Family outings or camping in large groups confronts you with the challenge of finding a tent large enough to fit everyone as comfortable as possible. Let’s face it, no one wants to be stuck sleeping arm to arm with no room between you and your neighbor, and no room for your belongings. Everyone has gear when they camp and you ought to be able to settle in comfortably while your things are safe and protected.

By no means is camping meant to be a miserable time. With tents for every occasion, every personality and every season, you’ll find a tent just for you and your team. All that it takes is a little knowledge on what to look for in a tent. We’ll guide you through the ins and outs of tent shopping and let you in on our favorite 12-person tents in the market.

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How We Chose Our Ratings

Accuracy matters to us. If we’re going to tell you our opinion on the best 12-person tents, we’re going to make sure that we’ve thoroughly researched the options. Transparency is of the utmost importance, no matter what product we’re reviewing. We are not here to mislead you. If there are problems with a tent we reviewed, we will outline them for you. We want to give consumers an honest idea of what to expect when purchasing a tent. Here are a few of the variables that we consider the most important:

  • Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are some of the most important resources that we have. Real consumers have tested the products themselves and reported their experiences. How people rate a product is a helpful indicator of whether or not it is any good.
  • Value: While we are not going to support the cheapest option every time, we do look for value based on feature. What offers the most features for the best value? While tents can run high, we make sure that we do not include the overpriced versions.
  • Customer Service: We also like to look at how the company interacts with its customers. Does it help you solve any issues that you might have? Does it respond to customers in a timely manner?

Everything goes into the rating process. We want to make sure that you’re getting a product that has been tried and tested.

Top 5 Best 12-Person Tents

Ozark Trail 3-Room Instant Cabin

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Fitting 12 people in one tent sometimes means having one large room for the entire group. The Ozark Trail 3-Room Instant Cabin gives your family a little more privacy. Measuring 16 feet by 16 feet, this tent can fit up to three queen-sized airbeds. Two internal dividers separate the rooms.

Another bonus that you have with the Ozark Trail 3-Room Instant Cabin is its easy assembly. It only takes a couple of minutes to hoist this tent up! All of the poles are pre-attached. Easy assembly and comfort are what make this tent stand out above the rest. Moreover, it has large front awning for shade and shelter. This gives you protection from rain and sun without separating you from the elements. You can sit beneath it to have your morning coffee or enjoy the summer breeze.

If you’re the type of camper who needs a little extra luxury and comfort, this tent also has an oversized ground vent for air conditioning. If you live in a hot climate, you know how miserable the hot summer sun can be. Being in the elements does not necessarily mean you have to give up comfort. While this tent is sturdy, some consumers needed to upgrade their stakes and guywires.


Core 11-Person Instant Cabin Tent 

[amazon_link asins=’B06WVZVQW6|B06WVZVQW6|B06WVZVQW6′ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]


Tahoe Gear Coronado 12-Person Dome Tent

[amazon_link asins=’B005T40KUW|B005T40KUW|B005T40KUW’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

As far as we are concerned, ventilation is one of the most important aspects of a high-quality tent. You do not want a tent where you feel like you can’t breathe. If you’re enjoying the outdoors, then you should have the opportunity to enjoy the air too. This tent advertises fitting up to 12 people; however, unless you have separate storage for your belongings, it might be a tight fit. Most people have said they were more comfortable with fewer people.

It stands at 7 feet, allowing taller campers to feel comfortable inside. The setup is quick and easy. While the tent is waterproof, some reviewers complained that the floor leaked during heavy rain.


Tahoe Gear Gateway 12-Person Deluxe Cabin

[amazon_link asins=’B004THETNE|B004THETNE|B004THETNE’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

This tent almost makes the cut on size alone! Reviewers are ecstatic about the amount of room that this tent gives you. With 7-foot ceilings, anyone can comfortably walk around inside. You can easily fit four queen-sized mattresses into this tent with room to walk around and still have extra storage space for all of your belongings. However, size alone does not make a good tent.

Made with 1200mm polyester, this tent is comfortable in warm and cold weather. Additionally, if you end up caught in a storm, this tent will keep you clean and dry. A fly is included to secure the tent and offer a solar shield that can reflect the sunlight. Considering its roominess, the quality material and its ability to withstand the elements, this tent has reviewers talking.


