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Are you fond of hunting? If you then what do you use for hunting? Do you prefer handgun? If your answer is yes then get one thing straight, then it is very important for any handgun user that it should be concealed very carefully. Moreover, it should be much secured and easily accessible.

Now, what do you think? Which thing can spare you with the embarrassment of carrying handgun alone? It is only the best shoulder holster. Before you freeze your choice for a shoulder holster, I suggest you try out various shoulder holsters available in the market. If you want to narrow down your search list, then go through the buyer’s guide presented below meticulously.

There are mainly two types of holsters available in a market considering material types. They are:

  • Leather holsters
  • Synthetic holsters

Top 5 Best Shoulder Holster 2017 Market​

What is a Shoulder Holster?

  • The most useful and popular holster is a shoulder holster. You might be wondering what shoulder holster is. It is a strong holster, which is normally worn over the shoulder and used to carry a handgun.
  • Shoulder holsters are the best to carry the significant weight of your handgun, especially when you go out for hunting and camping. The good thing about them is that weight is divided on your shoulders. It assures security, and you can simply wear them under your coat.
  • The most important requirement from any holster is the space for body movement. Such shoulder holsters give you a perfect room for easy body movement. It does not matter if you are riding, driving your sitting, it gives considerable comfort. You can also carry long guns on hunting if you want.
  • Any hunter wants a concealed carry handgun, and these shoulder holsters are the best to satisfy their need. However, these shoulder holsters are comparatively complex than hip holsters. Therefore, you should try out various designs and figure out, which one match best and work for your body shape.
  • Shoulder holsters are much of like lightweight, waterproof backpacks unlike those tiring some. All you need to go through is tedious trial and error process to get the perfect fitted shoulder holster to enjoy hunting effortlessly.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Shoulder Holster?

There are different merits and demerits of using shoulder holsters. All of them are mentioned below. It will certainly help you to understand the importance of using shoulder holsters. It will also draw your attention towards the factors you need to keep in mind while getting the best shoulder holster.

Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster



  • The first thing you need to pin down is a comfort. This is the significant reason why we buy shoulder holster. They are very simple to carry under your hunting coat. They are also known as underarm shoulder holsters.
  • Any leather or synthetic material shoulder holster will offer comfort if the quality of the material is good. Unlike other holsters like belt or hip, shoulder holsters give the best comfort even if you have spine injuries.
  • It offers the convenience. Even if you wear something casual, which is not appropriate to carry a handgun then do not bother. That is what shoulder holsters are for. They are perfect to carry a handgun with you by just wearing shoulder holsters. Now, your gun will be at the right place where it meant to be.
  • It also gives the provision for carrying other stuff like flashlight or mug with you. Just buy a perfect shoulder holster, and you are good to go with the combo of everything you need for hunting.
  • If you use shoulder holster instead of other kind holsters, then you can easily access your accessories with any of your hands. It does not matter if you are sitting or standing, everything is handy.
  • If you are driving, then there is no other type of holster, which is easy to use. By using a shoulder holster, you can simply drag out your handgun even if you are wearing a seatbelt.


  • If you are not professional, then it is a little bit risky to use it. We are saying this as you know that the design of shoulder holsters are complicated. Therefore, someone who is training, it is dangerous to them to use it without practicing.
  • It is also possible if you are still taking training that you accidently shoot in a wrong direction and get someone injured.
  • In comparison with other holsters, shoulder holsters are very slow.
  • All the accessories, which you keep in a shoulder holster, they would be flopping around. This can slow you down a bit when you try to get your handgun while hunting.

How to Choose the Best Shoulder Holster for Yourself?

Get one thing crystal clear about shoulder holsters there are three main factors you should consider when you are looking for the best shoulder holster for yourself.

  • Comfort
  • Security or protection
  • Convenience

While searching for the right shoulder holster, do not forget to consider all the things, which are mentioned below. If your shoulder holster has most of the features out of all these, then you will certainly end up with the good one.

  • Holster material should be good quality.
  • Weapon retention is important. Do make sure that you can draw your handgun easily even if with good retention.
  • Concealment is all you need at the end.
  • Drawing motion should be made with ease.
  • It should fit you perfectly and should not deform so easily.
  • It should cover trigger of handgun nicely.

Some of the top rated shoulder holsters are presented below, which will surely narrow down your search.

1. Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster

It is a shoulder holster in black color. It comes in a modular design, which is best for both kinds of people such as right handed or left handed. It also contains padded shoulder and two magazine pouches.

Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster

Important Features

  • It contains padded shoulders
  • It also contains two magazine pouches
  • Its design fits for any pistols and revolvers


  • It offers the provision of a custom fit. All the components in this are adjustable
  • There are Velcro straps for a pouch tension and web belt


  • If you are using a heavy handgun, then this will not work well
  • If you are a small person or have small torso, then this will be bit difficult to handle

This Crosman holster is unique of its kind. It is made of ambidextrous 100% adjustable garment and is widely preferred for the medium size handguns. You can discretely carry your pistol using this holster. It comprises of retention straps that can release with ease and a carry pouch that can carry two spare clips.

Crosman AirSoft Shoulder Holster

Important Features

  • For the airsoft guns, this is ambidextrous shoulder holster
  • It has quick retention straps
  • It is fully adjustable
  • It contains a pouch, which is used for two spare clips


  • You can easily set a height of gun holster or clip pouch easily because it is adjustable
  • They are easy to wash
  • Its material is durable
  • These are affordable holsters


  • The straps of the holsters are not symmetrical sometimes, which makes it difficult to adjust
  • The clip pouch’s length is not enough

Made of top-notch quality leather, this shoulder holster comes at a highly affordable price compared to the others. It can perfectly fit the Beretta 92F and 1911A1 .45 pistols as it is designed in the USA to comfortably and securely carry the autoloaders.

The best part about this holster is the safety strap (leather), hold-down loop (leather) and adjustable harness (leather.)

Military-Style Shoulder Holster

Important Features

  • They are designed for the pistols 1911A1.45 and Beretta 92F 9mm
  • It is made up of cowhide leather
  • It has leather harness, which is adjustable
  • There is a hold-down loop made up of leather


  • It is one of the high-quality leather shoulder holsters, which is available in unbeatable prize
  • It is safe to carry autoloaders in it because it is secure and comfortable
  • It is rugged and tough for boot-camp


  • It requires oiling because of the leather to keep it soft
  • It is not for the lazy people because due to chest strap, it demands some of the movements
  • It requires assembly, which may seem challenging to some of the people

This shoulder holster was reintroduced on the 30th anniversary of Galco. You may be surprised to know that it was firstly introduced by the famous Jackass leather company in the year 1970. It is designed to perfectly fit the 1911 Colt (5 inches), the Para, Kimber, and right-hand Springfield (Havana.)

This one is perfect for law enforcement professionals, and the military men.

Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder System for 1911 5-Inch Colt, Kimber, Para, Springfield (Havana, Right-hand)

Important Features

  • It is made up of finest materials
  • It has great durability
  • The quality of it is appealing
  • It is widely used for the semiautomatic pistols


  • It is balanced and comfortable
  • Some of the parts are made up of flexion, which is stronger than plastic, and there is no fear of corrosion with time
  • It is best for the small men


  • Retention screw gets loose with time. Therefore, you need to adjust it carefully if you do not want to drop your gun
  • The leather straps are not polished

5. Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shoulder Holster (B804-G17)

This shoulder holster is designed in the horizontal style and is manufactured in the USA. If you are in search of a holster, which accommodates Glocks of various sizes such as 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35, and 39, then this is exactly what you are looking for; so, choose it. It is available in black color.

It offers complete comfort with 100% adjustable back swivel, flat laying straps. It also comprises of dual ammunition carrier, everything in absolute, genuine leather.

Gould & Goodrich B804-G17 Gold Line Shoulder Holster (Black) Fits GLOCK 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35, 39

Important Features

  • It is made up of finest leather in all around world
  • It has double ammunition carrier
  • There is non-glare hardware
  • There are back swivel in it


  • Due to the back swivel, it offers great concealment
  • Back swivel also helps the straps to place flat
  • It is easily adjustable
  • It offers great comfort level


  • Though these are concealed carry, they are not that much fancy

Out of all the products mentioned above, the clear choice may seem Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shoulder Holster due to many reasons. It is available at a great price and appears like a dream. The comfort and security level is just commendable.

However, you do not forget to try many shoulder holsters before ending up to one. In the end, the one who can satisfy all your need is the best shoulder holster for you.


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