No More Warm And Hot Recreational Outings: Complete Buying Guide For Camping Air Conditioner!


It's camping time again; summer is near! Forget your schedules and tough meetings. Take your time to relax in heaven. But, to relax in the scorching heat outside you need a camping air conditioner. Read this article to get cool quickly this summer. The camping air conditioner takes away your stress and sweat!

Although staple air conditioners are all around us, it is expensive, and you cannot carry it around regularly. A portable camping air conditioner offers more power and better user-interface, and you carry it where ever you go.

Apart from that, it blows steady chill air all around your tent for lengthy hours! Prickly heat boils, and heat rashes are quite common in summer. It is crucial to take care of your skin. Any relentless heat exposure makes life like hell affecting our daily routine and even causing health issues.

Top 3 Camping Air Conditioner 2017 Market​

What are the Advantages of Carrying a Camping Air Conditioner?

During summers our skin is the most ‘battered’ organ. It is subjected to agonizing dust, heat, wear and tear. The skin continuously handles the heat from the atmosphere and sun's dangerous rays. During summers they are the most ignored part of the body.

One life saver is the regular cool breeze from a camping air conditioner, for it is linked with many advantages. Below are the benefits of a portable cooler:

  • Reduces the energy consumption greatly.
  • Decreases unwanted heat inside tents.
  • Improves the overall quality of your picnics by preventing over sweating and fatigue.
  • Helps your family and kids relax when you are camping outside.
  • Regulates loss of water from the body preventing heat strokes.
  • Ensures safer camping holidays by lowering the temperature adequately wherever you may be.
  • Rescues you from staying outdoors for too long. Thus, indirectly letting you escape the sun’s harmful rays.

How to Pick the Right Camping Air Conditioner for Yourself?

A lot of people have this question in mind before buying a camping air conditioner for regular use. We must, therefore, analyze the situation and motives behind investing. Your reasons to buy a camping air conditioner can be the main objectives, which include:

  • Staying free from the heat in summer
  • Better use of electricity to cool the surroundings

Many intend to buy camping air conditioner for helping you control power consumption. You should buy a camping air conditioner with higher quality.

The list of camping air conditioner below is the best for these reasons. You can totally control the temperature and the pressure of the camping air conditioner, and gain the desired result.

If you need healthy and memorable outdoor holidays along with relief from heat and stress, then a portable air conditioner is the right tool for you. Now, no more centralized cooling or hassles of poor processing time! Allow yourself to lie down and relax, and switch on the power of the camping air conditioner. It will cool you down.

How does a Camping Air Conditioner Works?

Portable air conditioners are similar to built-in air conditioning: sucks in hot and humid air, dehumidifying and cooling it and allowing it to flow back into the room. There are several kinds of camping air conditioners along with portable camping fans available in the market with distinct features.

But, which is that portable air conditioner that will suit you? This guide could help you identify the best camping air conditioner for your family and you. Do have a look at following camping air conditioners below.

1. GoCool – Portable Air Conditioner

This is one of more sought after portable air conditioner. Mainly small groups of friends or families who prefer semi-truck cabs use this equipment. The product keeps cool air circulating all around you for longer hours!

This camping air conditioner is usually used for cooling camping tents and RV Campers. It is most beneficial for families who plan for an outing in smaller tents. It can hold four-gallon jugs or two nine-liter bottles of water. This camping air conditioner is recommended to help you stay cool without using strong chemicals.

GoCool 12V Portable Semi Truck Cab Air Conditioner For Camping Tent & RV Camper

The camping air conditioner works on electricity, and all cords are light weight too! It also cleans waste water easily with its long drainage pipe. It is specially designed as a cooling solution for smaller areas which is adequate yet powerful.

Key Features

Based on some experience the major features are:

  • It is portable, patented, camping air conditioner ideal for enclosed areas
  • Utilizes only water and ice cubes•
  • Has a capacity to contain 40 lbs of ice bags or 4 one gallon jugs or 9 two liter water bottle
  • No problematic Exhaust pipes

Based on several customers’ opinion this unit suits owners of vans and trucks. People with the very large area to cool might have to re-consider everything.


