3 Great Camping Tent Brand Picks That Make Your Summer Memorable

It’s that time of year again. The trees are budding with new life, the birds are singing a new song and the days are becoming increasingly warmer and longer. Spring has arrived and summer is around the corner.

Group Of Friends Relaxing Outside Tents On Camping Holiday

Do you have camping on the mind? Do you need a good, reliable camping tent? We have comprised a list of three best camping tent brands that we believe to be excellent 

Camping Tent Brand Choices

The best tent brands of Coleman, Wenzel, and Mountain Trails have just what you need for the perfect camping tent. However, only you can determine which tent will best suit your specific needs from this camping brands.

Do you need some help in deciphering your exact specifications? We are here to help!

As we break down the nitty gritty details of each brand, it should be easy for you to determine what will suit your needs best.

How Many People Will Be Sleeping in the Tent?

This should be your first question of detail when shopping for a camping tent. What does it have to do with finding the best brand? Everything! Some brands make better tents for larger groups of people while other brands have their best tents for the smaller groups. For obvious reasons, the larger the tent, the higher the price tag regardless of what brand you go with.

Top 3 Best Tent Brand Picks

  • Coleman Brand
  • Wenzel Ridgeline Brand
  • The Mountain Trails Brand

1. Let’s Start with the Coleman Brand

Coleman is a great brand for outdoor activities. They are known worldwide for providing the best of the best in outdoor products such as camping tents. They make a variety of camping tents that satisfy most needs. Whether you need a small tent for two or a large tent for eight, they have it. On Amazon, their Sundome Three Person Tent  and their 8 Person Red Canyon Tent.

The Coleman brand makes and produces everything in the United States. This gives many customers a strong assurance on the quality of their products.

What Are the Details?

With the Coleman brand, their tents are built with a tough material made from polyethylene. Not only are their tent materials tough but they are designed to withstand disappointing weather. They’ve given their weatherproof design a name: the Weather Tec System.

Coleman’s Weather Tec System consists of these basic things:

  • Weather Resistant Fabric
  • Protected and Leak-Free Seams
  • Waterproof Floors
  • Mesh Fabric for Ventilation
  • Zipper Protection
  • Wind Resistant Framing

The weather resistant fabric is not only made from the polyethylene material we mentioned earlier but it is also coated in the waterproof, polyurethane coating. This guarantees double protection against water-logged material during those rainy nights. The fabric materials are also sewn together with a special anti-wicking thread and designed with webbing. This creates an incredibly durable fabric that is virtually weatherproof against rain and water.

The seams are fully taped “rainfly” seams. For the doors and windows, velcro is attached to provide a seal against water and wind. It’s easy to use and creates a great barrier against the outside world. The floors have inverted seams that further increase weather resistance as it reduces the risk of pine needle sized holes that can allow various weather and nature elements in the tent.

The floors are welded material thus increasing its waterproof power. This gives it the strength and durability to rest on any rugged terrain that the Earthen floor has to offer without easy tears and shredding. The floor is also shaped in the bathtub style, giving it the extra protection against any weather extremes. (If it’s going to come a flood during the night, you won’t have to worry about your tent turning into a cold water pool.)

Mesh material is sewn into the material to offer excellent ventilation and to keep small critters and bugs out of your “home away from home”.

The zipper protection is fairly self-explanatory. It adds protection from the doorway by keeping bugs, wind, rain and other critters and elements from invading your space.

The wind resistant framing is remarkable. With the engineer designed poles and triangular shape, the tents are prepared to handle wind and rain while remaining anchored and in place.

Now that we’ve covered the specific details of Coleman’s Weather Tec System, what else do they offer with their camping tents?

Most all of their tents come with an electrical port for plugging in extension cords, portable stoves and air conditioning units and much more. The tents usually have storage pockets and a flashlight loop!

And all of their material is fire retardant.

What about the Construction?

Constructing a Coleman camping tent is easy. Their design allows for simple assembly since most designs already have the poles attached to the fabric. Using the pole sleeve technique, their tents can be erected in no time.

However, some older models have been known to have easily broken hinges. This is mostly for the models that were designed before the year 2010. There haven’t been many customer complaints about the newer models with the broken hinges.

