The Best Compound Bow Available In The Market Today

Each one of us needs some a recreational activity to escape from the hectic schedule and the rut of life. Many people find their peace in hunting. With the hunting season approaching you need to be well equipped as a good hunt not only depends on your aim but the kind of equipment you use.

Gone are the days when a simple bow and arrow was used for hunting. In this new era of technology compound bows is an essential item, which can give you great results with less effort. Don't worry in this buying guide we will help you choose the best compound bow there is.

Top 5 Best Compound Bow 

What is a Compound Bow?

A compound bow is a modern bow, which is equipped with a decent leveling system to help bend the limbs of the bow. This leveling system is made of cables and pulleys, which give you the access to a better mechanical advantage.

The limbs of the compound bow are stiffer as compared to a regular bow, and it consumes less energy for the limb movement, which means that you require less force to dissipate. As it has the advanced technology, it gives you a better aim and is not affected by the change in the outside temperature.

The shape of the pulleys is eccentric as compared to the round pulleys in a traditional bow, which makes the radius to change as they rotate. There are two cam tracks in the pulley. They are inner cam track and outer cam track. The inner cam track is connected to the limbs mechanically; whereas, outer cam track runs through the bowstring.

Compound bows provide a superior aim, speed, and distance as compared to other bows. They are now widely used for hunting and competitions worldwide. They give the ability to maintain the position of the bow for a longer period when it is at full draw without inflicting the brute strength. This makes it suitable for use for women too as they require the exertion of less force.

There is also a feature, which is known as "let-off", which means that point when the string is drawn back, and the archer can draw less weight. Having this feature allows the archer to have more time before taking an aim, which gives high accuracy. This is a necessary tool for hunting as it gives you an advantage of precise aim at the first try.

What are the Different Types of Compound Bows available in the Market?

Compound bows are differentiated by their cam system. The types of compound bows are:

SAS Siege 55 lb 29'' Compound Bow w/ 5-Spot Paper Target


  • Single cam: it features an "idler wheel" at the top of the bow and has an elliptical power can below, which gives a good balance and extra power to the bow. They are very easy to use and don't make any noise. The demerit of this type would be that it is a very basic type of compound bow, which makes it different to tune as compared to the other types.
  • Hybrid cams: it features a controlling cam at the top, which makes it efficient to use and control the bow. Like single cam, it also has a power cam at the lower end. It is very easy to tune a hybrid cam and is durable for a larger period. It does have a less nock travel, which gives it a disadvantage.
  • Twin cams: this type of compound bow users’ two kinds of cams. Each of, which may be round or elliptical and it set on both ends of the bow. This way it gives you a good and accurate aim as it has a striking balance. It also gives you a greater velocity, which makes the aim to be more precise and is not distorted by the outside changes of the weather. The design of this type of compound bow is complex, which makes it difficult to maintain.
  • Binary cams: they are almost similar to the twin cams, and the only difference is that each end of the bows has cams, which are slaved into each other. This feature gives you a very high velocity and a good nock travel. It also has its disadvantage, which is that it has a very complex design and is difficult to maintain.

How to Choose the Best Compound Bow for Yourself?

Before buying a compound bow for yourself, you need to consider some factors given below to have the best hunting experience. They are:

  • Strength: firstly you need to find out your strength as it plays a major factor in choosing the strength of the compound bow. If you have low strength and you think that by buying a compound bow with extra strength can compensate for that then you are wrong in this area. Compound bows have different designs, which all work in a unique way. They will require less force as compared to regular bows but your strength and that of the bow should be compatible.
  • Eye dominance: practice aiming with a regular bow to find out your eye dominance. As choosing the suitable and comfortable eye is very important as it gives you the posture and also coordinates your hand movement. Different designs of compound bows have special features regarding the holding style and technique. So read the description of the product carefully and select the product, which fulfills all your needs.
  • Axle length: it is the total length of the compound bow. It is proved that shorter bows are easy to use, but the accuracy of the aim is low. You need to practice before using shorter bows, and it is commonly used by hunters who hunt from tree stands. Experts recommend using longer bows as they overcome the demerits of shorter bows.
  • Bow weight: you need to carry your bows by yourself if you plan to go hunting, which requires longer outdoor time. Heavy bows can make this job difficult as the weight will tire you quickly. Lighter bows are easier to carry around.
  • Draw weight: it is the amount of effort you put to draw a bow. Choose the bow with, which you feel comfortable and requires less effort. Ideal weight is considered to be 50 pounds or more.

Other than these factors you also need to keep your hunting equipment up to date and have all the gear you need for outdoor camping as hunting is not a quick task, so you need to be prepared for all kinds of situations. Choose durable camping tents and also keep first aid camping kits handy in case of any emergency.

There are many options available in the market for compound bows and to make your choice easier we have reviewed some products below:

1. Genesis Bows

They have a special feature, which entails the elimination of let off and suits particular draw requirement. It can be used by any age group and serve as a good introduction to archery. The bow is adjustable and light.

Genesis Original Bow

Important Features

  • Dimensions: 41*16.5*3.5 inches
  • Official bow of national archery in the school program
  • Great for beginners and intermediate


  • Suitable for all ages, sizes, and sports related abilities
  • Does not make noise
  • Less maintenance and tuning issues


  • Less draw weight
  • Not suitable for advanced hunting

It has a special feature, which is compressed ABS limb balance. It also has a strong layered limb and can sustain heavy draw weights with pivoting limb pockets giving high accuracy.

SAS Siege 55 lb 29'' Compound Bow w/ 5-Spot Paper Target

Important Features

  • Dimensions: 42.5*11.5*2 inches
  • High speed of 206 FPS
  • Includes five spot paper target


  • Highly durable
  • Adjustable bows
  • Can take the high force of 55 lbs.


  • Can be used by right handed people only
  • Not compact

It is considered to be the best choice for beginners and makes archery fun. It is ideal to teach kids on how to hold the bow, aim, and fire. It will help to develop an accurate aim and improve the concentration of the children.

Bear Archery Scout Youth Archery Set | 2 Safety Glass Arrows | Ideal for Kids and Teenagers

Important Features

  • Description: 1*1*1 inches
  • Made of aluminum
  • Pre-loaded limbs


  • Enhanced accuracy
  • High power
  • Good grip


  • Not suitable for adults
  • Less let off percentage

The Elkhorn bow is designed for the use of the youth but can give you a more practical experience for real life hunting. It includes a composite cam system with advanced cables. It is ideal for beginners and children.

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

Important Features

  • Dimensions: 2*14*36 inches
  • Includes warranty and support
  • Comes with cable guard


  • Good balance
  • High axle length
  • Large sight window


  • Not suitable for advanced hunting
  • Doesn't have adjustable draw weight

It includes a high draw length for advanced archers and an XL arrow rest. It is a multi-shooter bow, which can do many functions at once. It has a solid supporting wall for better grip and balance. It is easy and very comfortable to use.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Important Features

  • Dimensions: 34*12*5 inches
  • Offers warranty and support
  • Multi-purpose bow
  • Includes lite octane quiver and string loop


  • Wide draw weight range
  • Comfortable wrist sling
  • High speed


  • Not durable
  • Less nock travel

According to the customer feedback and our product review, SIEGE compound bow has shown the best results. We highly recommend you to use this product as with the special ABS limb feature gives you the special edge for a good hunt. It takes all the factors into consideration for efficient hunting and is suitable for all age groups.

So keep your camping tents and hunting gear ready and get ready to have a wonderful and fruitful hunting experience.


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