Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14'x10')

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14’x10′)

When holidays are around the corner, we urge to go for outdoors on holidays with our loved ones. What else can be better than going on camping? Your camping dream cannot be fulfilled without a camping tent. Without a camping tent, you would not be able to stay over on various places and get the real thrill of camping. The best solution for this is an instant tent for camping. The instant tent as the name suggests is exceptionally fast to assemble and disassemble. There are many good reasons why should buy an instant tent to create awesome memories with your family on vacations.

Coleman Instant Cabin 8 Persons

To add one more options to choose out of all the instant tents available, Coleman has come up with Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14′ x 10′). This instant tent has various desirable features. So hold on to find out why to buy this particular instant tent from the long list of available choices. I would first list out the features of this instant tent.

Coleman 8 Person Tent Features

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14'x10')

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14’x10′)

1. Superior Quality

Coleman has been a trendsetter in the field of outdoor recreational products. It has been trusted most by the users because of its specialization and high-quality products. The quality of this instant tent is no exception. The Coleman 8 person tent gives the best overall experience in terms of meeting the requirements of a good camping tent.

2. Product Specifications

The instant tent is an 8 capacity tent with the dimensions as 10.3 inches x 48 inches x 10.9 inches. This camping tent weighs around 36.3 lbs. The center height of the dome is 6 feet 5 inches. This can be used for family camping. It consists of 2 doors. The size in terms of height is 14 inches x 10 inches with a floor area as 140. The pole material is of steel type and the fabric is 150 Denier in weight.

3. WeatherTec System

Coleman is known for its exclusive weather protection system with the latest technology. It has weather resistant PU Coated polyester fabrics for waterproofing. The inverted welded floor is also has protected seams which do not let in the water and hides the needle holes inside the tent. This system also allows the zipper protection where the zipper guard can protect the instant tent from the elements to the door.

4. Material Strength and Durability

The instant tent has a very strong 150 Denier material. Such fabrics are highly water resistant and are used for fly and walls of the tent. They are meant for the heavy-use application. The material gives excellent tear strength and it is resistant to abrasion with no allowance to UV radiation or acid rain. The 150D material is much stronger compared to others and has longer life under UV exposures.

5. The Dome Shape

The dome shape instant tents allow generous headroom. They are simple in structure and the poles can be bent inside the fabric cover; thus, forming a stable and a rigid tent. The dome shape also offers the high strength of 3 poles and is easy to pitch. So in all, they are more convenient and quick to process the tent.

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Pros & Cons

To give more foods for thought, I would like to reveal all the merits and demerits of owning this instant tent. It would help you to decide and choose the best Coleman instant cabin 8 person tent for your amazing camping experience.


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The Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14′ x 10′) is definitely a best buy for a number of reasons. The benefits of buying this instant tent surely overweigh the cons. And the cons are quite manageable. The instant tent is strong sturdy in terms of material. It is very spacious to accommodate your family comfortably. It gives you protection from various weather conditions. It is very quick in setting up and winding up the tent on your picnic spot. It will give you protection from the UV exposures and acid rains due to its incredible fabric material. However, the instant tent is becoming heavy to carry and set up. Other than that it is the best kind of camping tent available in the market, which you should not resist buying.

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