If roasting marshmallows over an open fire and gazing at the stars after a long day camping outside is your thing, you’ve come to the right place.

But here at My Family Tent, we’re more than a place for camping lovers, we’re also about family. We believe camping is the best vacation there is and that it brings families together like nothing else.

Leave those electronics behind and get back to nature with us as we explore the best tents for your family in the cold and the heat, rain or shine. You see, we don’t mind the weather. Rainstorms mean card games by lantern light, snuggled in warm sleeping bags in a tent built to withstand anything. Sunshine means picnics and barbecues and fishing at your own favorite lake, bringing back today’s catch for roasting over an open flame.

Not only that, warm nights mean sitting by the fire singing together and telling tales of times long gone by. Stories that will live on for generations, as you built new memories as a family in the great outdoors.

My Family Tent can bring you that, and we want to.

Our commitment is to give you all the tools you need, so you can do the fun part — enjoy your camping trip. So, have a look around at our reviews, tips, and guides. We’re sure that if you need to know something about camping, My Family Tent has been there and we’ve pieced together an article just for you.

You’ll leave My Family Tent inspired to take your family on the road and make new memories to come back and share with us.

None of this would be possible at My Family Tent without our dedicated team of camping enthusiasts to bring all this information to you.

Jennifer Kennon

Jennifer KennonEditor in Chief

Her love for camping started when she was just a girl. She came from a big family where it was hard to travel on a luxury vacation for eight. They had to go camping if they wanted a holiday. And she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Sure, five-star hotels are great, but they’re nothing compared to sleeping in a tent with your family under the stars. Those are the memories that stick with a person, and they have. She now shares that childhood love with her own family. Jennifer makes sure that every bit of camping info that makes it on the page is helpful and true. She wants you and your family to have the best camping experience possible.

Nothing is more important to Jennifer than your family’s good time in nature, so she brings you the latest camping tips and tricks that she would use for her own family. Nothing less will do.

Email: jennifer@myfamilytent.com

Steven Lyman

Steven LymanAdministrative Officer

Steven’s a real behind the scenes guy. It takes a lot of organization to run My Family Tent and we wouldn’t be able to bring you everything you need to know about camping without him. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that he can juggle.

Just like you need organization on your trip to the wilderness with your whole family, My Family Tent needs the same.

And he’s no stranger to the big wide world. In his youth, Steven backpacked through Europe, so he has some really useful input when it comes to camping — especially where hikes are involved. And believe us when we say, his stories have helped us on more than one occasion.

Steven knows the importance of sunshine and fresh air. That’s why he makes sure every cog in the wheel of My Family Tent is greased so you can do the easy part and go have some fun with your family.

Email: steven@myfamilytent.com

Leonard Candler

Leonard CandlerSocial Media Manager

My Family Tent knows you’re busy. We know you’re running around getting things done, only to pop in here and there on social media to get the scoop of the day.

And that’s where you’ll meet Leonard.

He brings My Family Tent to social media, which brings it to you — our readers. Nothing is more important than that. Leonard runs our Facebook page and makes sure that if you subscribe to our site, you’re updated whenever we write new content.

But it goes deeper than that. My Family Tent itself is meant to be a family — a family of camp-loving fools who love s’mores and family just as much as they love their tents and the stars above. There’s a community with My Family Tent, and Leonard keeps it running so you can be part of that.

His love for camping and community shows in his ability to bring both straight to you through your phones or computers or whatever you choose.

Email: leonard@myfamilytent.com

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