camping toilet tent

If you plan on going on a camping trip but are a little concerned about having some privacy to do your business, you might consider a camping toilet tent.

Camping toilet tents offer you an opportunity to answer nature’s call without becoming part of the view. Also, camping toilet tents are portable and have several other uses that make their investment even more worthwhile.

Why Do I Need a Camping Toilet Tent?

Privacy shelters offer an opportunity to handle your private business in private.

Typically, camping toilet tents are fantastic for stashing your portable toilet, so you do not have to wander into the woods.

Also, camping toilet tents are not just for toilets. You can use these as a changing room, a shower tent, or a temporary rain shelter no matter where you are.

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Camping Toilet Tent Features

A camping toilet tent is a portable tent that often pops up quickly or has an easy set-up.

If you need privacy in a hurry, you do not need to mess with anything complicated. Camping is supposed to relieve stress, not create more.

Also, a camping toilet should have some sort of ventilation for apparent reasons.

You might also consider if the shelter has other features such as a stash bag for small items, easy to use zippers, and the option to convert into a camp shower.

Some camping toilet tents have open tops, which makes them inconvenient as a rain shelter. Other shelters have the flexibility to have tops and windows you can open and close for maximum multi-functioning.

Also, size might matter a great deal to you depending on how many people with which you camp. There are oversized and double size privacy tents to consider.

Camping Toilet Tent Contestants

There are several options available for the perfect camping toilet tent for your next camping trip.

We looked for toilet tents that are easy to put up and put away. Also, we worked to find tents that have more than one use.

Lastly, we made sure to include a wide variety of size options to best suit your needs.

Gigatent Pop Up Pod

The Gigatent pop-up camping toilet tent is a six-foot tent that allows you to

handle your private business solo.

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The total dimensions of the Gigatent are 69 inches by 36 inches by 69 inches, and it weighs just over three pounds. The base, when fully open, is approximately two feet by two feet.

The total dimensions of the Gigatent are 69 inches by 36 inches by 69 inches, and it weighs just over three pounds. The base, when fully open, is approximately two feet by two feet.

Because this option is a pop-up, it goes up and packs down into the carrying bag quickly.

The material is 190 T water-resistant polyester. The top is completely enclosed, so you have total privacy.

The frame is steel, so you can expect the shelter to last.
Furthermore, the flap-style zip door rolls up and secures with a toggle and a loop. Having the door open when not in use ensures airflow and reduces heat build-up.

However, there is no additional ventilation with this option.

Also, you will find four stakes to secure the pod in one spot, if you prefer. The loops for the stakes are nylon loops.

Lastly, this tent features a small stash pocket inside the tent for your belongings.

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Instant Pop Up Green Privacy Tent with Carrying Bag & Built-In Storage Bag

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Abco has a pop-up tent for consideration. This instant camping toilet tent pops up quickly and folds down back into its carrying bag.

This option has a small window for ventilation. However, the window is up high enough not to compromise your privacy. Furthermore, there is a zip closed ventilation spot at the top of this shelter, as well. Ventilation is essential for a camping toilet tent.

Also, there are four stakes to secure your privacy shelter to the ground. There is also a stash bag on the inside for your small items.

Another nice feature is the hanging strap on the inside, which is handy if you use the shelter as a changing space.
The material of this shelter is a silver-coated polyester.

When fully popped up, the shelter is 47 inches by 47 inches by 75 inches. Therefore, the bottom is about three and a half feet square.

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Wolfwise Blazers A20 Pop Up Privacy Tent

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Wolfwise privacy tent is a versatile option for a privacy shelter.

This shelter offers 30 plus sun protection and excellent ventilation. The fabric is polyester and includes a window, an over-sized entrance, and a mesh top. Therefore, all this ventilation helps with odors and allows your tent to dry.

The side window is compatible with a camp shower, as well. However, you cannot secure the shower bag to the shelter. You must secure the shower bag to a tree or something similar and thread the hose through the pop up’s opening.

With the added clothesline, you can hang up wet clothes or clean clothes as you change.