  • Lightweight cords
  • No harmful chemicals, Freons or coolants needed
  • Six feet drainage tube
  • Adequate size with 17.3-inch Width, 20-inch Length by 24-inch Height
  • Low requirements of power like lesser than 2.0 Amps
  • Adaptable settings for the right temperature
  • Works by dehumidifying the air


  • The fans speed is not good in certain defective units
  • The system in some units may not be efficient enough  
  • It does not cool the mentioned area completely

2. Edge Star - Portable Air Conditioner

Edge Star camping air conditioner is one of the best air conditioner offering 24 hours of relaxation and prevention from heat. The set uses very less energy i.e. about 90 cents a day.

You can connect the vent kit by just three steps. No dangerous chemicals are used, making it safe for everyone. When a smaller area is your concern, go for this super compact cooler. Let’s go through the major features of this camping air conditioner.

EdgeStar Ultra Compact 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Key Features

Let’s look at the main features of this portable cooler:

  • It can cool 150 and 225 sq. Ft. based on the heat load
  • It can be programmed for 24 hours with the timer
  • There are three fast fans with air blowing directional louvers
  • Functionality of Dehumidifying till 50 pints a day
  • Change temperature with digital thermostat
  • It has fifty-five inches max window kit with expandable exhaust pipe of 49 inches added
  • It is adequately mobile with smooth, high-quality rollers

This product seems to be ideal for tiny tents and even bedrooms. You can even open the window. People who want longer duct tubes may have a small issue here.


  • Compact and easy to store and carry around
  • Sends clean and cool air till 250 sq. ft. for lesser than a dollar per day
  • Better quality of products means it is backed by a market-leading three years of limited warranty
  • Uses very little energy and use it continuously for just 95¢ per day
  • Timer efficiently saves energy and costs by automatic functionality in cycles
  • Three simple steps to vent the portable air conditioner
  • Manufactured using environmentally friendly materials with no ozone-affecting refrigerants
  • It is made of RoHS compliant stuff that has no harmful chemicals
  • Pre-filtering and washable capacity
  • One changeable carbon filter added
  • Coverage up to 225 square feet based on the heat load
  • High-quality kit for window kit, filters, and casters, to cool surroundings faster


  • Certain defective units seem to have poor overall quality
  • Temperature on the panel not always accurate
  • The fan might stop abruptly in defective units

3. Tripp Lite - Portable Cooling Air Conditioner

This best camping air conditioner helps improve your camping vehicle or outdoor picnics air temperature. It has a close-coupled cooling system. This process blows cool air to the needed areas without wasting energy on the whole room.

This means that close-coupled air cooling products are more effective than air conditioners installed at the room's perimeter or outside the room entirely. Thus saving energy and reducing costs of operation. Plus it weighs very less making it easy to move to many places.

You could benefit more by installing the air coolers close to heat sources. This proximity reduces the distance needed for blowing cold air and removing hot air. This trick uses less electricity.

Tripp Lite Portable Cooling Unit Air Conditioner, Stand Alone Spot Air Cooler, AC, 12K BTU (3.5 kW), 120V, 5-15P Plug (SRCOOL12K)

Key Features

  • It is portable and lightweight
  • It adds extra, emergency and off-time cooling in IT and more applications
  • Its size is perfect for cramped closets and other low-space areas
  • No external drainage needed
  • It has 12000 btu cooling strength

People using it come in a mixed range. One group needs more life than available and the other boasts of the same high life. It is ideal for people looking for a shorter duration of usage. The quality seems to be fine to most people.


  • Contains LCD temperature and top-mounted control panel makes functioning easy
  • Cools 500 sq. Ft. rooms faster
  • Produces very less sound
  • Regular louvered vent for standard rooms
  • Ducted vent to send cool air to most-needed places
  • No banned ozone affecting refrigerants


  • Certain defective units have bad quality fans that fall off
  • Some units have very less life

Camping can be a healthy way to de-stress, and coolers and other accessories such as a buff can solve the heat issue totally. With maximum features and quality, we pick out Edge Star Ultra Compact 8000 BTU as the best camping air conditioner. Along with maximum coverage, superior features and low sound it also provides lengthy hours of cool air supply.

Above all, it is lightweight and free from harmful chemicals. Share this air cooler guide and add comments below. We hope that this guide provided the precise information needed before you buy a new cooler for your family.

The main features of this air cooler are:

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