What is camping?

How to Camp like a Champ in Big Groups?

Camping is defined as one of the most common discretionary al fresco recreational activity. It is one of the most vital parts in many of the youth organizations all over the world; Scouting is one such organization. The activity might comprise sheltering either in the open air or a tent or caravan or any of the primitive structure.

In order to distinguish the activity from various short recreational activities including:

  • Day tripping
  • Picnicking
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Hiking

One needs to spend at least one night in the outdoor campus. Also, camping is an activity that can be enjoyed in any of the four seasons.

What are the types of camping?

The activity, camping can be enjoyed with friends or family in the outdoor areas. There are various assortments of camping from which one can choose when he makes his mind for camping. Some of the many forms of camping areas described below:

Girls on vacation camping with tents listening girl playing guitar

Girls on vacation camping with tents listening girl playing guitar

1. Adventure Camping

Adventure camping is a type of camping that is done by the kind of people who loves to race. During adventure camping, people usually race during the day time while during the night camp in the best possible way ever. Also while on adventure camping, the campers might make the use of items like a micro camping stove, sleeping bag, and many such other items. Due to these reasons, adventure camping is also referred as adventure racing or mountain biking camping.

2. Dry Camping

Dry camping is one form of camping in the outdoor areas where there is no presence of water source. Such locations are referred to as dry camps. While planning for dry camping, one should not forget to carry water along with them as without water no camping would ever be possible. This type of camping is quite common in the deserts and is one of a preferable camping as there is always a risk of flash floods.

3. Canoe Camping

Canoe camping is a form of camping that is quite similar to the backpacking form of camping. To have a faster journey on the water, one can attach either the electric motors or the small gas ones with the small canoes. Also, waterproof bags and the fishing gears are two of the most common gears during the canoe camping.

4. Bicycle Camping

Bicycle camping is a form of camping which comprises of two activities, namely camping and cycling. This form of camping has gained much popularity all over the world. Also, this camping comprises of cycling organizations that render many of the organized multi-day rides and also render the riders many facilities and also the luggage transportation.

The Great Victorian Bike Ride, situated in America id one of the well known and oldest organization of this kind. Motorcycle camping is one form of camping that is more or less quite similar to bicycle camping than to the car camping because of the storage capacity reasons. During the bicycle camping, the riders usually prefer to carry equipment that is light in weight and is quite compactable.

What is the equipment required during camping?

Camp, gear, object.

The equipment that is required during camping usually varies with the type of camping. For example, during survival camping the equipment that is required usually comprises of small items that help in serving the purpose of providing the basic items like food, heat and safety.

In any form of camping, the three most basic equipment that one should carry are as follows:

1. Clothing

Firstly to protect against the cold, one should wear clothing which has three layers in it. The first layer in the three layers should be a linen layer, followed by the insulation layer and then lastly the water and windproof outer layer. One should avoid wearing cotton while camping because if cotton material once gets wet, it takes a long time to get dry and by that time, the wearer might get a freeze.

One should prefer to wear either wool or synthetic materials. The boots of the campers must be chosen in such a way that they are waterproof. Also, the campers must see to it that their head is protected against the cold. Lastly, the campers should avoid wearing too many pairs of socks because by doing so, they might restrict the flow of blood to the feet which results in cold feet.

2. Diet

Secondly, while going for camping, one should take proper care of their diet. They should include carbohydrates in a rich amount in their diet which helps to keep their body not only warm but also, renders energy to the body. For the ones who camp in the winter season, hydration plays a vital role, and so the campers must drink much water that keeps them well hydrated. Also, the campers must take care that the water storage is kept away from freezing.

3. Tent

Lastly, the campers must keep note that they have an arrangement of the proper tent while camping. The tent must be chosen in such a manner that it shelters the members of camping from all odds of the season.