This camping toilet tent is versatile and useful as a shelter and a changing room. However, remember that it has a mesh top and will not keep you dry in the rain.

The shelter is just over 4 pounds in weight and is just over 47 inches by 47 inches by nearly 75 inches.

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Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent

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If you need a little more space and don’t mind a little extra set up, the Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent is a great option for a camping toilet tent.

This tent does not pop up as quickly as the others, but the time might be worth it. Also, not everyone wants to deal with trying to stuff a popup tent in its carrier. Four rods connect to the tent and insert into the corners. While it takes more than a minute, it does not take long for one person to handle it.

Once set up, the shelter has a hook at the top for a light and another spot to hang a shower bag. Also, there are two hanging pouches up high to stash small items.

The material is opaque enough to not show a shadow of a person who is inside looking for privacy.
Also, even though most camping toilet tents do not have a floor, this one comes with a bottom pad that is not attached to the tent.

There is mesh ventilation at the top for the entire roof and a rainfly to keep the rain out.

With the addition of the ability to hang a shower bag, this privacy tent is a multitasker.

When set up, this tent is 55 inches by 55 inches by 86.5 inches tall. When folded, this tent weighs 13 pounds.

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G4Free Camping Shower Tent

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G4Free’s camping toilet tent has the height tall campers look for.

This privacy tent is over 7 feet tall with a 55 inch by 55-inch base. Plus, there is a step pad just outside the door, so you can take on and off your shoes without worrying about mud.

The tent has four poles. Therefore, it does not pop up, although it only takes a couple of extra minutes to get this tent ready to go.

The top of this privacy tent is meshing with a removable rainfly. There is a mesh window that zips closed, and it features a removable floor.

You will receive the tent, a carrying case, and stakes with this tent. Also, there is a top hook for a small shower bag and a two storage bag for your personal items.

Also, this option has a clothesline on both the inside and the outside.

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KingCamp Oversize Durable Outdoor Privacy Shower Tent KT3025

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The KingCamp oversize privacy tent is a fantastic option for consideration.

This multipurpose privacy tent is a private bathroom, changing room, shower, and shelter.

The frame uses poles and features a full mesh ceiling. However, you are protected from rain due to the rainfly.

Also, there are stash bags both inside and just outside above the door. This privacy tent features a D-shaped zipper door and a window for maximum ventilation. You will find a clothesline inside the tent to hang clothes or towels, and there is a floor bordered with mesh that keeps your feet off the ground while draining water.

This tent is 85 inches by 66 inches by 66 inches. Therefore, it is generously sized. Also, when folded in its case, this tent weighs 11 pounds.

You receive the tent, freestanding poles, stakes, and a carrying case.

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Lightspeed Outdoors 3-in-1 Privacy Tent

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The Lightspeed Outdoors 3-in-1 Privacy Tent is up or consideration for your new camping toilet tent.

This tent uses poles, but it has a hub at the top with telescoping poles that clip to the outside of the tent.

The door is D-shaped and opens wide to allow the space to air out or dry.

There is a floor to this tent, but you can clip it out of the way if you prefer the bare ground.

Also, this tent is rather large. It has five feet by five feet of floor space and is over six feet tall. There is plenty of room for a camp toilet and a shower set up.

There is a towel or clothes hanging strap running the entire back of the tent to keep them dry. Also, there are stash pockets for your toiletries and other important items.

When packed up, this tent is close to 15 pounds. The set up includes the tent, carrying case, stakes, and guylines.

The ceiling is mesh, but the window flaps can zip up or toggle clip out of the way.

There is a shelf built in at the very top of this privacy tent meant to hold a solar shower. Also, there is a hole in the center to run the hose and nozzle through for use.

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Must-Have Camping Toilet Tent

With so many to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your camping needs. Tents like these have multiple uses. You might set up a camp toilet, use it as a changing room, or set up a shower.

In some cases, you could have one large enough to hold a toilet and use it as a shower. If you prefer to keep some activities separate, there are double privacy tents to consider.

Either way, camping toilet tents make answering the call of nature while out in the wild a little more private.

Which camping toilet tent did you choose? Answer in the comments.

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