options available that can serve a variety of purposes.  

If you’re planning to have any outdoor event with a group of people, having a canopy tent is a must. They can come in handy for things like tailgating before a game, staying in the shade when you’re having a family picnic in the park, or as your beacon for the spot you’ve claimed at the beach.

Canopy tents let you enjoy the outdoors while protecting you from things like sun, rain, and some even have screens to keep the bugs away.

Comparison Table

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How We Chose Our Ratings

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Accuracy and honesty are essential to us, so to come up with our ratings, we thoroughly examine customer reviews and testimonials, as well as data about canopy tents, and the general reputation about the brand.

Top 6 Best Canopy Tents 

Accuracy and honesty are essential to us, so to come up with our ratings, we thoroughly examine customer reviews and testimonials, as well as data about canopy tents, and the general reputation about the brand.

Quick Set Escape Shelter Popup Tent

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The Quick Set Escape Shelter Popup Tent sets up in less than a minute and can be used straight out of the box with no assembly. Lay the tent flat on the floor, pop out the five hubs, push up the roof, and you’re good to go. It’s available in:

  • Green
  • Camouflage
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Tan

Depending on which color you choose, the price can vary from around $220 to $285.

If you need to fit your family or group of friends, you can fit six to eight people in the 94 square feet of space. You can also fit a standard picnic sized table under the 140 inches by 140 inches hub-to-hub of the canopy. No-see-um mesh screening ensures you’re able to relax in your tent without bugs to keep you company.  

No need to worry if you get caught in the rain because the water-resistant roof with taped seams will keep you dry. Built-in roof flaps make sure any falling rain is deviated over wind panels. Made with 210 denier poly-oxford fabric with 600 denier poly-oxford in the middle section of the roof, and with 50+ UV protection, the sun and heat should be repelled as well.

The Quick Set Escape Tent is constructed out of fire-retardant materials so you can set it up near your bonfire or barbecue without fire safety concerns.

Six tent stakes, tie-down ropes, and triple layer corner pole pockets make sure this sturdy canopy tent stands up to the elements and stays put. An oversized carry bag helps to transport and store the tent that measures 72 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 8 inches high when folded.

Out of almost 1,000 buyers who have reviewed the Quick Set on Amazon, about 87 percent have given it a four or five-star rating. Many users are fans of the tent’s durability, quality materials, and size.

E-Z Up Pyramid Instant Shelter Canopy

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​The E-Z Up Pyramid Instant Shelter Canopy tent can be a good option if you’re interested in a simple canopy without the mesh walls or doors. But if it rains, this waterproof canopy will still keep you dry.

You can chill in 100 square feet of shade under this pyramid canopy that measures 10 feet by 10 feet. You can adjust the height to five different positions with the maximum height under the tent being 10 feet and 5 inches. The cathedral-style ceiling of the Pyramid means there’s no awkward crossbar running across the center of the canopy. You don’t need any tools to set up the tent. The frame comes fully assembled, and after you open it and extend the legs, you’re good to go.

Choose from color options like:

  • Black
  • Limeade
  • Royal blue
  • White
  • Orange

Depending on the color you select, the price can vary from around $185 to $220, but all options come with a three-year warranty.

The canopy is fire-resistant and offers 99% UV protection from the sun. To pack up the canopy, use the push button to toggle the legs closed and the auto slider pull-pins to release the corners. Collapse and fold the tent into its wheeled storage bag. When folded up, the tent measures about 8 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 6 inches high.

About 80 percent of Amazon buyers who have reviewed the E-Z Up Pyramid Instant Canopy give it a four or five-star rating saying that it’s very well made, lives up to its waterproof claims, and is as easy to set up and take down as the name indicates.

Coleman Screened Canopy Tent

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The Coleman Screened Canopy Tent can be set up in about a minute thanks to the patented Instant Frame by unfolding the telescoping poles and extending them to their full height. You can select a green or brown tent from three available sizes:

  • 10 by 10 feet
  • 12 by 10 feet
  • 15 by 13 feet

The screen can help you keep the bugs from interfering with your enjoyment of the outdoors, but the mesh won’t keep air from flowing through the interior. The Coleman has two large T-doors that you can use to get in and out of the tent from either the front or the back.

You’ll be protected from the sun with the Polyguard double-thick fabric in the canopy ceiling that has a UVGuard UPF 50+ coating.  

The 10 by 10-foot Coleman is selling on Amazon for around $70, the 15 by 13-foot tent is about $95, and both come with a one-year warranty.

Over 3,000 customers who reviewed the Coleman Screened Canopy tent would give it a four or five-star rating with many highly recommending it to others because of how easy it is to assemble, and the amount of space covered. Buyers used it for a variety of reasons like picnicking, watching their kids’ soccer games, and hanging out in the backyard.

