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While it may seem like it’s too far away to think about at this time, summer is right around the corner, and it won’t be long before you are considering a new tent to take the family camping. To make sure that everyone is having a good time, making sure you have a large enough tent to accommodate everybody is essential. The best 5 person tent can be tough to find.

If you don’t have a big enough tent to accommodate your family, it might be a good idea to consider getting a more massive five-person tent that can allow enough room for everybody to live comfortably. As a result, in this article, we’ll be looking at what the best five-person tents are, and we’ll be revealing the top five that make our list.

Our ratings get based on several different factors that qualify each product for the top of the list. These factors include :

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How We Rate Our Products

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Durability:  It’s essential for your tent to stand up to all forms of weather, even the type of weather that you don’t expect during your camping trip. We’ll look at durability and waterproofing on all of these tents, and the ones that are more durable will rate higher.

Customer Reviews: Customer reviews come tried-and-tested, so we know Whether or not a company keeps its promises and what its product delivers. While all of these products come highly rated, will be taking a close look at issues that could impact your purchasing choices and evaluating each product accordingly.

Tent Features: Is it easy to set up? Will it provide enough space to accommodate everybody? These are questions that we’ll be asking as we review these products and they will be rated by what they offer.

The Best 5 Person Tent: Top 5 Reviewed

Coleman WeatherMaster

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This tent is the luxury class of family sized sleeping tents. The Coleman WeatherMaster comes with a spacious 11 feet by 9 feet interior that will comfortably accommodate two queen-size air beds with an additional 9 foot by 6-foot screen room where you can lounge around and enjoy camping activities with a protectant screen that keeps pest bugs out of your area.

You get a tub style floor with your WeatherTech tent that provides welded corners and protected seems.  Zipper pockets come also covered, and this design features all guaranteed to keep water out of your tent at all times, and if you feel that’s not enough, your purchase also comes with an included rain fly for your tent which provides even more protection against the elements.

The WeatherMaster features hinged doors and angled windows that not only provide extra Protection on keeping rain out of your tent; it also makes it easy for you to get in and out of your tent even in a hurry.

Overall it takes about 20 minutes to put this large tent together, and built with snag free pull sleeves and slip-proof pen and ring systems as well as install-clip suspension.

This tent also comes with a convenient E-port so you can bring your electrical power inside the tent without worry about water damaging your electronics. Their storage Pockets that are lying on the inside of the tent that keep your electronics and other small items off of the floor to keep them safe And it comes with a limited one-year warranty protecting your investment.

This tent does way it about 36 pounds, and you can always opt to go for the 10-person sized tent if you feel this isn’t enough room.

Coleman Dome Tent

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The Coleman Dome Tent is another excellent choice for large family camping trips which provides a spacious interior I can easily fit two queen-size airbeds inside without any problems and provides almost six feet at its center height so you can walk around without smacking your head on the top.

Coleman gets to take advantage of the WeatherTech system that’s patented especially for their tents which features welded floors, and inverted seams that help keeps the water out. Since all of the needle holes in seams are inside the tent, there’s no way for rain to get in.

It also provides extra zipper protection which is a cough made out of the same weather-resistant material that securely covers the zipper. Their frames are meant to be wind resistant, and they managed this by engineering them to be flexible and reinforced with guy-out triangles which give extra strength to the structure.

Despite the durability that the Coleman Dome Tent comes with, It’s relatively easy to set up thanks to the snag-free pole sleeves which allows you only to feed the poles once while the rest of the tent is held on by clips.

Get easy to access storage pockets that’ll store all of the essentials, and they’re held off the floor so you won’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on your valuables. You’ll also get a convenient E-port that allows you to run an extension cord into your tent so you can run all of your electronics.

The flooring has a barrier that wraps around the outside of the interior of the tent to avoid any flooding or leaking into the interior. It’s got mesh on the roof that’s provided to give out additional ventilation, and this particular model can sleep up to six people comfortably.

NTK Cherokee GT

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The NTK Cherokee GT is another easy to put together a tent that can come assembled with a single person taking care of the assembly work. This tent only weighs about 15.2 pounds and has a floor size of 9.8 feet by 9.8 feet; plus the added benefit of having 5.9 ft in the center to accommodate for height comfort.

