The perfect getaway, camping with loved ones or family can lead to some great memories around the campfire. It’s an affordable way to travel, take a vacation, and reconnect with nature. Find out the best tent for rainy weather below for you not to get stuck wet and soggy at camping in the rainy weather.

Rain Tent Comparison Table

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Rain Tent Buyer’s Guide

Best Tent for Rainy Weather and Some Bicycles in the Forest

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Rain tents a normally tougher than traditional tents, as they’re made using weather-resistant fabric and packed with added features to keep the rain at bay. The best tent for rainy weather will have sealed seams to keep moisture out. Some are flat in shape, while most offer an angled shape to keep water from pooling on the roof. They’ll also come with ventilation in the form of mesh panels or breathable fabric to keep condensation from building up.

Extra waterproofing is easily achieved with a well-taut, large rainfly. Find one that’s big enough to cover every opening in your tent or one that comes with a weather-proof footprint under the base of the tent.

No matter what type of tent you’re looking for, consider the following most important things before buying a tent:

  • Setup – How easy is it to put the tent up by yourself and how long does it take?
  • Size – Tents come in varying sizes, and the one you choose depends on how many people you typically take camping.
  • Roominess – The tent’s size may determine how many people you can pack inside, but roominess determines how comfortable everyone will be inside.
  • Weight – The tent’s weight is important for storage and travel reasons, and you’ll need to consider how easy it is to lug around the tent. Backpacking tents, for example, are often lighter and more compact while car camping tents can offer a bulkier design that weighs more.


For a tent to perform well during rainy weather, you’re most likely to find an option made using:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Polyurethane (PU) coated rain flies

Extra-strength fabrics that perform extremely well in wet weather may also come in denier or a mix of taffeta. Regular tents will most likely come with a small rainfly, but waterproof tents offer a much larger rainfly. Some extend across the roof cabin-style, others will reach clear to the corners or cover from floor to floor.

Depending on the design of the tent, you may not need complete coverage. Most mid-range options, however, will come with an inner layer with a rainfly on top, also known as a double-skin. There are single-layer tents available as well, but these models may cost more because one layer of fabric needs to handle repelling water itself.

To test how much water the fabric can resist, you will see the Hydrostatic Head Measurement expressed in millimeters. This number represents how waterproof the fabric is, with numbers over 1,500mm considered adequate. An average rain shower is measured at around 2,500mm, so you may consider searching for materials that can resist more water than that.

Lastly, bathtub floors are a feature commonly used in waterproof tents that reinforce the tent from water. They’re normally coated and treated or reinforced to keep water out, and they cover the entire floor, extending up to a small portion of the wall. Where seams tend to let leaks in, bathtub floors won’t.

Top Best Tents for Rainy Weather

You can’t control the weather, but the best tent for rainy weather will ensure you stay dry while camping no matter what.

Hubba Hubba NX2

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Popular when it comes to waterproof tents, Hubba Hubba is a 2-person tent that’s rugged and strong. Hardcore hikers, backpackers, and campers alike will love the lightweight model. It’s easy to set up in no time, and this tent offers a floor-to-floor rainfly, patented StayDry doors, and a waterproof coating to shield you from the wetness. The mesh roof offers ventilation and moisture control.

There are no windows or bathtub flooring to keep rain out, but this tent doesn’t need either feature. The minimalist design keeps things simple while offering one of the most waterproof tents out there. Plus, it’s highly durable and spacious for two people. It even comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Dimensions: 84 x 50 x 39 inches

Weight: 4 pounds

Coleman Sundome

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A top-pick 4-person tent, Coleman offers an affordable, lightweight, and strong tent. It’s great for backpacking, and this 2-season option offers welded bathtub-style floors and a rainfly that extends over the top in a porch-style to protect from water. The best part is Coleman’s ventilation technology, which is designed to keep moisture away and supply cool air vents to keep you comfortable.

Although, this tent wasn’t designed to hold up in harsh conditions. The rainfly doesn’t fully extend all over, and the stakes you’re supplied with are thin. You can set the tent up in under ten minutes, offering a quick shelter from the rain and wind, but don’t expect it to weather a storm.