Negative reviews from users say the tent frame is sturdy, but the canopy itself did not live up to their expectations. According to some fine print in the instructions bag, the canopy is not ideal for frequent or extended usage.

Coleman will only replace the tent if the canopy becomes damaged during the warranty period so keep that in mind if your canopy tent is something you would like to use all summer long.

Quictent EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent

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Equipped with netting that covers all four sides, the Quictent EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent lets you enjoy being outside without worrying about getting bitten by mosquitoes or having annoying flies buzzing around your head.

The screens have double zippers that you can set up as front and back doors to get in and out. Keeping the zippers pulled down can help you in your efforts to keep the bugs out.  

The pop-up steel frame comes fully assembled and doesn’t require any tools so that’s one less worry. It’s also easy to fold up and transport when it’s time to put it away. You can adjust the height of the top of the canopy to either 8.5 feet, 8.2 feet, or 7.9 feet.   

The canopy is made of a waterproof polyester so if the weather takes a turn, you won’t get wet and the frame is made of anti-corrosion resistant steel that won’t rust in the rain.  

You can choose a standard tan color or green if you want to blend in or pink if you’d like for the tent to have a pop of color. The different sizes available include 10 by 10 feet, 8 by 8 feet, 6 by 6 feet or 10 by 20 feet.

Each Quictent EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent package comes with:

  • 1 pop-up frame
  • 1 roof cover
  • 1 set of sidewall
  • 1 storage/carry bag
  • 1 set of ropes and stakes

Depending on the size of the tent you select, the price can vary from $119 to $219.

Over 75 percent of reviewers have given the Quictent EZ Pop Up Canopy a four or five-star rating, and many enjoy how well it serves its purpose. Many buyers note that the tent is made of durable, quality materials.

On the other hand, some customers have opposing views and say that their tent did not last very long or felt flimsy and some say it won’t keep you dry in a downpour. However, some users who have had negative reviews have even updated their reviews later to a higher category due to a positive experience with Quictent’s customer service.

Texsport Wayford Screenhouse Arbor Canopy

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The Texas Wayford Screenhouse has a steel frame and measures 12 by 9 feet with a center height of 82 inches. Keep the bugs out with the two zippered mesh walls that also double as the doors to get in and out of the tent.

The two mesh walls also retract to form a standard arbor and the roof poles are shock-corded fiberglass. The Texasport Screenhouse is flame retardant so you can set it up to keep you out of the sun when you barbecue nearby without worrying about it being a potential fire hazard.

The taffeta roof is coated with polyurethane for added durability against the elements. Ground stakes are included for keeping the tent grounded if windy conditions should occur and you also get a carrying bag for storing and transporting the canopy.

Around 30 percent of buyers who have reviewed the Texasport Wayford Screenhouse Arbor Canopy were disappointed with their purchase and many of those returned it. However, the other 70 percent of customers felt that it was a solid purchase for the $66 price tag with over half of those users giving it a four or five-star rating.

Quest Recreational Canopy Tent

[amazon box=”B00OTZZGJW”]

Quest calls their Recreational Canopy Tent a mesh screen house because the 12 by 12-foot tent provides 100 square feet of covered space for you to enjoy. If you plan on having a large outdoor gathering or will be with many people, this canopy tent could be what you need.

The walk-in height is 7 feet and 6 inches. Shock-cord poles simplify the process of setting up and taking it down. With a tent this size, having it collapse or fall over is always a concern, but four guy lines are attached to the valance to assist with a secure setup.

The canopy has fire retardant and water-resistant fabric, so you can barbecue or have a bonfire nearby, and rain should not penetrate the top. Mesh walls help to keep mosquitoes and other annoying bugs out but let the air flow in to keep you from feeling stifled. You can tie back the zippered doors to the tent to allow for extra ventilation when you want to leave it open.

There is a band around the bottom should you need to seal it off with gravel to keep insects from getting in through the ground level. There’s also a ring at the top to hang a light from if you plan to use the canopy at night. A carrying bag for storing and transporting the mesh house comes with the tent.

Close to 75 percent of buyers who have reviewed the Quest Recreational Canopy Tent have given it four or five stars. Positive reviews note that it’s lightweight at 12 pounds, folds up small, and easy to set up.

Buyer’s Guide 

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It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of having a canopy tent that will be your go-to for all your outdoor needs, but before you click “Confirm Purchase,” don’t forget to double check a few details:

  • Size:  Make sure the tent in your shopping cart will fit everything and everyone you want to put under the canopy. Try to also keep in mind the size the tent will be when folded up so you can know that it will fit in your vehicle for transporting.

  • Protection: Does the roof of your canopy come with some sun protection like a UPF coating or is that something you don’t necessarily need?  

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