Overall, Coleman has a great reputation for making sturdy tents that are meant to last. Everything in life comes with imperfections. Don’t let Coleman’s small imperfections prevent you from using their products. The benefits far outweigh the imperfections.

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2. Moving on to the Wenzel Ridgeline Brand

The Wenzel brand may not be as known as the Coleman but it still has a great reputation for camping tents and offers high quality for the same great price. Their tents are light and easy to tote around. Their customers have often complimented them with having created long-lasting tents with sturdy quality and spacious for everyone involved.

What Are the Details?

Wenzel ensures that their camping tents are weatherproof. The materials of made from polyethylene that gives it a water resistant advantage. It’s also very sturdy and durable against any weather elements. Most of their tents have storm flaps that are convenient for when the wind and rain are beating against your tent. Wenzel is known for making tents that are able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as strong winds.

The roofs of their tents are made of a mesh material to ensure there is plenty of ventilation and that no bugs or insects can invade your space.

Their tents also come with an electrical port, storage pockets and a tiny gear loft. All materials for Wenzel tents are resistant to fire.

What About the Construction?

The Wenzel brand makes their tent poles out of fiber glass. The framing is usually comprised of aluminum material in which they instill a shock-corded technology within it to give it that great weather resistant capability.

It’s easy to construct with the clip and sleeve technique. Stakes, poles and carry sack are included in most camping tent packages.

However, there has been a slight downside to the construction process. Since many of their models come with plastic pegs, it’s difficult to drive these into hard ground or surfaces. If you purchase a tent with plastic pegs, we suggest that you purchase steel pegs separately. You never know when you may need them.

Wenzel is a great brand to use. There’s no doubt that their tents are meant to withstand any storm! As for the plastic pegs, every brand has a negative. We believe that the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to purchasing this brand.

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3. The Mountain Trails Brand

Mountain Trails is another well-known brand for outdoor products and activities. Just like Coleman, their name is stamped on many items that line the outdoors and sporting goods stores. In fact, Mountain Trails is one of the cheapest brands out there! Another plus? Their tents are considered to be more spacious since they usually have a high center height. This allows for people to have more space and freedom to move around inside their tents.

What Are the Details?

Mountain Trails uses a variety of materials to construct their camping tents. Some models have steel frames whereas others have fiber glass frames. However, most of their poles and frames are shocked-corded. Obviously, this is a popular trend for most tent brands as it offers strength and durability for tent construction.

As for fabric materials, Mountain Trails also uses a variety of them. Some models are made of nylon fabrics while others are made of sturdy, polyester fabrics. Regardless of the materials and fabrics used, Mountain Trails ensures that all of their tents are weatherproof. The floors of their tents are comprised of welded polyethylene that give it amazing waterproof abilities.

However, there are some minor issues with the welded design and technology. It doesn’t provide as much durability as sewn floor materials. Although the welding technology works great for sealing the edges from water, the tents tear easier from ground factors such as pesky rocks, sticks, and careless maintenance.

As with the Coleman and Wenzel brands, Mountain Trails usually designs their tent doors with the classic D-style shape and zippers.

Finally, the Mountain Trails brand makes it super easy to construct their tents. In fact, their tents are capable of being erected in minutes without the help of other people. Yes, one person can quickly construct the tent!

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Which Brand is Best for the Family?

Mountain Trails & Coleman tents would be a great choice for the family. They come with the most space for the best prices.

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Which One is the Best for the Couple?

There is no doubt that the best tent for a romantic getaway is the Coleman brand. Their tents offer extra protection from extreme and unexpected weather conditions. With the bathtub style floor designs and rain resistant materials, it’s perfect for the vacationing couple that isn’t used to camp life.

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Which Brand Would the Hikers Prefer?

Generally, hikers are professionals when it comes to camping. Wenzel offers the best scenario and resources for professional outdoorsman. The Wenzel name is most known among the community of hikers, cyclists, and outdoors veterans.

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What is Our Favorite Brand?

Our favorite brand is Coleman. With the advanced weatherproof materials and design, it’s a gold nugget in our sight. Let’s not forget that they have reasonable and affordable prices! Out of these best tent brands, Coleman stands above the rest.

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