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 inches

Weight: 3 pounds

NTK Cherokee GT

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A large dome tent that can accommodate up to 9 people comfortably, the NTK Cherokee is a fan-favorite. The Brazil company calls this tent a 2-season, however, it’s one of the strongest tents on the market when it comes to toughness. The laminated polyester holds a waterproof rating of 2,500mm, and it comes with a double-thick rainfly, special waterproof threads in the seams, and a high-side bathtub floor. The fully meshed-in design allows for airflow, and the poles are thick.

If you want a tent that comes with little to no complaints, this may be the tent for you. It’s strong and durable, offers excellent waterproofing credentials, and holds up under stormy conditions. However, it is a heavier tent to carry around.

Dimensions: 185 x 305 x 360 centimeters

Weight: 20 pounds

Eureka Copper Canyon

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A cabin-like 3-season tent, the Eureka offers a spacious retreat with plenty of interior space for airbeds or cots to sleep, four people. Tents like these often hold many advantages when it comes to waterproofing and harsh weather conditions, and Eureka doesn’t disappoint. It contains a Storm shield polyester rainfly to cover the roof, but the roof is also domed to prevent water from pooling on top.

The large mesh windows on the sides allow great airflow, and the roof is also mesh if you remove the rainfly to allow comfortable camping even if you get caught in the rain. The fiberglass frame is sturdy, but the tent is heavy in comparison to other options.

Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 22 inches

Weight: 23 pounds

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra

[amazon box=”B00JSPB8CW”]

This lightweight, durable backpacking tent is designed to hold up to four people in rugged conditions. It’s the perfect backpacker tent because it’s sleek, light, quick to set up, and smart in the features it offers. Teton comes with superior waterproofing, as their tents are created for hardcore camping. The cool part is that this model is seamless to keep water out, but it doesn’t come with windows either.

Select the size that’s right for you, with four different sizes available. For the size, these tents offer great floor space. But when it comes to waterproofing, this tent sustains a super high rating of 3,000mm. The bathtub floor helps ensure water will never reach your belongings, and it holds up in thunderstorms.

Dimensions: Starting at 82 x 32 x 39.5 inches all the way to 98 x 83 x 59 inches

Weight: From 3.3 to 7.7 pounds

Coleman Evanston

[amazon box=”B004E4ERIY”]

A slightly bigger waterproof tent than the Coleman Sundome, the Evanston offers a few more features that make this tent perform well in wet conditions. This is a 6-person tent that also comes in an 8-person model to hold two queen air mattresses.

The rainfly extends across the roof and windows in a porch-style to reach the floor at each corner, and the front offers mesh for airflow. It has a bathtub floor with welded seams to protect against leaks, and the weather-proof cuffs will prevent the zippers from becoming wet as well. However, this tent’s not perfect in extremely hot or cold conditions.

Dimensions: 27.75 x 11 x 9.75 inches

Weight: 9 pounds

Alps Mountaineering Lynx

[amazon box=”B00BMKD1DU”]

Designed for one person, this lightweight tent is small and perfect for solo sleeping. It’s only big enough to fit a single person and you have a three-feet-high space to move around inside the tent. The integrated pockets and vestibule help to maximize your amount of sleeping space, and both the rainfly and flooring are waterproofed with taffeta polyester. The seams are sealed as well.

This tent performs well in a wide variety of types of weather, from the summer heat to snow. It’s protected from UV rays, and the tent is sturdy for such a small size. It’s held up with two aluminum poles that quickly clip together to set up quickly in the rain. The only downside is that the only form of ventilation you get is from the part-mesh door and panels on the front, which doesn’t offer much airflow.

Dimensions: 7.6 x 2.8 feet

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Wenzel Klondike

[amazon box=”B017NFRQV0″]

Perfect for camping caravan-style with family or friends, this tent fits 8 people and offers a small screen room or front awning you can use a porch in the rain or sun. It’s protected from the sun’s harsh rays while the rainfly protects from the weather, and the mesh sides allow tons of airflow. The best part is that you can use the porch to store your wet gear, keeping the sleeping area completely dry.

When it comes to rain, this three-season tent is created using a water-resistant polyester and rainfly. You can also cover the mesh porch to provide an added barrier between your sleeping arrangement and the door, and customers say it holds up in heavy downpours. However, it’s heavy to carry.

Dimensions: 192 x 132 x 78 inches

Weight: 27 pounds

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Waterproof features are vital in finding the best tent for rainy weather, and each of these tents will keep you dry.

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