Other important equipment that should be carried during camping are as follows:

  • First aid kit
  • Lanterns
  • Sleeping bags or blankets to render warmth
  • Hatchet or ax in order to cut firewood for a campfire
  • Fire starter or any other sort of ignition device
  • Folding chairs to be placed around the campfire
  • Ropes to hang the clothes on and to secure the shelter
  • Raincoats
  • Hiking boots
  • Fishing poles
  • Insect repellents
  • Sunscreen lotion to protect the skin
  • Global Positioning system to know about the proper directions
  • Emergency kits to avoid any sort of mishap
  • Personal care products

When one carries the above mentioned important equipment with them while camping, it not only makes their camping easy but also a lot comfortable. Also, one takes care of small children by giving them the maps and guiding them before handily. Hence, the equipment plays a vital role in camping.

How to plan about camping?

While planning for camping, one needs to keep various things in mind starting right from the invites to be sent to the planning of the activities that can be done during camping. To plan a camping excursion is not an easy job. Planning in itself requires lots of hard work and passion. Also, one needs to take care of the safety of the children (if they are to be included). Below mentioned are some steps that one should follow in order to plan for a camping excursion:

1. Planning for the invites

First of all, the basic step in order to plan for camping is to make a list of all people that you wish to include in this camping excursion.

While making the list of people, one should see to it that are at least 10 to 15 people on the invite list so that it would increase the fun during camping.

2. Sending out an email to look for the people who are actually interested

After you are done with the list of people that you wish to invite on a camping excursion, send out an email to each and every people on the list.

When you receive the reply from everyone via e-mail regarding your invite, you can actually know about the number of people that are actually interested in the camping and hence you can progress with your planning.

3. Searching for the places with group sites

Group sites are such places that are made in order to accommodate quite a large group of people along with extra space around the fire pit and also with a common eating area.

  • These sites are most of the times separated from the main part of the camping ground in order to control the noise.
  • There are many online sites that have a search engine along with some specific setting that helps the planner to search for a group site.
  • Also, the planner should take note whether the group site is tent only or not. If the site is a tent, only that means that the members cannot have RVs.
  • Lastly, it is quietly advisable that you should make your advance booking as soon as possible. You should reserve your site few months before only, in order to be safe.

4. Sending out an email and carry out survey for the dates

While having a look at the group sites, you should make sure to have a look at the estimated price.

Being smart enough about knowing the price per night at the particular group site is imperative. Many times it is available on the online sites only.

While dropping a mail to the people who are interested in camping, you should be quite specific. You should not just ask about when is everyone available.

You should render about 3 to 4 date ranges to everyone and also allow your friends to respond to what works the best for everyone.

5. Check in time

You should tell everyone before handily about the check in time and instruct them not to be late and reach the place at the proper time.

Also, you should instruct each and every member not to reach the place before the check in time because if you reach the place before time, you would probably have to wait outside the camping ground.

6. Planning the proper meal

Three Young Women Cooking On Camping Stove Outside Tent

Three Young Women Cooking On Camping Stove Outside Tent

By knowing the proper number of people that are going to come in camping helps you to plan the proper meal for each and every member.

You should plan proper breakfast, lunch as well dinner for every member.

You should plan a diet in such a manner that it is quite rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. This rich nutrient helps the members to gain energy, and it provides warmth to the body during the winter season.

Also, it is advisable that one should carry a maximum quantity of food from house only. The reason behind is that the food available at the local camp food store is usually more costly.

7. Planning out activities

Camping with guitar, outdoor activity

The last thing on the to-do list of the planner of the camping excursion is to plan out a few activities that can be done peacefully in the camping ground.

Execution of the planned activities prevents each and every member of the group from boredom and also engages people. This also helps the people to increase their social groups.

Some of the activities that can be done at the camping grounds are hunting, fishing, campfire games, boat rides, and many other such games can be planned and executed.

Some of the Camping Tips

To have the perfect camping excursion with your friends and family, you should refer to various camping tips that would assist you in having one of the best camping trips ever. Some of the many camping trips are as mentioned below:

1. Choosing the best shelter

Keep sun exposure in mind

One should select a tent of the size that fits perfectly according to your needs. You should be careful enough that you do not opt for over boards. Larger tents are the ones that require more efforts in order to put up as well as break down.

Smaller tents usually render more flexibility as compared to larger tents for the placement on a particular camp site.

Before visiting the camp site, you should take note of the direction of the wind. After knowing the directions of the wind, you should place your tent in such a manner that it is downwind from the camp fire. By doing so, it would prevent the member of camping group from the smoky night’s sleep.

