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Inflatable tents are tents that have inflatable beams instead of the traditional metals one. These tents are often lightweight and more portable than tradition tents. They can inflate in just a few minutes and are easy for one person to set up on their own.

They are often more durable than other types of tents and last a long time. They are a relatively new concept but are becoming more common and affordable. There are air tents designed for casual backyard camping or serious long term camping in the rugged wilderness.

Comparison Table 

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Why Choose An Inflatable Tent?

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Most people choose to purchase inflatable tents because they are convenient, affordable, and sets up quickly and easily. They offer all the benefits of a traditional tent, with the added bonus of convenience.

People who do a lot of primitive camping or backpacking appreciate that there are fewer pieces to keep track of and that they are lightweight and portable. They make the entire camping process more pleasant, so you spend less time pitching your tent and more time camping in it.

How to Setup an Inflatable Tent

Setting up air tents is a simple process. Two people can do it in no time, but most are made so one person can even do it. All air tents are slightly different, but for most, the process starts with unpacking the tent and rolling it out on the ground.

Once you peg the tent to the ground, you can inflate it. As soon as the air flows through the inflatable frame, the tent pops right up, and you can put the final pegs in place. The tents can hold air for a long time and remain sturdy and secure in the wind, rain, and even direct sunlight.

How We Choose Our Ratings

We understand that shoppers want to read honest and accurate reviews that can help them make smart choices about their purchases. We take a lot of things into consideration when creating our lists including brand reputation, overall value, and the reviews of other customers. Some other things we consider include,

  • Cost
  • Setup
  • Occupancy limits
  • Size
  • Weather resistance
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Number of rooms
  • Portability
  • Weight
  • Convenience

Top 17 Inflatable Tents

There are many air tents on the market, and it can be tough to know which ones are good and which ones are not. It’s important to research different brand and tents and compare them to eat other when shopping for the perfect tent for your camping needs. Here are some of the tents that we recommend.  Check out the features and reviews of each one and see if any of them are right for you.

Outwell Birdland 5P Premium 5 Man Tunnel Tent Grey

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The Outwell Phantom 5SA is an air tent that is made to be rugged and durable. It is a 5-person tent with two bedrooms and plenty of space. One bedroom is slightly larger than the other, and they are both longer than most tent sleeping areas.

There is a shelter on the front of the tent that adds protection from the elements. This tent is perfect for people who camp often or for long periods. There is plenty of room to move around and store belongings.  It can fit two double air mattresses and even a couple camp chairs.

Vango Odyssey Air 500

[amazon box=”B01LB0N23O”]

The Vango Odyssey Air 500 is a 3-room camping tent that is large enough to sleep the whole family comfortably. It’s easy to set up, and the beams are strong and sturdy once inflated. It comes with its own air pump and can be ready to camp in less than 10 minutes.

It has a dark room for better sleeping and an external waterproof shell that helps keep the temperature inside the tent comfortable. It features two sleeping areas and a sitting area. The sitting room floor is not sewn in, so you can remove it if desired. It’s perfect for groups of friends or families with children.

MOOSE OUTDOORS Inflatable Tent

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The Moose Outdoors Inflatable tent for camping 3-4 person instant pop up it offers luxury comfort at an affordable price. It is easy to set up. The inflatable poles are easy to peg, and the frame fills with air reasonably quickly. The tent is strong and sturdy. It can withstand both rain and wind without any trouble.

The groundsheet is also extremely tough, so you don’t have to worry about sharp object poking holes through the bottom. There is a sheltered with windows and a large door on the front. The tent body also has several large windows which make this tent great for camping in scenic areas.

Vango Taiga 600XL

[amazon box=”B01LB0N7O8”]

The Vango Taiga 600XL tent is rain resistant and easy to set up. The poles inflate quickly and are sturdy in all weather conditions. It has a groundsheet that is sewn into the sides of the tent to help provide more protection during bad weather. It has an air ventilation system to help make inflating and deflating faster.

Customers who own this tent say that it is comfortable and perfect for quick overnight campouts for more extended camping. The tent has curtains for privacy. They also help keep the tent dark even during the day, so later sleepers won’t be bothered by the sun.  It packs up neatly and is easy to store and carry.

Coleman 6 Man Fastpitch Air Valdes Tent

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Coleman is a trusted name in the sporting goods industry. The Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes Tent is an innovative air tent with a lot of features. It blocks out sunlight for better sleep in one of the bedrooms. The material is strong and durable. It can be used in various types of weather conditions and can sleep up to six people.

It’s spacious and can be set up in just a few minutes. It has three bedrooms and a center cook to hang a lantern.  The rooms are large, and each one can easily fit a double air mattress. Each room has a zipper on the door, and the entrance is large. The front door can be rolled up and down for easy access. Some owners do complain that it is heavy and hard to carry.

Heimplanet The Cave Inflatable Geodesic 3-Person 3-Season Tent

[amazon box=”B0106BFUIY”]

The Heimplanet Fistral Inflatable Geodesic Tent is perfect for a two to three people. It is easy to set up, and one person can easily do it alone. It has a multi-chamber safety system with individual inflatable chambers separated by valves to help the air circulate and to keep campers comfortable.

Campers simply unroll it and set up the frame. It’s stable and weatherproof. The frame is made from recycled material and is durable. It’s lightweight and easy to carry.

Moose Outdoor Qwikfram Air Tents For 4 People

[amazon box=”B01HU93J0G”]

The Moose Outdoor Air Inflatable Pop Up Tent is capable of withstanding harsh weather and wings. It is made of polyester and is extremely durable. The quick frame inflation system makes it easy to set up and helps keep it flexible.