You’ll also get a double layer that provides full coverage and 100 percent waterproofing.

Your tent will come made out of a 190-T polyester that’s laminated with a polyurethane coating, and that gives over 2,500 mm of water column protection. This material also provides UV protection thanks to the heat seamed thermoplastic used in coating the material and is effective against UV rays from penetrating.

This incredible tent also provides a ventilated mesh roof that allows you to enjoy natural cool breezes without subjecting ourselves to mosquitoes and other pests bugs, and this can even come applied to the two-layer D-style door that also features a mesh cover.

You’ll even get a utility pocket and loft so you can stick all of your tools and extra storage out of the way while you sleep.

The frame itself made with a sick nano flex technology that compliments the fiberglass poles By providing extra durability and flexibility to these poles. It’s also, comprised of a pin and ring system which makes it quick and easy to set up along your poles.

There’s even an anti-fungus floor material utilized in this tent which not only prevents leaks and keeps you dry; it also prevents any rain from dripping in from outside. The design of the tent allows this by making it more like a bathtub in the style which provides a protective barrier around the inner rim of the canopy.

This tent is also fire retardant and comes with a zipped bag and an ideal able to personalize your canvas.

Wnnideo Instant Family Tent

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If you don’t need a lot of space and you’re more concerned about how fast you set up your tent, then the Wnnideo instant family tent is a perfect choice for you. The tent itself does not need to build up, which is ideal for people who’ve never camped before or they have minimal knowledge when putting together a tent.

Thanks to the very easy to follow instructions and the Automatic Hydraulic System you can get this tent up and go and a matter of moments. What’s even better is that the shelter is exceedingly waterproof thanks for the Oxford cloth which can handle up to 3000 mm. This cloth extends to the door, and window zipper covers as well.

As with any good waterproof tent, this one has welded flooring encoded with a silver coating which not only strengthens the floor but prevents flooding in leakage. The design of this tent also caters to wind speed strength and durability. You’ll get a lantern hanging a hook in the middle of your canvas, as well as storage pockets to keep things off of the floor.

The frame was specially engineered to handle high wind speeds thanks to its hexagonal structure which gives it six additional structural supports to handle well against high wind speeds. This feature comes also seen in the skeleton brackets and ground nails that get provided with your purchase.

This tent’s design provides four mesh screens that are both openable and detachable as well as to mesh screen doors not allow for circulation and ventilation in all seasons of the year. Thanks to the dual door design feature, you can allow more light into your tent without subjecting yourselves to harmful UV radiation.

When folded up, this comes with a unique shoulder black design that attaches itself onto your backpack which is perfect for people who are hiking or travel around often. It only weighs just under ten pounds which makes it easy to carry around whenever you need to. Currently, it’s available in three colors for up to five people, these colors are:

  • Grey
  • Green
  • Lake Blue

SEMOO Family Tent

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Even though this isn’t a large tent as far as most family size tents are concerned, this one will accommodate five people with two rooms and a vestibule in one structure. The dimensions of this tent are 8.53 feet by 7.22 feed wide, front vestibule’s floor dimension:8.53 by 3.77 feet and a peak height of 6.23 feet, for maximum comfort. which is high enough to give you enough room so that you’ll be able to stand up in the tent comfortably.

This dynamic tent allows for two sleeping chambers, protected with mosquito netting, and plenty of space for a group of 5 to 6 campers. The sleep cabins feature a lantern hook and plenty of storage pouches.

What We Think

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image source: Unsplash

Camping can be a lot of fun as long as there’s a lot of space available for everyone to sleep. Our favorite is the Coleman WeatherMaster tent because it does provide plenty of room for everyone to sleep in as well as provides a place for the family to relax and enjoy their time together that isn’t in the sleeping area.

It’s evident that Coleman is a leader in the production of tents and we’ve come to love the design features that this particular model comes.  Unfortunately, this is not a tent for you if you are an avid hiker and you’re looking for something that would work well for a family hiking trip just because it is cumbersome.

In that case, any of the other highly rated tents on this list would work out very well since the WeatherMaster is the most massive tent on our top picks.

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