Coleman Instant Tent Rainfly Accessory should be used only with the tent it is meant for, to get the best results out of the product and also to ensure your own safety. Always follow the guidelines of use to install it and remove it.


Coleman Instant Tent Rainfly Accessory comes to your rescue on those rainy days when the downpour makes it impossible to crack your tent window without making your tent wet and messy inside. With the help of this Rainfly accessory, you can unzip your windows and doors to let fresh air come in. If the rain is light to medium then you can keep your tent window/ windows and door open for long hours, of course without letting rainwater inside.

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