It comes with an air pump but also works with electric and battery inflators. It is very roomy and can sleep at least four people. There is room for two queen size air mattresses and plenty of personal items. It offers front and side entry and has a sewn in groundsheet. It is Water, UV & Fire Resistant.

Outdoor Single Inflatable Bubble Tent

[amazon box=”B012WPL1PS”]

If you want a tent that will allow you to experience everything nature has to offer, then this inflatable bubble tent is the one to choose. It’s completely clear so you can see everything that is around you. While this is great for nature lovers, campers who like privacy may find it a problem.

It inflates in no time and is guaranteed to keep its shape, even in strong winds. It’s versatile and works well for camping, on the beach, or in the backyard. It’s large and spacious, but also a little pricey. Customers who own it say it’s fun surprisingly durable.

Wenzel Vortex 6 Tent

 [amazon box=”B017NFRQV0”]

The Wenzel Vortex 6 Tent is a durable and high quality tent that customer claim will last for years. It is made of polyester and has a lot of space. It has a peak high of 74 inches and five windows that let light and air inside. The door is also large, which means you can easily get already inflated mattresses and other large items inside the tent.

It’s excellent for scenic camping, and you don’t have to worry about trees, rocks, or briars puncturing it. It can sleep up to seven people comfortably and is wind and water resistant.  It’s great for people who camp often and like to bring a lot of supplies with them.

Outsunny Compact Portable Pop-Up Tent

 [amazon box=”B07T4PC5TC”]

The Wenzel Vortex 6 Tent is a durable and high quality tent that customer claim will last for years. It is made of polyester and has a lot of space. It has a peak high of 74 inches and five windows that let light and air inside. The door is also large, which means you can easily get already inflated mattresses and other large items inside the tent.

It’s excellent for scenic camping, and you don’t have to worry about trees, rocks, or briars puncturing it. It can sleep up to seven people comfortably and is wind and water resistant.  It’s great for people who camp often and like to bring a lot of supplies with them.

The Original Airfort Build Inflatable for Kids

 [amazon box=”B01NBNP92R”]

The Air Fort Build A Fort in 30 Seconds is not a large tent, but if you are doing some light camping or camp alone, it is more than adequate. It inflates quickly and is spacious. The tent is excellent for children who like to camp in the backyard or to use as an additional tent for guest.

It is not as sturdy as many of the other tents on the market but is water resistant. It is not meant for windy conditions or rugged camping. If you want something that you can quickly set up for some backyard camping, it’s a great option.

Outwell Air Clipper

 [amazon box=”B074GP9C47”]

The Outwell Air Clipper is a simple tent that can easily be set up by one person in just a few minutes. It uses a unique valve system to inflate the three tubes for faster inflation. It’s very spacious with room for an air mattress, chairs, and even a small table. There is one large bedroom at the back of the tent that can sleep up to four people.

The door is large, and when open it can be stuffed into a pocket inside the tent. The material is high quality polyester, and it’s wind and waterproof. It’s perfect for casual weekend camping. It folds up and fits into an included carrying bag for easy storage.

Sunncamp – Breton 500 Air Tent 2014

[amazon box=”B00JREV3XI”]

The Sunncamp Breton 500 is a family tent that can be converted from one room to a two or bedroom. It has a large front and a side door that rolls up. There is also a mesh canopy that can be attached to the tent with the optional canopy pole set. It has a durable groundsheet that prevents rips and tears. The seams are heat sealed in order to avoid leaks.

It’s waterproof and performs well in windy weather. The tent has a ventilation system for easy inflation and deflations. There are plenty of storage pockets on the inside and large windows that let light in during the daytime hours. It’s great for weekend camping and is easy to set up and take down.

Quechua Air Seconds XL 3

 [amazon box=”9577175740”]

The Quechua Air Seconds XL 3P is a unique tent because the inflatable beams are on the outside to provide for space on the inside. There are PVC windows with a mesh backing that let in light and allow for scenic viewing. It has an attached groundsheet and numerous inner storage pockets. The living area is in the front of the tent, and there is a large bedroom in the rear that can sleep up to four people comfortably.

There are mesh panels on the doors to help improve airflow and hooks for hanging lanterns and other essential items. It’s easy to pitch and affordable. The ventilation makes it perfect for summer camping. Some owners did complain that it leaked during rainstorms.

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

 [amazon box=”B016N7DFMI”]

The Air Venus is a tube tent that is easy to set up and take down. It has separate sleeping and living areas, stable air arches, and large windows and doors. It is made of durably polyester and has a sewn-in groundsheet. It sleeps up to four people and comes with an air pump.

A barrier sheet can help separate the sleeping areas for privacy. It has both front and side doors and plenty of storage space. It’s great for all seasons and makes a nice weekend camping tent.  It may not be large enough for families or long term camping.

Outwell Harrier Inflatable Tent

 [amazon box=”B01N2ICEMJ”]

The Outwell Harrier Inflatable Tent is a 5-person tent that has plenty of living space and sleeping space. It has a unique design that prevents stress at the arches. It is made of polyester which is durable and breathable.  The front door is large and easy to open, and there is also a convenient side door.

There is a front vestibular that makes a great sitting area. The tent inflates with one valve in a matter of minutes. It comes with a double pump and a carrying bag.  It folds up to be compact, so it is easy to toss in the car or carry to the campsite. It’s also not heavy, so it’s not a pain to load and unload.

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Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for the best tent, there are several things to consider. Think about the type of camping you do and choose a tent that can withstand the weather conditions of your favorite camping spots. Decide which features are important to you and check to make sure the tent you choose has them.

Keep in mind that just because a tent is inexpensive, it does not mean it is the best value. Don’t just buy the first tent you see. Take your time and do some research to make sure it’s the right one for your camping needs.

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