Eureka Copper Canyon 12-Person Tent

[amazon_link asins=’B006MQCOLO|B006MQCOLO|B006MQCOLO’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’fam-tent-20|myfamilytent_ca-20|myfamilytent_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

This tent not only boasts Eureka quality, but its reviewers agree on it! Even among veteran campers, this tent stands out. On one hand, this tent can be a little difficult to set up. It takes time, patience and reading the instruction. But upon completion, it is worth it. Do not try to set this tent up on your own! You will need at least two people and it should take you about 12 minutes. With one partition, you can separate it into two rooms for privacy.

If you want to fit 12 people in the tent, you may have to utilize the overhead storage loft; otherwise, it’s going to be a tight fit. When you sleep with the maximum number of people, you’ll also have to expect a tight fit. Some reviewers used an extra shelter for their belongings.


camping gear

Buyer’s Guide

A tent is always going to be an investment. While a cheap, wallet-friendly tent might look appealing at first, you have to think about quality, too. Most tents are going to be great under the best of conditions. Unfortunately, when you’re camping, you cannot always expect those conditions. You don’t want to be caught in a sudden rain storm and wake up soaked with a flooded tent. Likewise, you do not want the wind to blow it apart.

Budget is important, of course! Do not overspend. Still, you also want to keep a few other factors in mind as you try to navigate the world of camping and purchasing a tent.

In addition to budget, you want to consider how you plan to use the tent. Are you a hunter? Will you be on an expedition outside of the normal campgrounds? In that case, you need a higher-quality tent with the ability to face the elements. If you are going to a campground, you can make a few more sacrifices.

Once you have a budget and purpose figured out, you have to think of all the other variables. How many people do you need to accommodate? Keep in mind that a 12-person tent may not always comfortably fit 12 people with all of their gear. Check the reviews on each tent to make sure that you can fit as many people as you bring along. You don’t want anyone getting claustrophobic in the tent.

Along with capacity, this is where you should pay extra attention to the square footage of the tent, the room layout and ultimately the full setup. Take into account how you plan to live while camping.

Paying attention to all of the features is only one step. What a tent advertises and how it performs could be two separate things. Check out the reviews online. See what other people say about the tent. This is especially helpful if you find people who used it for a function similar to what you have in mind. If you want to know if it stays cool, if it is waterproof or if it can comfortably sleep 12 people, then those who have already tried it out will have the most valuable things to say on the matter.

Tent Features to Look for

While we covered what to look for when purchasing a tent, here is a quick list of features to think about. Some of these may simply add more comfort to your trip, or some could end up being necessities. Here is what we think you should consider:

  • List Waterproofing
  • Interior pockets
  • Rain fly
  • Durability
  • Ventilation
  • Awning
  • Vestibules

Everyone’s requirements for comfort are different. While some people like to get out in the elements, others want to keep some of the creature comforts that they have been accustomed to having. Consider where you are going to be camping and how long you plan to stay. There are some features, however, that you never want to skimp on getting. For instance, do not go camping without a rain fly, even if it’s the middle of the summer and there’s no sign of rain. If it rains, you’ll regret not having it.

bad weather on 12-person tents

What are Tent Seasons?

Most tents are advertised as suitable for use in four different seasons. This tells you what kind of weather that they can withstand. Most avid campers will tell you to stay away from one-season tents, and we have to agree. These tents are glorified mosquito nets.

Two- to three-seasons tents can handle heavier weather. These are for camping in the spring, summer or fall months. You can expect them to handle heavy rain and wind; however, you should not expect them to stand up to the winter months.

Four-season tents are the most rugged and are usually the type chosen by mountaineers and hikers. These will handle all weather types as well as rough terrain. The elements in the mountains can be unpredictable during all seasons. While not necessary for your average vacationer, these are the best tents for the adventurer.

What a tent is capable of withstanding is important for your overall comfort and safety. Do not brave the elements without the right type of tent.

Our Results

These are our choices for the top five 12-person tents on the market. Additionally, if you find that you need more room, there are larger options available. These tents should all house at least 12 people.

Keep in mind that the number of people that a tent can hold is always dependent on how much gear you take with you. If you’re hunting or hiking and you have no other storage shelter at your campsite, then you’re going to need to store a lot in your tent. While some tents have extra storage, the space is still limited. It’s important to take everything into consideration so that you know that your friends or family are sleeping comfortably.

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