All-Natural Fire Starters Camping Gear Essentials

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While many people only need the basics when they go camping, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some cool pieces of camping gear out on the market. Yes, you want your tent, a ground cover, food and some form of fire starter, but there is some pretty cool camping gear out on the market for those a little more enthusiastic about their nature journey.

12 Cool Camping Gear Essentials

You’ve got your camping essentials, now you want to look for some other cool camping gear but don’t know where to start. From light-up tactical gear to dehydrated camping food and even a pocket chainsaw, this list includes some pretty cool camping gear that could help enhance your camping experience.

1. All-Natural Fire Starters

These all-natural firestarters by Stokes get your fire going quickly and efficiently, all without using any accelerants or kerosene. Made up of sawdust, paraffin wax, and recycled egg cartons, all you need to do is light one under charcoal or wood to get your fire started.

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2. 3-in-1 Survival Folding Knife with Screwdriver and LED Light

A great multifunction, multi-tool pocket knife perfect for anyone looking for high quality at a great price. This knife is great for your outdoor needs, camping needs, repairs, or protection.

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3. Bonfire Portable Fire Pit

This Solo Stove takes wood-burning fires up a notch with a stainless-steel body and engineered airflow that helps to burn wood more efficiently and with less smoke. This fire pit is perfect for campgrounds, the beach or even your backyard.

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4. Dehydrated Camping Food

Once upon a time, camping food was limited to fish you caught from the river, or hotdogs over the fire. But not anymore. These delectable dehydrated camping foods will help you not only pack light but provide you with a variety of goodies at the tip of your fingers.

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5. Pocket Chainsaw

Not many campers choose to carry a chainsaw on them, that is until now. This pocket chainsaw is a great tool for backpacking, camping and all other outdoor activities, but can also be helpful around the garden and cuts wood quickly and easily.

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6. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus

Electrical plugs tend to be in short supply when out camping. So what do you do when you need to charge your cell phone and three are no plugs available? That’s where this nifty device comes in. The Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel has the technology to charge USB devices with the use of the sun.

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7. MSR TrailShot Pocket-Sized Water Filter

This microfilter kit features modular components that allow it to be used as a gravity system at camp, a pocket-sized filter on the trail, or a fast-and-light reservoir when you need to carry clean water with you. This tool is effective against bacteria, protozoa, and particulate, making it an ideal piece of equipment for your camping trip.

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8. SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini Hatchet

This hatchet is easy to hold and smaller in size compared to other hatchets but comes with a multipurpose head. The extended cutting head and spike are reinforced to the handle, making it stronger and more durable.

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9. The 5-In-1 Survival Bracelet

This 5-in-1 survival bracelet comes with a whistle, a scraper, fire started, compass and even cordage making it a great piece to have on you when hiking or camping.

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10. UCO Stormproof Torch Windproof Lighter

This refillable lighter features a triple jet, adjustable height, and windproof flame to help make a fire no matter what the weather is like, making it essential for any camper.

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11. The 3-in-1 Military Folding Camping Shovel

This portable folding shovel is perfect for any outdoor adventurer. This shovel is made of high quality, durable metal and comes with a portable bag. It also has a soft rubber grip handle for easy use and can be helpful not only while out camping, but can be used in the garden as well.

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12. Glow in The Dark Rope

While not an essential item when you think of camping gear, glow in the dark rope can be more useful than you think. These 25-foot pieces of glow in the dark rope can come in handy when putting your tent up, when out fishing, hiking or even boating.

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Keep Camping Gear Simple×675.jpg

While many of these gadgets fall into the cool camping gear category, you want to remember that when camping, less can be more.

Yes, you want the essentials and the items that will make you feel secure in nature, but it’s not always necessary to have solar power chargers and fancy washing machine bags. And don’t forget, the more you bring with you on your camping trip, the more you will have to keep track of and remember to bring back home with you.

Remember, less is more when you intend to get away and enjoy nature for a few days.


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