When you are outdoors, you need to hold onto certain things in order to keep you going. At home or office, we have shelter as we are in a building, but where there are no buildings, and you are outdoors, a common form of shelter are tents. These are commonly used to give you the desired comfort, shade when you are camping, or hosting outdoor events like weddings etc.

Who Uses Tents and for What Purpose

As it has been clearly stated that tents are utilized in outdoor areas, you need to understand that there are multiple type of tents and they are used according to the condition. It is a fact that you cannot use any tent randomly in any given situation, you have to choose based on the need of the hour and the kind of place you are in.

Tents for Wind Protection

If you are camping or outdoors for any other purpose and wind is a bit of a concern, it is wise to be prepared in advance. There is something called the ‘A’ shaped tent, as the name suggests, you use such a tent to beat the harsh weather conditions. These tents come with two poles at either of the corners and form more like an apex with a single strong pole running down.

In the A type of tents, you are getting the modified versions these days. If you are wondering what difference could there be between the new ones compared to the old designs, well, the answer is quite simple. You get more space on the interior side and this is what you need sometimes to feel more comfortable.

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1. Tunnel Tents

For all those who are looking for that extra stability, especially to beat the wind coming from one direction, they use the tunnel tents. Many excursions trips always hold onto such tents because it is not always easy to judge the flow and intensity of the wind, and they believe in being prepared well in advance. The shape of such tents is like a tunnel; it protects from the wind and at the same time ensures more headroom space.

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2. Dome Tents

When you camping with your family or a large bunch of people, you have to settle for a tent that can suffice your requirements. Usually families go with such a tent because it stretches through two or three poles and gives immense headroom and space to have a comfortable stay. They are relatively less clogged up as compared to the other kind of tents.

These tents are easy to setup and easy to move around with as well. If the conditions get harsh and you need to relocate, it is easier to do so with the help of such a tent.

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3. Hoop Tents

Eureka! Solitaire - Tent (sleeps 1)

Eureka! Solitaire – Tent (sleeps 1)

For all those who are comfortable and used to living outdoors and need something simple to stay put, these tents are best. The reason for this is because it is easy to set up, use two or three poles, besides this, the material of such tents lets the water or snow slide away without causing any discomfort to the person resting inside.

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4. Single Hoop Tents

These tents as the name suggest are meant for one individual only. The shape of the tent is like any other tent, a bit curved and rests on poles. Another benefit of this tent is that it is easy to carry around, foldable and all those who love to hike or go mountaineering, they can easily stuff it into their backs and move around with it as they are extremely light in weight.

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These are the handful of tenting options and you can notice how they differ in usage based on the requirement and most importantly the weather conditions.

What Happens When the Weather Plays a Spoil Sport?

Many a times it happens that people go for camping and they find the weather conditions changing, surely, they have their tents with them but being underprepared can cause them immense discomfort. Usually the discomfort is in the form of windy, rainy and snowy weather because many a times it is hard to beat the chill when you are underprepared. Following are a few tips to keep your tents warm, knowing them can be of great help to you at any given point in time.

All About Tents and Ways to Keep It Warm

Tips to Keep Your Tents Warm

1. Heat Up

Whenever we speak of warming up a place, heat is one of the first things that comes to our mind. In this case, as well, if you use the right heat-generating source, you are bound to have a nice warm time in your tent. This is a very simple task, all you need to do is put a decent size rock in the fire, let it sit in there for about an hour or two.  Pull it out, let it cool off just a bit, to the extent that it is not hot but warm, and place it in the tent. You can let it sit near you or next to your thermal sleeping bag and truly, it will generate decent amount of warmth in the set up.

2. Indoor Heater

Have you heard of a heater that can let you stay warm in your tent? The markets are filled with catalytic heaters that allow you to use it indoors without fearing any safety issues. You can let it stay through the night or at least until you get comfortable in the tent. Usually when it snowing outside and the chill is hard to bear, such heaters work wonders.

3. Fire

Best camping tent for family

Even though it is recommended not to have a fire lit up inside the tent as it could catch fire, you can always do so around the tent. Ensuring that you don’t have the fire very close to the tent, having it at a short distance is going to help you get much needed warmth. This method is a very old school method and it does work, especially when you do not have the catalytic heaters, going for regular fire is always a better solution.

4. Extra Bedding with Hot Water Bottles

Given that most of us jump into tents only to sleep as most of the time outdoor trips count for adventures, you can use double or even triple layer of bedding so that you have enough heat generated from the bottom of the tent and placing hot water bottles can add onto the process making it more effective.


It is always better to go in for a top quality product, even if its tents and your prime purpose is to just sleep in them; you ought to go in for a supreme quality tent. Reasons for this are many, to begin with, you can avoid harsh effects of the weather to a greater extent, imagine if your tent cannot withstand harsh windy conditions. Besides this, you need a tent that can stay with you through many such trips and be in a good condition. Last but not the least, a good tent is one that is easy to set up and which you are comfortable using.

How to Choose a Good Tent?

You can bring home a suitable tent by multiple ways; following are some useful points that can make your task easier.

1. Do Some Homework

When it comes to purchasing anything, you ought to have some background or basic knowledge about it. Doing some homework is this department is only going to help you buy the right product. There are many ways to gather details, one being the internet and second is seeking advice from family and friends.

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Best 4 person tent

Best 6 person tent

Best 8 person tent

Best large (10+) tent


2. Run through the Brands

There are multiple brands in the market, each of them offering a different kind of product, using different kinds of materials, so choose the one that suits your requirements the most.

3. Choose the Right Size

Select tent size for your family

You ought to look upon the dimensions of the tent and choose accordingly. The family tents are bigger and do no good for two people so do not haste into anything and choose accordingly.


Tents are all about comfort when you are away from home; it is a shelter that fetches you good sleep. Different tents cater to different needs, choose what suits you the most and even if you are away from home, you can generate the warmth and comfort using different means.


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