Having double door on the tents adds a feather to camping. If there are fewer gears in the tent, it means that more is required for movement. Lastly, the extra storage that the vestibules render allows you to select a smaller tent in order to accomplish the job.

Hammocks usually render a unique option for solo campers as they are quite versatile for a wide range of not only temperature but also many of the conditions. Also, a hammock proves to be quite beneficial in minimizing the footprints of the members.

2. Dialing in the sleep system

One should always prefer being traditional by selecting the best of all sleeping bag and the pad system that perfectly fits with your body and all the extra conditions. A combination of the sleeping bag and pad proves to be quite beneficial for the side sleepers. For example, the big acnes down sleeping bag along with the integrated pad sleeves are recommended by many of the campers.

Many of the camping families usually opt for the inflatable mattresses in place of the sleeping pads. In the weather that is quite warm, an inflatable mattress proves to be perfectly amazing for the families carry little campers along with them, who are only comfortable when they sleep with their mom or dad.

Do you ever wish to sleep above the ground? If yes then you should consider a cot system along with a larger tent. Though the coating system and a large tent require more space of the room, the costs when paired with the sleeping pads as well as a sleeping bag makes the best night’s sleep.

Hammock camping proves to be bliss if you are able to dial in your sleep system.

You should always consider carrying sleeping bags that are specially designed for children. The science behind such bags is quite simple, and hence, the kids feel more comfortable in a children’s bag as compared to the old spare bag.

3. Creating the perfect camp site as well as shelter

You should quickly do the required audit of the campground when the trip ends in order to make certain notes regarding the campsite that was used by you, listing the campsites that might be much better for your next trip and lastly listing the campsites that you should probably avoid. This proves to be helpful when you plan your next camping trip.

You should give an attractive look to your tents with the use of the rope lights. All you need to do is to wrap simply the rope lights through the pole structure of the tent, but you should make sure that they are situated in such a manner that they are on the fly. You can make use of a small power pack that helps you in doing the trick.

In order to boost more comfort in the sleeping bags, one can place water bottles that are filled with either hot water or cold water. You can drop a bottle filled with hot water in your sleeping bag just before 15 minutes you climb on the bed to sleep. You should note id that the same should never be done with cold water.

If you are a solo camper, then you should consider the option of carrying a cat along with you. There are many two person tents that can easily fit well on top of the cot.

4. Practicing fire safety with the kids

Usually, fire pits are made in such a way that they get hot almost instantly by a simple touch. One should prefer surrounding the fire pit with the use of rocks which not only makes the pit look more attractive but also helps in maintain the distance between the kids and the flame.

One should explain the whole procedure regarding the process of the fire building to the kids in order to make them understand about how it actually works. Also, one can make them feel like they are also included; you can give them the job of collecting tinder

One should also take note of clothing of the kids. The clothing made of synthetic proves to be dangerous when it is exposed to an open flame.

5. Planning the best camping menu

group of happy kids roasting marshmallows on campfire

You should focus on utilizing all the shelf stable options whenever possible, in order to save on the most valuable space of the cooler. You can also make use of the canned items which will help you in winning the title of the top chef at the campground.

You should try to modify the recipes as much as possible.

You should look for the recipes that have previously been made during camping. The campfire recipes are such that they are adapted to almost all of the rustic conditions with which the chefs of the camp have to work with

6. Prepare the meals at home

It is possible to make meal time easier during camp by preparing most of the ingredients that are needed for the exotic food at home. You can chop and dice as well as measure and mix whatever is needed in your home kitchen with more comfort.

By preparing the ingredient at home allows you to pack easily as well as transport the ingredients that you require for each and every meal.

By following the above mentioned amazing tips for camping will definitely help you to become a champ while camping.


Camping is more of activity rather than a sport. Camping is well enjoyed when done with friends or family. While planning for camping, it is important to take care of each and every small thing and also special care should be taken for the kids in the camp.

Do you want to camp like a champ in big camping groups? If yes, you can refer the above-mentioned steps and the amazing tips that would assist you in camping not only with much more fun but also it will make your camping trip quite easier. We hope the above-provided information is quite beneficial to you.


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